1. timshel10

    Skills Video Tutorial





    This is my video tutorial for the create a skills video assignment. I used screen-o-matic to record a video of a video.  This is a tutorial on how to complete the skills video assignment as well as how to use screen-o-matic when you are in a pinch…

  2. timshel10

    Full Metal Jacket


    For this assignment you create a misleading T.V. guide synopsis of a movie or show that uses actual facts to distort the story.  I chose the film Full Metal Jacket and make it sound almost patriotic or noble in its portrayal of Marine life.  I think Stanley Kubrick had different …

  3. timshel10

    Atomic Apocalypse





    For this assignment you were supposed to create a visual of your biggest fear outside your window. I am not actually really that afraid of an atomic winter, but typically rather than look at actual (internal) fears, people like to find some external to attach their …

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