1. TiredMimi

    Old Doll New Tricks: Sloth Does Ballet

    Day one

    Samantha AKA Sloth here. Most of you probably know me as the photo editor for Galaxy Doll magazine.

    Cover of our latest issue!


      You know, the most popular alternative magazines for women in their twenties and thirties? Yeah. I work for them (?´?`)

    I love y’all too.…

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    Tutorial: Rock ‘n Roll ‘n GIF


    I really like rock music. I also really like GIFs So this assignment was a winner in my books.

    Pretty cool right?

    It really wasn’t that difficult at all and I’m going to explain how I did it below.

    **PLEASE NOTE: This tutorial was done using a mac and …

  3. TiredMimi

    Summary: Week Four


    Week Four. Done and Done.

    I have no jokes this week. I know you’re all disappointed. There, There. ; n ;

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    That Bleeping Censor [5 Stars] —> Click Here Show Me How![4 Stars] …
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    DS106ers React!


    So reaction videos seem to be all the rage these days. Just go on YouTube, search reaction videos and hundreds of results will show up. Now it’s your turn to add to the growing list. Find or have a friend send you a video you’ve never seen before and film …

  5. TiredMimi

    Crane Creation


    This assignment (4 stars) required me to “explain something” to an audience.

    This was actually pretty difficult for me. At least content wise. I’m not extremely sure of myself when it comes to teaching others. It’s just a skill I haven’t had much practice in. Same goes for just doing …

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    I Prayed For a Crash


    So with my newly obtained analyzing skills, I took apart this twenty-two second clip from one of my favorite films: Fight Club



    For the purpose of catching everything, I watched the clip three different times.


    1. Analyze the camera work
    For this first watch, I put the …

  7. TiredMimi

    Summary: Week Three


    Week Three. Terminated.

    Sounds like we made it.

    Get it? Like the song Looks Like We Made It but I substituted Sound because this is the audio unit. : D

    Ahahaha ha ha. Anyway here’s my work for the week:

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    Summary of Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad …
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    Are you afraid of the Radio Lab?


    *Alternate titles included “Tales from the Radio Lab” and “Scary Radio Lab stories to listen to in the dark”

    This is the first show from Radio Lab I’ve ever listened to and I enjoyed immensely. The subject matter was my absolute cup of tea. The title Ghost Stories, is what …

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    Big Bad


    The site TV Tropes defines a Big Bad as “the cause of all bad happenings in a story.”

    Basically it’s that one bad guy who continuously shows up. It’s that one person that ruins all of the main character’s plans.

    This idea was the inspiration behind my song created for …

  10. TiredMimi

    Summary: Week Two


    Week two is officially over.

    Oh my god, things got down to the wire. I was a little scared I wasn’t going to finish everything this week. But I did it! You can check out my work below:

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    Vignelli Canon Reflection —> Click Here Design Blitz —>…
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    It’s Love.


    Mako + Raleigh = Love


    I don’t talk about love much. It’s a weird sort of topic for me. You could even say embarrassing.

    I’m not really good at expressing emotion so that’s probably the issue (;?;)

    In fact, it’s kind of weird I actually decided to do this

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