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    Design Blitz Fun


    Alright, here we go! I tracked my week in photos, and here are four images that I think do a good job of demonstrating important design principles. This is exactly what Brain Pickings is talking about when addressing the depth and thought that must go into design. The goal is …

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    Warning: You may get lost! This challenge was to create… a maze! This challenge was a lot of fun, as I found a website that guides you through the creation of your own maze. You can regulate dimensions, the number of dead ends, the shape of the maze, etc. All …

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    Feeling Motivated


    Ready for an inspirational quote? You came to the right place! This challenge was to pick out an image and add a quote to it. It allowed the liberty of being sarcastic with it. So I hope you enjoy!

    I returned to GIMP for this one because I had to. …

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    The Banana Candle You Never Knew You Needed


    Come one, come all! I present to you my latest business venture: Banana Candles!

    This challenge was more fun than the previous one, in large part due to the fact that I didn’t need to use GIMP! The goal was to create a simple yet attractive business logo.

    Let me …

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    Are You Sold?


    Well this final product demands an immediate apology – as I’ve mentioned before, I CANNOT use GIMP, and it’s really quite frustrating. As many tutorials as I watch, GIMP doesn’t work properly. 0% rating for user friendliness.

    The goal of this challenge was to sum up a movie using four …

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    Ready to Cry?


    This design challenge was to create a minimalist movie poster of a favorite movie of mine. Hence, I chose Marley and Me. A beautiful, but ultimately sad movie. And I guess the design is a little sad. This week is gonna be ROUGH. I’m not good at design. But I’m …

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    Week 5, Here and Gone


    Wow, that week went by fast! And yet, I’m happy to say I got a lot of things accomplished.

    This week, of course, was audio-themed. And in doing all of the required assignments, I truly learned a lot. This includes not only what I learned about in reference to audio …

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    Radio Show Ideas


    Hmmm…. radio show ideas! Where to start. There’s so many fun things to do on a radio show. I had the pleasure of co-hosting a couple radio shows at UMW with my friends, and I always enjoyed it.

    Without further ado, here are some ideas I could think of:

    I …

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    What A Sound


    The title of this blog post is based on a phrase from the Moon Graffiti audio we listen to this week. One of the astronauts said: What a sight! And yet, we, as the listeners, don’t see much in terms of visual. Instead, we are left to envision based on …

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    You’re Not Gonna Like This [?]


    Fair warning: you probably won’t like this. But that’s the challenge of the assignment: create something BAD!

    The idea behind this challenge was to take an assortment of sounds and mix them together. The result should be… a very bad sound!

    Hope you guys… don’t enjoy?

    Can you identify the …

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    An MP3 Movie [????]


    On this adventure of alternative storytelling, I present to you my most recent project – a favorite movie of mine told only with the help of audio!

    The details of this challenge were to pick a favorite movie of yours, and recreate it using only sound effects. I won’t tell …

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    Radio Star


    Time for some radio fun! For this project, I’ve created a radio bumper for the DS106 Radio Show! Hope you guys enjoy!

    My goal for this project was to create something with an 80s feel to it. I found audio that had an upbeat, techno feel to it. I figured …

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    International Inspiration [??]


    This audio assignment might be a little…international. The challenge behind this assignment was to take a quote of inspiration and record yourself saying it. Afterwards, you needed to add background music that pairs with the power of the quote.

    Voilà! I present a favorite French quote of mine – Sois …

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    Pleasantries [??]


    Another audio assignment for people to enjoy! This assignment, titled “A Collection Of Your Favorite Sounds,” is just that – a collection of my favorite sounds!

    Can you guess what they are? Hint: the picture is a hint of what the last sound is…

    I enjoyed this challenge for many …

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    No Escape [????]


    This is my first audio assignment of the week – the required Sound Effects Story. The challenge of this assignment was to tell a story using nothing but sound effects!

    Recently, I’ve been watching American Horror Story. So I was inspired to create a horror/suspense-related story. I hope you enjoy!…

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    Another Week Done


    Another week of digital storytelling done! This week has posed a lot of challenges, but has also been a lot of fun. As I write this, the UMW domains system seems to be screwing up and running very slowly. So we’ll see what happens. But anyways, let’s take a look!…

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    Photography and I


    Photography and I have a good relationship, simply because I love it. I won’t pretend to be the world’s greatest photographer by any means, but I enjoy it nonetheless.

    For example, I have been lucky enough to do a lot of travelling in my lifetime. Part of this is because …

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    Adding Thought To The Lens


    The mere concept of photography is truly a beautiful thing. It really is so valuable to have the chance to capture moments, savor them, and keep them around so that the memories don’t go away.

    After reading about how to become a better photographer, I realized, too, that by adding …

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    Deep Thoughts [??]


    This visual assignment challenged me to think DEEP! Okay, maybe the opposite. But I did have a lot of fun with this one.

    The challenge behind this assignment was to pick out a bad photo, apply a vintage effect, and then add some sort of ‘deep thought.’

    Are you ready …

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    Time To FEED Me [???]


    This visual assignment challenged me to create TENSION! By far the most fun. In order to create this tension, you needed to take one photo, chop it up, and arrange it in a way that would seem to create a situation of tension.

    Here’s what I produced for you guys:…

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    It’s HIM I Love! [??]


    This visual assignment challenged my Photoshopping skills. And by that, I mean, I have no Photoshopping skills! So this was definitely a tough one.

    The goal of this assignment was to Photoshop yourself into a picture of a concert you wish you were able to attend. For me, this was …

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    Posters That Matter [???]


    This visual assignment challenged me to modify a movie poster by adding a new title and slug for an issue that means something to me and which is relevant to society today.


    This movie poster is taken from one of my favorite movies of all time: Milk (2008). The …

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    House of Wine [???]


    In this visual assignment, I created my own Game of Thrones house! House Merlot may not be the strongest, nor the most honorable, but it certainly knows how to show people a good time!

    This challenge allowed my creative side to flow! Pun intended. But as a lover of Game …

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    Life Through The Lens


    Today’s challenge was to conduct a rapid photo shoot: a series of seven unique photos within the span of twenty minutes!

    Let’s make this happen! The clock begins at 10:25 AM, and these are the prompts for each photo.

    Emphasizing the sky: heavy clouds looming over a calm lake

    Black …

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    Looking Back On Week Three


    Week three was a very interesting week! With the theme being “Writing,” there was obviously a lot of writing activities involved. I think what I enjoyed the most about this week, and about this course in general, is that it has allowed me to be creatively expressive in unique and …

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    That Bucket List Though!


    This writing assignment will be challenging me to create a bucket list of at least 5 things I’d like to do in my life! To relate this to our course theme of the 80s, however, I will be revising this assignment slightly. Instead of a bucket list for things I …

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    Music Magic


    Music holds a special place in my heart, as I’m sure it does for most people. It can evoke an array of different emotions, memories, and dance moves!

    This blog post takes on the challenge of the writing assignment, “Emotional Lyrics.” I’ll be introducing you to three songs that are …

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    Life Lessons From A Cookie [???]


    Karen Karenson had an incredibly long day at the office. Barry, who sat at the cubicle across from her had spend the entire work day watching self-help videos with the sound on, and Tom, the company intern, spilled coffee on her shirt right before her important business proposal.

    In short, …

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    Awareness is Key


    As part of my writing assignments for this week, one of the prompts I have chosen to write about relates to reminding yourself about the beauty in the world. After all, I’m sure most people could agree that it’s easy to get bogged down by negativity in news, politics, world …

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