1. tmobaird

    Final Weekly Summary


    I’m not sure if we needed to do a weekly summary for these two weeks because we only had one post to do. But, I figured I’d do one anyways, just to be safe. These past two weeks we did our final project, where we select a character and build …

  2. tmobaird

    Week 13 & 14 Summary


    Gooooooodness gracious, I can’t believe that we’re this far into the semester. Only two weeks left til the semester and ds106 is over. It’s been a fun ride that’s for sure. But, this week was based around remix and mashup assignments. This week consisted of many different assignments, using many …

  3. tmobaird

    What is a Remix?


    What is a remix? What about a mashup? Those are two very good questions that have a wide variety of different definitions and such. According to dictionary.com, the definition of remix is:

    remix – to mix and re-record the elements of (a musical recording) in a different way.

    and …

  4. tmobaird

    Bust A Move


    So this post is dedicated to my creating of a video assignment and completing of that video assignment. The video assignment I created Create A Lyric Video. The goal of this is to take a song and create a video displaying the lyrics for it. That may sound easy …

  5. tmobaird

    How To: Create A Mashup Trailer


    This post is a detailed tutorial of how to complete the assignment Mash-Up Trailers within the Video Assignments bank. This tutorial will be heavily based around the use of iMovie, which should definitely help the Mac users out there. This tutorial will also use my previous completion of this …

  6. tmobaird

    Up With Monsters


    The next I assignment I completed was Movie Mashup. The goal of this assignment was to create a movie poster based upon a mashup between two movies. This assignment was pretty difficult for me considering photo editing is one of my weak points. To start, I had to think …

  7. tmobaird

    Signs Watches Sinister


    The next assignment that I completed was One Movie Watches Another. The idea within this assignment was to create a video where essentially a character from one movie, watches a scene from another movie. To complete this, I had to think of a scene where a character watches a …

  8. tmobaird

    Honest Abe and Arnie


    This is my post dedicated to remixing a ds106 assignment. To do this, we used the remix generator. The remix generator essentially gives you a random assignment from the ds106 assignment bank, and gives you a remix card that lists the type of changes you need to make. The random …

  9. tmobaird

    Week 11 & 12 Summary


    These past two weeks have been based around video assignments. We had a wide array of video assignments to accomplish over the past two weeks. Along with this we also had a group of daily creates to accomplish this week. If you would like to take a look at my …

  10. tmobaird

    8 Days A Week


    The next assignment I did this week was Movies by Numbers. The goal of this assignment is to represent a number using artistic representations and music that is related to the topic. Now to start off I needed to chose a number. The number I landed on was 8

  11. tmobaird

    Lets Go Bulls


    So the assignment that this post is dedicated to is the Sports Team Pump-Up Video assignment. The goal of this assignment is to essentially create a pump-up video for a sports team of our choice. A couple weeks ago we were assigned to do some pre-production for a couple of …

  12. tmobaird

    Godzilla Vs. The Incredible Hulk


    Alright, so for my first Visual Assignment of the week, I decided to do the assignment Mash-Up Trailers. I chose this assignment, because I think it is a very cool thing to do, that requires a lot of creativity. Now, the hardest part for me in this assignment was …

  13. tmobaird

    Weekly Summary Numero Diez


    Damnnnnnnnnnnnn, I can’t believe the 10th week of the semester is already over. Senior year’s flyin by. But this week and the next few weeks are going to be focused on video assignments. The majority of this week was learning about video and film, and preparing our knowledge and tools …

  14. tmobaird

    The Genres of YouTube


    One of our assignments this week, was to take a look at the Example of YouTube Genres Google Doc and review the genres & examples, and add any that feel fitting. Overall, I really liked this list, I thought it took a very different approach about general genres. For example, …

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