1. tmobaird

    Art de Comida (Daily Create)


    The daily create for today (11/1) is Make Food Art. The goal of this was to take a picture of food as a work of art. Planning the photo to make it 3D and pleasing visually. In my personal opinion, almost all food is art in some way or …

  2. tmobaird

    Week 9 In Da Books


    Sheeeeeeeeeesh is it crazy how fast the time is passing. I can’t believe that this semester is more than halfway over. But as far as week 9 goes, the workload wasn’t too bad, which is good considering it was Homecoming this weekend. Also, this week was Web Design week, which …

  3. tmobaird

    MJ Making A Comeback???


    Woahhhhhh, Michael Jordan’s making a comeback??? Only kidding, this is the web page that I edited to create this post. I did this using the Firefox X-Ray Goggles tool. This tool is actually pretty nifty, it allows you to edit basically any web page to include the content you want. …

  4. tmobaird

    Week 7 & 8 in the books, ya dig?


    So it looks like week 7 & 8 are officially over. These past two weeks haven’t been, particularly, too busy (ds106 homework wise). These past two weeks, have been mainly based around our group radio project. Apart from our group project, we did have other assignments that needed to be …

  5. tmobaird

    Call Me Mick Foley Sounds


    One of our assignments this week, was to take a snippet of a clip from the Charlie Chaplin movie The Circus. Being that I was born in August, I was to use the 00:31 second to 1:00 second snippet of the clip. If you don’t exactly know what foley …

  6. tmobaird

    Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V (Daily Create)


    So the daily create for today (10/18) was Ctrl-X CTRL-L in RL, the task was to create a real life example of the computer shortcuts “cut” and “paste”. To accomplish this, I took two pictures of shelves in my house, and moved an object to a different place in …

  7. tmobaird

    Picante Radio Personal Responsibilities


    Our task for this week was to create a write up displaying our planned contributions to our group, for our radio project. First off, our radio station is Picante Radio, and it is composed of Kevin Le, Ryan Lacey, Daniel Adams, Cooper Graham, and myself. And if you haven’t already …

  8. tmobaird

    The Wire (Daily Create)


    So the daily create for today (10/9) is (Don’t) describe #wire106. The premise of this was to explain a show that is completely different from what HBOs show, The Wire, is about. Here’s my description of The Wire (The Gameshow):


    The Wire October 9, 2014

    The Wire, is a …

  9. tmobaird

    Week 6 is in the books


    Week 6 of DS106 was based around the idea of design. We were given plenty of information about design and how to apply different styles of design, and manipulate design. The area I learned the most this week was in the design blitz or the design safari. It allowed us …

  10. tmobaird

    My Design Blitz


    One of our assignments this week was to do a design blitz. This means take pictures of objects, ads, signs, etc. that display some of the design qualities that we have been given. We have been given nine design qualities, and here they are:

    color typography metaphors/symbols minimalism & use…
  11. tmobaird

    What Song Is It??


    For my fifth and final design assignment for the week I chose the assignment Guess The Song, where the idea is creating a poster for a popular song, without telling the name of the song, and incorporating an image of you into it. It took me awhile to figure …

  12. tmobaird

    My Best Of & I Feel Like a…


    So this post is dedicated to my daily creates from yesterday (10/4) and today (10/5). For yesterday, the daily create was TDC Powers of 10. Yesterday was the 1000th daily create, so our task was to make a compilation of our three favorite daily creates that we’ve done to …

  13. tmobaird



    The fourth design assignment that I chose was Motivational Poster! The objective of this assignment was to create a motivational poster, something similar to this:

    Something simple, but something that conveys a point, and a general idea. To start this assignment, I first wanted to chose the quote I wanted …

  14. tmobaird

    The Dog Who Loved Me


    This week we were assigned to a total of 5 design assignments, totaling up to 15 stars. As I was perusing through the design activities in the assignment bank, I came across The Best Bond Is A Dog assignment. Being a longtime James Bond fan, I jumped at the opportunity …

  15. tmobaird

    Trace Yourself! (Daily Create)


    Today’s (10/3) daily create, Trace Yourself, was exactly what it sounds like. We were to trace a picture of ourselves. I found this fun, because tracing can be pretty cool seeing that it is much easier to make a good drawing. This being said I am still not the best …

  16. tmobaird

    My “Mostly” DS106 Empathy Map (Daily Create)


    So for today’s (10/2) daily create, we were to create an empathy map, keeping DS106 in mind. To do this I used Google Draw to make an animated version of it:

    I generally had different shapes for specific reasons. In the See? section I tried to create picture frame looking …

  17. tmobaird

    Week 5 Summary – A Photographer Was Born


    Ok ok, maybe I was being a little over dramatic with the title of this article. I believe I definitely took some good photos, but I’m no pro (not yet). The main focus of this week was on Photography, through visual assignments. This week we did a wide array of …

  18. tmobaird

    How I Practiced Becoming a Better Photographer


    This week we were given many different tips on how to become a better photographer. Here are some of them:

    Get Pickier: Instead of using your camera like a rapid fire machine gun, spend more time pre-composing in your mind. As you get more practice, you can be more selective,…
  19. tmobaird

    Back To Basics (With My Dawg)


    For my last Visual Assignment of the week, I chose to do the Back To Basics visual assignment. This assignment, is essentially to take any picture you want and edit it to make a stencil style version of the picture. If you would like to check out the assignment for …

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