1. Hatchet Jack

    What is a Story According to a Rock


    On an afternoon bike ride I stopped to explore a dry creek bed that crossed the trail. As I explored the creek bed it was clear that it often flooded. Large parts of bushes and trees hung on other bushes still rooted to the ground. Some stood a few feet …

  2. Hatchet Jack

    Don’t Get Yer Head Knocked Off In Bootcamp


    You know there are a lot of reasons to quit when the challenge gets great. You know, like making a blog and adding plugins and all that stuff. And it is challenging. It does take time. It is not easy-peasy.

    But what of great worth is?

    I hope that any …

  3. Hatchet Jack

    Hello Headless Wonders!


    Hello all you headless wonders!

    Here we are, in this most amazing of places, the internet. The internet is powered by humans and in it’s greatest moments, powered by human emotion. No no no you say, it is all plastic and electricity and metal and glowing screens. Well, I say, …

  4. Hatchet Jack

    Spring into Action this Fall with #ds106


    More dang advertising for the class.
    The way I see it is headless is fine, but leaders will just sort of “pop-up” right? Will it be you?

    @johnjohnson created the original background here with the gloomy leafless trees and the headless figures wearing Ds106 shirts. I brightened it up a …

  5. Hatchet Jack

    All This Life is Hard Work


    This was my first ever .gif using keepvid to get the video clip and gifninja as tool to make the .gif. The clip was only a couple seconds, less even, but the original file was a whopping 5 MB. I actually put the thing into the Photoshop wringer to delete …

  6. Hatchet Jack

    Hatchet Jack Needs Some Help.


    The official lookin fellas that come up here on the mountain the other day says Hatchet Jack needs some “verification” as they said as to why he is here else they are gonna remove me. That got Hatchet Jack to start to wonder why the hell he IS here anyways? …

  7. Hatchet Jack

    You Are Always Sunny to Me!


    Hatchet Jack says that while he has had some difference with that gal Talky Tina, he also says that she is his only friend. And a friend is a friend Jack says.

    And clearly that gal gots some issues. Being small is hard. Being frozed to death is harder still. …

  8. Hatchet Jack

    Hatchet Jack’s Early Years with White Top Tom


    Hatchet Jack says that Hatchet Jack has discovered a couple items from Hatchet Jack’s youth. The photo was found under the leather insole of his boot last night when the sole itself had worn to the point it was ahurtin his foot. So talking off his boot, he sees this …

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