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    m y :. p e o p l e

    The photos that ensue are a compilation of people I love, things I know, events I attend and instances I capture. They are the result of smiling, squatting, snuggling, and snapping. These are, in their best-represented form, my people.
    [[ please click on each picture to make it larger –…
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    here are three pictures with conflict and tension, with different compositional styles.

    design vs. nature

    dirt vs. humans

    new vs. broken

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    W E E K L Y review


    This was a surprisingly calm week, but I’m just waiting for the mess of a hurricane of work that is about to attack me. I can already feel it and it’s already making me anxious, so here’s to one of my last free(ish) evenings!
    This week I:

    Took so so…
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    response: masters of photography


    First off can we talk about how amazingly 70s this documentary was? The hair, the clothes, the drugged-out speeches from different people interviewed – it was perfect. And I really really loved that.
    This was an absolutely amazing documentary. I really loved Diane’s pictures and, even more so, her motives …

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    daily s h o o t : selfie


    Took this picture with my Polaroid, and then took a picture of that since I don’t have a scanner. It’s a little (completely) blown out but I kinda love it

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    windows & doors & doors & windows


    For this “new thing to create or explore” through photography, I had to look up some interesting photography project ideas. A lot of them were what you might expect – 365 projects, working with black and white, etc., but I liked the ideas that had you work on a project …

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    For my research on an aspect of photography to share, I came across the world of macro photography. As you probably know, macro photography is taking big pictures of small things – “zooming in”, if you will, on something to give it a lot of detail. This can be …

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    “jon” response

    flickr user riekhavoc So this story was pretty interesting to read. Interesting meaning…I didn’t really know what was going on, but I’ll give you my take on the story: So there’s all these kids/young adults (the age was never really specified) in this sort of camp where they are told…
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    W E E K L Y . S U M M A R Y



    made an image from a poem posted about albums without sound made a design create – color splash talked about minimalism, design, and repetition design create 3 design create 4 made an original design project This week went by much too fast. With finals sneaking…
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    d e s i g n create 4

    The assignment for the fourth design create was to create a minimalist travel poster of your favorite or least favorite place. The Rackham building is my favorite building on campus, so I thought I would make a poster in it’s honor.  This was actually a little bit difficult to make…
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    D3S!GN C R E A T E #3

    [original image from flickr user TED Conference] So this image is pretty small but if you click on it, you can see it a lot better. The assignment for this create was to take an image of a TEDx conference and make it fictional. Since there are so, so many…
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    Minimalism, Contrast, Repetition and Repetition


    I think I have told you before that I am a minimalist.

    For this reason, this part of our design unit was especially enjoyable for me. I spent a lot of time looking at minimalist images on flickr, google images, tumblr etc. and I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite, so …

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    Design Create – Color Splash


    Ok, so did sort-of the inverse of the project, but I think this looks better than the other way around of color-splashing. I especially like the color of the rocks – I didn’t even edit the color, they’re really that bright!
    This project wasn’t too difficult to make. Here were …

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    albums without S O U N D


    I really enjoy Eric Sena’s style on all of his imaginary albums in Albums Without Sound. I also think the whole process that takes place in order to make these is so unique – a great excuse to get creative. While it was hard for me to pick a …

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