1. tpcm


    Here are some magnificent photos I worked on:

    For the first image, I thought we had to make a cheesy picture with some cheesy line. I thought this fit the criteria pretty well, and I think the end product is both revolting and revolutionary. Middle school girls, step aside. I…
  2. tpcm

    I M A G E S

    Flickr user polapix This…article? Book? Essay? Excerpt? I couldn’t really tell what it was, but judging from the chapters I’m guessing it is a book of sorts. Anyways, I really enjoyed it. Mostly because it tells exactly what it describes – images. I really like having the opportunity to form…
  3. tpcm

    AUDIO PROJECT TWO – interviewing a house


    Here is my final audio project, wrapping up our audio section for class!
    My final project is pretty simple. I went around my house and recoded the sound from different appliances and other little things – I won’t tell you exactly what they are, because I want to be annoying …

  4. tpcm

    FINAL CUT – Dating Someone 10 Years Older


    Finished my first audio assignment!
    Working with Audacity has proved to be pretty interesting. It is simple to use once you know how, but learning is a little bit difficult. I think that if it were a little bit updated or gave you more options, I would find it not …

  5. tpcm

    “Living with Cancer” – Review

    TheJCB – Breast Cancer Cell

    Unfortunately, this was quite a sad topic for a radio show. However, I think it was very interesting and informative, and managed to keep listeners entertained throughout the whole three-part episode.
    I was so surprised to hear about the legal problems involved with cancer. I …

  6. tpcm

    First Draft – Radio Show


    “Would you date someone 10 years older than you?”

    I need to add music/make the last interview louder, which I didn’t know how to do! Will work on that for next draft.…

  7. tpcm

    SOUND and STORIES review

    flickr user all that improbable blue So I’ve been a little bit cynical. In my weekly review I talked about how radio doesn’t really do it for me. I can’t seem to focus on it and I don’t see the need to. However, I have recently had…a change of heart.…
  8. tpcm

    Radio Show Idea – Dating

    Flickr User ZakVTA So I missed last class when we discussed what the topic would be for our radio show. From reading everyone else’s posts, I figured out that the theme was “dating”. How that theme stemmed from our class, I don’t even know, but I’ll go with it. My…
  9. tpcm

    Valentine’s Day 2013 – Response

    Flickr User Neil Crosby

    First of all, let me start off by saying that this radio episode was a little too long for me.

    As discussed in class, I think it’s hard to listen to a radio episode, especially since (for me, at least) I couldn’t do anything else while …

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    “CREATE”, a photo by theopcm on Flickr.

    The Daily Create 2.26.13 – spell “create” using interesting materials/objects to form the letters

    For the record I didn’t know this border would be so ugly/I really don’t like it…so just ignore it.…

  11. tpcm

    ode to my bed


    my bed
    as you lay there
    forever laying
    the feelings i have for you
    how much i appreciate your
    overwhelm me
    like the foam you let me drown in
    sink in
    float into
    a land of light
    and pure bliss

    TDC 2.24.13 – write an epic ode to …

  12. tpcm

    Radio On – A Review

    Flickr User peetje2

    “You will never understand radio by listening to it.”

    I liked reading this article a lot, mostly because it gave me a whole new outlook on the whole medium of radio. The line quoted above really embodies the main aspect of the article, which is that radio …

  13. tpcm

    C O Z Y


    Cozy, a photo by theopcm on Flickr.

    The Daily Create 2.18.13 – take a photo of someone who is nice and cozy in a blanket (here’s two!)…

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    I finally completed my final video! Such a relief to have all of them done, although I did have fun and learned a lot along the way. Most importantly, I learned that I love to edit videos…hopefully something I can/will keep doing in the future.
    This video was not too …

  15. tpcm

    A pig.


    A pig., a photo by theopcm on Flickr.

    The Daily Create 2.17.13 – take a picture of something you made.
    I think I made this pig sometime in elementary school. I’ve had it ever since, it’s now hanging in my college room. Not to sound cliché, but it is …

  16. tpcm

    my my desk desk – second video assignment


    My second video is up!
    I knew I wanted to do a stop motion for one of my videos, so I decided I would do it by moving things around on my desk. I’m pretty happy with the outcome, and aside from being a pretty long process (I was taking …

  17. tpcm

    “How to Read a Movie”

    CC: Flickr user Dave & Bry
    When filming a movie, there are obviously many things that directors, cinematographers, camera men etc. need to take into account – but never had I heard about how the placement of certain things in a film frame can say so much about a moment…
  18. tpcm

    V I D E O C R E A T E 6

    Explain what your favorite word from another language is, and tell us why you like it.

    “Décolleté” I don’t know why the sound is a little off…I made this video like three times and just decided to go with it in the end. Looks kinda funny. Bear with me.…
  19. tpcm



    Alright, so I finally completely my first video assignment. I’m very excited about it! I got the idea to do this video ever since I was first introduced to the “Will it Blend?” videos by Tom Dickerson. My process was rather tedious, but I ended up really enjoying the whole …

  20. tpcm

    R E A L I T Y H U N G E R : a manifesto


    Let me begin by saying that I loved and hated this essay. I mostly hated it because of all the references…I’m glad you’re well-read and all, but I’m afraid I haven’t read half of the things this man is talking about (maybe that’s just me).

    I mostly just loved the…

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