1. tpcm

    W E E K LY . R E V I E W . 2 .


    This week went by so so fast. Here’s some stuff I did in the meantime:

    Posted a tongue-twister video with my amiga Shared my thoughts and goals on video making Talked about my biggest fear…drowning  Posted a picture about math and art working together Talked about the infamous “Numa Numa”…
  2. tpcm

    “The Syncher, Not the Song” Response


    This post was marred by Beyoncé’s outstanding performance at the Beyoncé Bowl. Nevertheless, I was able to calm down and write down my thoughts on a tune that brought me way, way back.

    “Eell pro ten day dragonsta din tei!” everyone would scream, not knowing what they were saying sounded …

  3. tpcm

    under water.


    My biggest fear is drowning…surprisingly enough, I love swimming. I just panic a little when I’m in open water – something about not knowing about everything that’s underneath me is very unsettling. I’m a firm believer in systematic desensitization, so I try my best to get over my fear by …

  4. tpcm

    V I D E O Z

    CC: Flickr User la_salebete

    Once upon a time, in middle school, I was a video-making fiend.
    My friends and I would make music video excerpts, funny stories, and random videos of anything we could think of. Luckily, all (or most) trace of these videos have been deleted off the face …

  5. tpcm

    W E E K L Y S U M M A R Y – 1 . 2 7 . 1 3


    This week I:

    Completed two (count ’em, two) Daily Creates – which I’m really enjoying Posted a review about Branding in the Digital age Talked about Michigan Radio’s website (which I didn’t know was based in Ann Arbor!) Read Articles daily from Michigan Radio Enjoyed the snow…
  6. tpcm

    Michigan Radio


    Broadcasting from right here in Ann Arbor, Michigan radio actually is the most listened-to radio station in Michigan. This isn’t surprising, because they cover every topic in Michigan from the Detroit Auto show’s “scrums” to up-and-coming musicians like Frontier Ruckus. With so much coverage, it’s hard to not to notice …

  7. tpcm

    Branding in the Digital Age


    If you have a product you love, why would you switch to something else? This state of mind has been prevalent in human nature ever since the beginning of mass production, and in this day and age has been taken to to an entirely new level.

    This article discussed how…

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