1. Takuji Kobayashi

    On line games….


    This time also I pick up a problem which is on line games. There are tons of games on internet, and the game company target from pre-adolescece to adult. When I watched a new, I heard that in Korea there are people who died by game. I was really astonished …

  2. Takuji Kobayashi

    Social Net Working Services


    Nowadays, most of people are connected by internet. Through the internet, people can contact or watch the advertisement. For example, there are social net workings such as mixi and facebook. These ideas are awesome because even though the services for contacting with friend, some company can advertise their products …

  3. Takuji Kobayashi

    Snowing Today….


    This is first time to write the blog, so I do not know what I should write in here.

    Now, I chose wether topics. Because of the snowing, transportations were delayed mostly. It also cause my time schedule. Eventhough snow looks good, it brings trafic problems..

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