1. @tungolcild

    Outreachy – 0x02


    This is an interesting story. We all need to start from somewhere. It doesn’t matter how long or short our experience is or how far it goes or shallow the waters we have dived are, it’s always new space to learn.

    This is one of the most important learning points …

  2. @tungolcild

    Virgin Week

    Week 1

    This is the first week of my Outreachy project and I am super excited! Being part of a team that is developing drivers for the Linux Kernel and specifically for the Hypervisor from Microsoft!

    Sounds like an amazing experience and times to come, doesn’t it?

    I am very …

  3. @tungolcild

    let the journey begin


    This would be my first post for ds106, or digital story telling course.

    That’s an opportunity of expressing, creating, discovering, using everything available to the senses.

    I hope I can meet more of you and get valuable feedback and input on my way. Feeling blessed.

ds106 in[SPIRE]