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    Final Weekly Summary


    Well, it has come to an end.  The end of the DS106zone.  It is a bittersweet moment for me, that’s for sure.  On one hand I have done a lot of work that I am really proud of, while on the other hand, the amount of work was just overwhelming …

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    Washington Capitals Pump-Up Video


    Sports Team Pump-Up Video

    Difficulty= 5 Stars

    Choose your favorite sports team, and make a video montage much like you would see in the pregame video in the stadium or arena.  Make it look authentic!  Add music and any effects to really push your montage to the next level!

    I …

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    Nike Commercial- Remixed


    Consumer Mashup [Remixed]: Media Bender

    Difficulty= 3 stars original, 2 stars remix

    Original Assignment

    Consumer Mashup created by ADRE
    Think of anyplace you spend money, and what you most often buy at that place. Then redesign their logo to incorporate your favorite product. Do as many as you want.

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    Hockey Audio Mashup With The Superbowl

    “He Could, Go, All, The, Way!” Homerun!

    Difficulty= 5 stars

    Take a clip of a sports event, baseball, football, basketball etc.  Take the commentary from a different sport and add that commentary over the original video.  Try and get the audio to match up so it makes at least a …

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    Your Favorite Teams Mashup [Remixed]: Fox News

    Your Favorite Teams Mashup [Remixed]: Fox News

    Difficulty= 3 stars original mashup, 3 stars remix

    Original Assignment

    Combine the logos of two or more of your favorite sports teams. Don’t just create an image with the two logos next to each other! Make the final logo look natural and cohesive.…

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    Stephen A. Smith Miracle Speech

    Watching Movies With The Stereo On

    Difficulty= 4 stars

    Like when you have a movie playing on TV without the sound and you’ve got the stereo on at the same time. Take a clip from a movie, remove the audio, and add audio from a song or radio show that, …

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    Crush Davis

    Sports Mashup

    Difficulty= 3.5 stars

    Submit a video mashup of what you think are some of the greatest sports plays ever. What is the story it tells? This needs to be more than just a montage of clips, find a way to make it present a theme, an arc of …

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    The name’s Bond, James Bond.

    Return To The Silent Era- Bond, James Bond.

    Difficulty= 5 stars

    The dawn of cinema had no audio; silent movies created an atmosphere with music and the use of cue cards. Take a 3-5 minute trailer of a modern movie and render it in the form os the silent era- …

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    Activity Time Lapse


    Activity Time Lapse

    Difficulty= 3 stars

    Make a time lapse video of you completing a project or activity. For example, it could be a building project, and art piece, doing laps in the swimming pool, or any other number of things.Capture a series of still images and using video editing …

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    Daily Create Summary First Half of Week 4


    The Daily Create I did this week, besides the poem assignment relate quite a bit to the first half of the week #4 assignments.  The camera angle along with the lighting were huge factors in making this photo really capture the “golden hour” and to give the picture more depth …

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    YouTube Genres, Real or Just an Internet Myth?


    For this assignment, I added another category to the shared document, “Documentary”. (link below) There are thousands of different documentaries on YouTube ranging from sports to war to anything in between.  I posted a link to a video done by the FUNKER530 YouTube channel.  This author uploads videos directly from …

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    “If you build it…”


    Field of Dreams was actually filmed in Iowa, as depicted in the movie itself.  Most movies are not actually filmed as they are portrayed in the movie.  The field that was built in the movie, still exists today and is a popular tourist destination in Dyersville, Iowa.  Games are still …

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    Look, Listen, Analyze


    A Catch With Dad- Field of Dreams

    Analyze the camera Work


    Frontal- moving at walking speed with the characters Close up on one character (in focus) with the back of the second character in the dialogue blurry.- :19, :56, 1:23, 2:35 Following and panning with a single character- :50,…
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    TDC 521- Epic Poem


    My Under Armour T-Shirt

    So soft and strong
    A cut above the rest
    I’ve had you for so long,
    For you’re one of the best,
    You’re athletic,
    And cool,
    Made from synthetic,
    Considered a sports tool,
    What would I do,
    On the field,
    If it wasn’t for you,
    My t-shirt, …

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    Dialogue Mashup (Twilight Zone)

    Dialogue Mashup

    Difficulty= 4.5 Stars

    Dialogue mashup

    As demonstrated by the Movies Mashup episode of the radio show The Truth, take two different movies and extract the dialogues scenes of actors form each, then re-edit them to create a story as if the characters from different movies were in the …

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    Kenny Chesney Mashup

    Music Mashup

    Difficulty= 3.5 Stars

    For this assignment, I used audacity to make a mashup of 3 of Kenny Chesney’s more popular songs.  I was able to do some more editing to make it sound as if a DJ were playing the tracks.  Audacity wouldn’t let me use the Itunes …

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    In a World… (Part 2 Re-edit)

    Use The Voice

    Difficulty= 2 Stars

    **Re-edited to have some epic music in the background. The new music really gives it that movie trailer feeling.**

    Don LaFontaine was legendary for hos deep voiceover intros to movie trailers (“In a world…”). Make a recording that uses his style that describes something …

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    TDC516 Time Enough at Last. You’re Henry Bemis, Take a photo of the things you will do with all that time.

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    TDC513- The Shrunken Effect

    Make a photo of an opening scene for a twilight zone episode where you are the lead character. June 4, 2013

    It ought to be Black and white, and help set the stage for the plot to open.

    On this episode of The Twilight Zone, In a world where everything …

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