1. @TurnerM000

    Tasty Haiku


    This assignment‘s instructions are: Write an entire recipe only in haiku. Stick to the 5/7/5 syllable pattern as much as possible, but don’t leave out any key instructions! This is one I knowRight from the top of my headI’m happy to share Start with two pie crustsMake sure they are …

  2. @TurnerM000

    Haiku Haiku


    For this Writing Assignment, you’re asked to write a haiku poem about haiku poems. You can write about what people normally write in a haiku poem, how a haiku poem is formed, and/or how you feel about writing haiku poems. This assignment might sound tricky, but I know you can …

  3. @TurnerM000

    A Boy Chronicle


    This assignment‘s instructions are to: Create a story that uses words that begin with the letters of the alphabet consecutively. For example, A big cat dug eight… But you have to go all the way to the letter Z. Try to make as much sense as possible. Or if you …

  4. @TurnerM000

    Weekly Summary 2


    What a week. Still making some mistakes here and there, but I am hoping that as the course progresses, this will happen less. I am starting to get used to navigating the course site and making sure I have everything completed. I finally figured out how to view my classmates …

  5. @TurnerM000

    Google Knows All


    The Story Behind the Story I chose this assignment because it reminded me greatly of a game I have grown up playing on the internet. What was once on a website called iSketch, now has expanded to many different platforms, the one I use now is called “Skribbl.io” The game …

  6. @TurnerM000

    Whats (y)Our Story? Thoughts


    Given that our theme is “What’s (y)our Story?”, I feel as if that means “What are you?” or “Who are you”. How do you want your story to be told online. As any person can truly be any person they want to, this course and this theme is an opportunity …

  7. @TurnerM000

    My Non-Human Child


    The Story Behind the Story I loved this assignment! I take lots of photos of Napoleon on a regular basis. In fact, my phone is cluttered with more images of him than anything else. I felt that this assignment would be a perfect way for me to share my love …

  8. @TurnerM000

    The Pain of Burning Flesh


    It was an ordinary day. In fact, nothing spectacular had occurred for several days, weeks even. I guess life had decided the days were becoming too simple, too easy. The day was almost over. I decided to wind down after some school work with a luxury dinner that I had …

  9. @TurnerM000

    Weekly Summary


    Quite a chaotic week, with everyone beginning new course loads and all. Personally, I don’t really use social media anymore, so I will have to learn how all the platforms function again, in order to have an easier time in this course. Exciting to be creating a new “me” online …

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