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    Chapter 16: Pricing Objectives and Policies

    Walmart is a very well known company within the U.S. Over the years they have made it obvious that maximizing their profits is important to their success. Chapter 16 of Essentials of Marketing discusses the various objectives and policies that companies such as Walmart …

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    Facebook? Advertising…


    Chapter 15: More Details on Advertising, Publicity, and Sales Promotion

    The Essentials of Marketing states that in 2010 Television used the most amount of money for advertising their products/services to the public. Although that fact is still true today, it seems evident that as the times are changing the internet …

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    Personal Selling?


    Chapter 14: Personal Selling

    Personal selling is strategy that causes sales people within a company to convince potential buyers to purchase their product. This article discusses the various marketing strategies in personal selling. Personal selling is seen even when a person is trying to sell themselves to potential employers. The …

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    Chapter 13: Promotion

    “Promotion is communicating informationbetween the seller and potential buyer or others in the channel to influence attitudesand behavior.” (Essentials of Marketing)

    The three basic objectives to promote a product successfully are to inform, persuade, and remind customers. The idea of informing is to provide customers with all …

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    Umbrellas in a Desert?


    Chapter 10: Place and Development of Channel Systems

    Ever walk into a store and wonder WHY they sell a certain product there? Imagine visiting an area that is mostly dry and hot and walking into a convenience shop and one of the things they’re selling is an umbrella? It sounds …

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    Oh….. What brand is that?


    Chapter 8: Elements of Product Planning for Goods & Services

    “Branding” is the use of a name, term, symbol, or design – or a combination of those – to identify a product (Essentials of Marketing).

    The manner in which our society has progressed over the last couple of decades has …

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    I WANT this, but I really NEED that….


    Chapter 5: Final Consumers and Their Buying Behavior

    A “need” is the basic force that motivates a person to do something, while a “want” is a need that is learned during a person’s life. As humans we are motivated by either a “need” or a “want” which has been psychologically …

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    I market? No wayyyyy


    Chapter 1: Marketing’s Value to Consumers, Firms, and Society

    Most of the time we don’t realize when we encounter the idea of “marketing” because it’s become second nature. Chapter 1 of “Essentials of Marketing” attempts to define marketing on a more personal level. We use marketing as a part of …

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    Making a transition with my website from the Digital Storytelling phase to my personal blog phase and now it’s time to incorporate the marketing portion. This is just to to notify readers that the posts to follow will relate to my Principles of Marketing course.

    “He who is not courageous …

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    Day 7 & 8


    Day 7

    We woke up early, enjoyed a nice breakfast than made our way into Milan. We first got a chance to tour the San Siro Stadium that is host to both the AC Milan and Inter Milan soccer teams. We were given a tour by a boy named Alex, …

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    Day 4, 5, & 6


    Hey guys, sorry for the late updates…. getting wifi for 37 people in a hotel room in Italy isn’t as easy as one would think.

    Day 4

    For the 4th day, our first official tour in Italy we took a little trip to Pisa. We got a chance to see …

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    Day 2 & Day 3 combined.


    During the second day of our journey we were given an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful city of Cannes, France. This city is particularly known for the annual Cannes Film Festival that usually occurs during the month of May (it’s a shame we were about a week or so late …

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    DAY 1!!!!


    After a very long journey that seemed to last forever, we are finally stable in our hotel just outside the city of Nice, France!

    We left the U.S at 7pm Monday night (June 3rd) and arrived to Nice at 11 am on Tuesday morning…. keep in mind that there is …

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    EUROPE 2013



    Today, June 3rd… my soccer team (UMW Women’s Soccer) begins our journey to France and Italy for a nine day trip. Beginning on the 12th I will take a side trip to Bosnia to visit some family with my friend Erin. During this …

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    “Don’t stereotype me”


    Last Spring while walking on campus one day I was drawn into a table set up by a couple of my fellow classmates…. the table attempted to promote the term “Don’t stereotype me” in order to open a few eyes to the students of not only our university but also …

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    HERE IT IS!!!!!

    Final Project: Here’s the link to my final project. This project took a lot of time to make and I hope that it shows. I really love with the show “One Tree Hill” and Peyton is one of my favorite characters throughout the series. I always thought …

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    FINAL PROJECT: Peytonnnn


    Peyton Sawyer from “One Tree Hill” is a character that in the beginning represents the definition of a “stereotype”. Her character is misinterpreted completely and through her confusion within herself she becomes a mystery to everyone. What people think of her…… isn’t who she is ……. What she sees is …

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    Letter home…….


    I can’t believe the semester has come to an end!!!!

    It felt like just yesterday I was creating my own website and struggling to come up with a domain name that I thought suited me well. It’s crazy to see that I am now completing my DS106 journey and signing …

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    Tutorial 2: “Picture Me This….”


    Tutorial for VisualAssignment832: The new assignment created by yours truly.

    1. When completing this assignment simply google search or locate an image of your choosing….

    2. After you’ve decided on your image, simply click on full-size image. Then, once it’s on full screen, right click the picture and “save image …

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    Assignment 2: Visual


    The second assignment that I decided to create for this week can be found under the Visual Assignments and is worth 1 star. I decided to name this assignment “Picture Me This…”  For this second assignment I decided to have people take any random picture and place themselves …

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    Daily Creates TO DO


    As DS106ers one of the main things that we focused on was the “Daily Creates”. We were asked to make two daily creates for future DS106 students to complete. Earlier this semester we posted one of our daily create ideas already …. I decided to keep that idea and then …

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    Remix Assignment


    During this week we were asked to create a remix assignment using the DS106 remix assignment website. The goal of this week was to take an assignment that was already completed and remix it based off of what the remix card suggested. I clicked on the remix generator a …

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    Remix Album Cover


    The second assignment  that I decided to complete for my Mashup Assignments was the Remix an album cover, which was worth 3 stars. The assignment required taking an album cover and making it represent something completely different. For this assignment I thought that I would take a crazy album …

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    Mashup Movie Trailer


    During this weeks Remix segment, we were asked to complete 7 stars worth of Mashup Assignments. The first assignment that I decided to do for this segment was to create a Movie Trailer Mashup. This assignment asked to take a movie trailer and have the audio be completely opposite …

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    This week our main focus is on the idea of “remix”. Remix can be defined as “combining and editing existing materials to create something new” according to the first video I watched by Kirby Ferguson.  Remixes can be found anywhere, at this day in age it may be safe …

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    Final Project Proposal!


    For my final project I have decided to focus on a character from my favorite TV show. The goal is to tell a story of the character “Peyton Sewyer” from One Tree Hill that sums up her life in the way that it is shown through the show. I decided …

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    Weeks 11&12 Summary!


    This week we worked a lot with Video Assignments and learning to tell stories in various ways through Video. Here are a few assignments that I decided to do…

    Video Assignment 1: The Silent Era; this particular assignment was worth 5 stars and I got to use a lot …

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