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    Group Artwork Reflection


    Our group was very inspired by a lot of artworks that looked similar to this, but we made our own ephemeral art and made the artwork out of nature, pebbles and a piece of cement in the background. Our group thought this artwork would represent our school by working together …

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    kArt reflection statement 
    We made football pitches out of sticks and photoshopped it into Google world to demonstrate that we have that we football pitches at our school and we created the pitches out of resources outside our class room. Group: Saxon.P, Kian.G, Jeremy.W, Ben.M, Jordan.W


    My three …

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    Empheral Artwork understanding


    Empeheral Artwork started millions and millions of years ago and just started become well known these days. Millions of years ago emphereal Artwork would be carving into a stone cave or using nature to give directions to fellow tribal members.
    Very well known artists of empheral art are Andy Goldsworthy …

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    Visual Art photo


    This photo to me shows that in football this sport isn’t just for White people, it is for everyone,(black, white, olive). It doesn’t matter if your black or white everyone should be equal so that means don’t be selfish and be like football is for white people, because this sport …

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    Our group ephemeral artwork 


    In art we had to make a big ephemeral artwork in groups, in my group it was Shelley, Ella, Ashleigh and myself. We decided on an artwork that connects all different individuals skin tone. We crushed different coloured rocks to make the colour sand we needed, then formed then into …

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    Reflection for the final artwork


    The way we had decided on this final was that we had just tried to put all of our three Artworks each together to make one final result,and we found that it was a really good result he had gotten from putting them all together.The Leaves represent the nature and …

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    Final artwork assessment (emphereal art)


    By Oscar Finch
    The main process my group and I used was that Jay would go and find the twigs we needed, Henry would then break them into pieces and drop them on the ground, then Hayden passed them to me and I would place them into the right position.…

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    Final ephemeral artwork


    Our artwork represents loving nature and it’s beauty.

    We think that our artwork means peace and love in all directions.

    By Joel,Harry,Tynan,Liam G, Jac G

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