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    @ds106dc #tdc1515 Tree Seed Star


    Relax in a quiet place. With your eyes closed, imagine a tree. Then imagine a seed. Then a star. See them joining or touching, creating a picture together, out in the west.

    When you’re ready, draw your picture.

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    @ds106dc #tdc1509 Poor Wolf


    Find an image of a well known western figure, add to it a famous quote by someone related in some way to the figure in the image and then attribute the quote to a third, related figure.

    Read the urls.

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    @ds106dc #tdc1496 Aliens


    Extra Terrestrial Visitors from the Far Frontier.

    My opinion regarding space aliens and UFOs…
    You see they are real NOt imagined?

    Might they have been “cowaliens”? These guys are the famous cowaliens.
    Some say greenhorns.

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    @ds106dc #tdc1494 Post-animals


    If no blizzards we fly to the west (and east).

    The Pony Express delivered messages, sort of like email, but transmitted with ponies! or twitter on four legs! when a post was delivered, there would be “postmark” put on the mail, showin’ it had gotten to where it was intended …

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    @ds106dc #tdc1492 Found Oblivion



    This is probably the grave of the dr Oblivion.

    #tdc1492 5 Years Since Dr Oblivion Disappeared: Craft an Western Explanation”

    Although his disappearance was attributed to a rogue colleague, many out on the western plains of DS106 refuse to buy this tale.

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    Choose your way


    #tdc1487 Fork in the Road

    This Daily Create was published February 3rd, 2016

    Casting a ballot. Lines at the grocery store. The next book to read. Illustrate making a choice today with a photo.

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    My character for #western106


    When I choose the undertaker as a character for Western106 that was because I wanted some special traits for the character.
    I wanted to choose an unarmed and not aggressive person, who could participate as it were from the sidelines. And a figure with a number of attributes that could …

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    What makes a man to be an undertaker.


    Nobody can imagine what makes a man to be an undertaker.
    Nobody is very happy when talking to an undertaker. So the story of my life is not known to anybody in the ds106 village.
    Today is a quiet and peaceful day. All cowboys and outlaws are out of town …

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    some tweets to #ds106


    I will put my tweets to #ds106 and western106 into this blog. This here is one of them.

    It is a colored flower, but in black and white mode it changed into a white flower. And white lilies are  for graves and burials.


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    #western106 #ds106 Home on the range


    Oh, I love these wild prairies where I roam
    The curlew I love to hear scream,
    And I love the white rocks and the antelope flocks
    That graze on the mountain-tops green.


    I dont need a range
    prefer to get my food from a shop.
    I am not a …

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    Wooden surface for pictures (GIMP)


    To add a real hint of wood to your drawing.

    In Gimp (or any other image editing software)

    Scan your drawing, or make a photo of it.

    Open drawing in Gimp (or photoshop)

    Open photo of wooden surface in Gimp.

    Select wooden surface and add as layer in your drawing.  …

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