1. unusualminds

    Final Post


    This semester just flew by. In very little time it was hard for my brain to consume all the details of this intricate subject but it pulled in really well. I have learned a lot in this class and was totally worth that morning ‘sleep’ time. Starting from scratch, GIFS, …

  2. unusualminds

    The Kind of Love That Never Happened Again


    Mummy, From the time I was born, you raised me as a princess. that wealthy love I could never pay for was dearest than the quarrels we got into. Your care, your concern for me was unmeasurable and we did not get a note of time when we created a …

  3. unusualminds

    A not too longer happiness


    Dance Shot You know how you start celebrating much earlier when you are expecting all good things? This is my case. When all my professors are passing me initially with a 90 or above it tends to happen. Not knowing that a ton of other assignments and homeworks will hit …

  4. unusualminds

    Domain Name


    I finally have a domain name, guys! It’s going to be a very cool platform full of content writing, opinion based articles and POETRY! Who doesn’t love poetry? Writing is Life. SERIOUSLY. There would be some cool stuff trying to read and analyze the articles and poetry. Can’t Wait!…

  5. unusualminds

    Tattoos 4 Life


    Being a Libra and carrying the same personality is a fortune worth of bet. Libra = Balance, Peacefulness. I am exactly what my sign says. My personality is very calm and composed. A huge introvert and trying to conquer the world with actions than just words. Doing this assignment was …

  6. unusualminds

    Website Setting up


    In order to set the website up, I want to fill it up with the modern writing. Since I write I feel like I could share poetry and other modern writing,themes of different contexts. It is my space so to be comfortable with something I like or prefer is necessary. …

  7. unusualminds

    Domain Name


    Finally we (as a class) picked our domain name in the last session. It feels great to be able to have my own website where no one else but I AM the administrator. So far it has been decent with creating passwords for about a million usernames. But I hope …

  8. unusualminds

    Sunday Nights


    Every sunday night I have this feeling like OMG school again! It literally lasts for a good few minutes and then disappears and comes back again. LOL View post on imgur.com         Tweet Share on Tumblr…

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    CT101 Digital Storytelling 2016-09-25 18:59:29


    For this project, I chose to blend in a celebrity’s picture with another one. So I chose Miley Cyrus as a celebrity and blended her face with that of a hand portrait. I had to use 3 different apps to develop 4 different shades of pictures. I first took a …

  10. unusualminds

    Photoshop Fever


    I have never been able to be a pro at photoshop, but an app called Pixlr helped me a lot to get started with it. The original picture was just in red while I got in some effects using the app which made it look a little contrasting. Tweet Share …

  11. unusualminds

    Ghost in the Water


    I have never used photoshop before, but I thought to do something different with my first one. I have a dog named Eddy who is a cavalier/yorkie mix. Even though the idea was to show a ghostly figure in the beach water, it wasn’t as sharp as I had thought …

  12. unusualminds

    Muppets Show Tonight!


    I have always found muppets as one of the coolest things. I have been to a muppet show and it is so fascinating to listen and see them doing various skills. I have always wanted one of those just to make people aggravated or frustrated Lol. One of my friend’s …

  13. unusualminds

    Mr.Bean vs. Dance


    I thought of doing something funny for this assignment. Like choosing Mr.Bean as my title and dance him up. He is a weird scenario in himself but heck of a hysterical topic! I got the idea of doing this from DS106 Assignments . This is a good way of capturing …

  14. unusualminds

    Only If I Could, I would…


    I would love to learn how to make animated paintings. I have never done that kind of work so I would be very much interested in doing something that creative. It is fascinating what you could do and make with a painting. Animating is one of the coolest things.  Tweet …

  15. unusualminds

    Colored Storm Be Like !


    I believe I could do it because there was not anything too complicated about it. An attempt at creating this weather post in response to GIF the Weather, Man on the DS106 website. I have never seen anything like this. Like a colorful storm. Really? That is so cool. I …

  16. unusualminds

    Constant Rush of Thoughts


    OMG! I made my first GIF ever. This is so cool. This GIF is about my constant thoughts. They are as fast as marathon runners in the race and as intricate as a web. I wanted to do something different than usual. So I thought of this idea and it …

  17. unusualminds

    What Makes me Happy !!


    Beaches! Walking at a beach on the raw sand makes me happy. It gives a really fresh feeling when I’m at the beach with no one but myself. There is something about that vibe and that aura of the beaches that I tend to be attracted to them. I have …

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