1. @V20Kai

    Don’t Overthink It: Everything Has Some Kind Of Design


    When I first looked at the Design Blitz assignment, I found it overwhelming and didn’t know what kind of designs I should share, but it wasn’t until today (the last day of Week 6), that I realized just how much I was overthinking this whole assignment. It didn’t have to …

  2. @V20Kai

    Have You Heard of “Yosakoi”?


    ???????????????Do you know yosakoi?

    I am not–and never will be–tired of bringing in my Japan adventures into my work. When I decided to do my third design assignment on an Event Poster, the first two things that came to mind were bhangra and yosakoi. However, the first actual event …

  3. @V20Kai

    Are You Listening?


    This week’s focus was on audio, which I have mostly dabbled in when it came to making mixes for my PAC pieces, whether it’s cutting a song to fit the allowed time frame or putting different songs together and making sure one songs transitions to the next as fluidly as …

  4. @V20Kai

    Let’s Get to Brainstorming


    If you’ve read or skimmed through my blog, a few things will be very evident about me: I like video games, dance, and music. The question is how would I relate to or tie one of these ideas into our 80s course theme, and how would I want to approach …

  5. @V20Kai

    The Story of “Moon Graffiti”


    Today I listened to the audio drama “Moon Graffiti,” and I was blown away by its exceptional storytelling. It was like I was watching a movie, but without the visuals, which is essentially what good audio storytelling should strive for.

    The story opens with the date: July 20, …

  6. @V20Kai

    Just Hum It


    Today, I settled on doing the Humming Away audio assignment and thought I’d connect it to our 80s theme by humming along to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It,” because it’s the first 80s song that initially comes to mind for me. Just hum it!…

  7. @V20Kai

    Radio Thoughts


    On Monday night, I listened to the ds106 radio and participated in the live “tweet-along.” Although I do not remember the details of that night’s broadcast, there were a few things that stuck out to me that made storytelling more than just a bland “this happened, then that.”

    The narrator …

  8. @V20Kai

    Bumping Into an Enigmatic Mind


    For my radio bumper, I used an ambient wave mix by Erokia from http://freesound.org for the background “music,” and I recorded my introduction to the radio using the voice recording app on my phone. I then used GarageBand to mix those audio files and create my radio bumper.…

  9. @V20Kai

    Photo Phrenzy


    What a week! The tips on Becoming a Better Photographer really got me thinking about being more intentional about the photos I take. Of course, it will be a work in progress.

    I started out Week 4 with a daily create asking what ice cream flavor we’d be and why. …

  10. @V20Kai

    My First and Last School Festival


    The great thing about studying abroad is that I have plenty of stories to tell, accompanied by a plethora of pictures and videos to tell these stories. The most difficult part is having so many photos that picking 5 to tell even one particular story! Even so, that’s exactly why …

  11. @V20Kai

    Photography Phanatic?


    During high school, I would see my friends post aesthetic photos, but every time I tried to emulate them, they never turned out as well as I’d like. When I went on a trip to Europe with the arts school I attended, I took many pictures of the landscape and …

  12. @V20Kai

    Blitz Blastin’


    Today I finally got around to photoblitz, and here is the list of tasks I was assigned to do along with the pictures and my thought process:

    (1) Fabric: we wear it, sleep on it, decorate with it. An interesting cloth design or texture.

    For this picture, I did a …

  13. @V20Kai

    Everyday Value


    As I scrolled through my camera roll for this visual assignment (2 stars), I found this picture from my landing flight into Akita, Japan after my 3-day weekend trip to Tokyo in late November. It’s a pretty bad picture, but I thought it caught Akita’s rural beauty just right.

    I …

  14. @V20Kai

    Just a Splash of Color


    Did you know that in Japan (and in some other countries), the sewer covers have unique designs depending what region and city/town you’re in? I encountered this–or at least, actually noticed this–in the summer the weekend before my classes in Japan began. This was en route to the ?magari Fireworks …

  15. @V20Kai

    Am I Doing This Write?


    Week 3 has been a busy and stressful week for me, with my internships and classes picking up, but I worked hard to push through and get my assignments finished. On Friday, I started off with my first Daily Create, which was to draw an animal on a picture of …

  16. @V20Kai

    Underneath the Surface


    Today I watched The Breakfast Club (1985) for the very first time, and let me tell you, it was a ride I wasn’t totally expecting—in a good way! After watching it, I thought about how it would relate to the videos and readings for this week about storytelling. Since there …

  17. @V20Kai

    On a Night When it’s Nice and Cold


    For this Assignment Bank, I chose to do Another Day (4 stars) to describe the beauty of a snowy night when I was in Akita, Japan for my study abroad. I wanted to describe its beauty because it was the first time I had ever seen snow on my birthday …

  18. @V20Kai

    All Work and All Play


    Today marks the end of Week 2 on our DS106 journey for this semester, and now that the semester is slowly kicking into full gear, this old soul is wearing down. That said, this week has helped me to slowly adjust to how we do things in this course.

    I …

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