1. @V20Kai

    My Name is NOT Zelda


    For my first Assignment Bank project, I decided to do an honest game cover. Now, before I get into the work itself, here’s some background:

    Towards the end of February of 1986, the legacy known as The Legend of Zelda had made its debut. However, what may trip up …

  2. @V20Kai

    Week 1 Summary


    Three weeks into returning to to my home country after being abroad for a whole four months, and let me tell you–the adjustment process has still been a bit rough. However, although this first week has been hectic and creating accounts, introducing myself, and trying to wrap my mind around …

  3. @V20Kai

    Preliminary Thoughts on the 80s


    Having little knowledge of 80s pop culture, I had to read through what TV Tropes and Wikipedia had to say about it. Now, some of you, especially those who are big fans of 80s pop culture and know it like the back of their hand–or even casual fans of 80s …

  4. @V20Kai



    Hey everyone, Kaitlin here! How has everyone’s first week been so far? Mine has been going pretty well, but I will admit that introducing myself via different modes of media was a bit of a challenge me, but feel free to check out my introductions from Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, and …

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