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    My New Kicks


    The goal of this assignment was to create your own, one of a kind shoes. I chose to customize a pair of Nike Mercurial cleats using Nike’s website. I chose to do a pair of Mercurial cleats because when I played soccer, these were a pair of cleats I owned …

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    Bond. James Bond.


    The goal of this assignment was to pick a favorite movie quote and insert it into a picture from that movie.

    I chose a quote from the James Bond movie, Skyfall. The quote was from a scene between Bond and Q in the art gallery. I started with a picture …

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    The purpose of this assignment was to design a tattoo that could represent your personality and then apply different colors to it to represent different moods.

    I started with a  tattoo that said “I believe.” I gave it a simple, but elegant font because I don’t like to make a …

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    Postcard From Paradise


    The purpose of this assignment was to create a destination postcard.

    I chose a picture of the Hawaiian island, Maui.

    Once I found the picture, I used my Fotor application to add text to the picture. The text I chose to add was, “Welcome to Paradise.”

    The assignment was worth …

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    I would be more of a freestyle, make it up as you go dance. Let me show you the dance of my people. #tdc1968 @ds106dc

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    Week 1


    This week was definitely about learning for me. Figuring out WordPress and getting my blog set up was the hardest part of the week. I am still not done with getting everything looking and working how I would like, but I have learned a lot about how WordPress works and …

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    Testing, Testing


    This week I tried out a few of the techniques we read about. Some techniques worked better for me than others, but I found the whole process to be a learning experience.

    One of the first techniques I tried out was from the DS 106 handbook. It involved taking a …

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    Common Everyday Object


    The purpose of this assignment was to take a picture of an everyday item and change the colors.

    I chose my keys, wallet, and sunglasses as the objects of the photo because these are items that I take with me everyday.

    I used a photo editing app called Fotor to …

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    Photo Safari


    For my Photo Safari, I chose to take the pictures out at the barn where I keep my horse. I chose to take the pictures out at the barn because I spend a lot of time out there and thought I would be able to get some cool pictures.

    It …

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    Back to Basics


    The goal of this assignment was to remove the color from a photo to make it appear as if it were a stencil in order to see how the focus shifted.

    I chose a picture of my old horse at a show we had done years ago.

    If the picture …

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    Remnants of the Past


    I was riding through a field when I thought about a year prior when we were warming up at a three-day event. This picture illustrates what it was I saw while at the event. The memories are so fresh in my mind that they start to come into focus.

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    Jumper Problems


    Found this picture that was taken of me at an event over the summer. My horse and I were outside the jump ring awaiting our turn. I had looked at the jump course earlier that day and had walked it when the ring was open for walking the course. I …

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