1. @VhudschNor2

    Audio Reflection Assignment


    Sound adds atmosphere, and intensifies the mood. Sound impacts mood and creates atmosphere by adding another element to fixate on in the scene, further drawing in the viewer’s attention. Abumrad’s ideas about using sound are interesting, with his videos having sound being used to express emotion, such as the Astronaut …

  2. @VhudschNor2

    Weekly Summery #5


    This week was long and tiring, I only ate on average 1 meal per day, and usually had between 2-5 hours of sleep per day. Programming was fun as always, but the rest of the week was exhausting, with me working until late in the morning on a few days, …

  3. @VhudschNor2

    Weekly Summery #4


    This week was long, but there were some good times. The Super Bowl was great, which constantly went back and fourth, with Kansas City coming back in the fourth quarter to win past a double point deceit. I spent many nights of staying awake until sunrise doing homework, and ran …

  4. @VhudschNor2

    20 minute Photoblitz


    Initial Assignments:

    Red as in Washington Redskins for assignment #1:

    The straight lines and edge of a lined paper for assignment # 2:

    A picture of grass growing in the rain at 6:00 in the morning for assignment #3:

    Assignment #4, the boundary/wall that blocks my room from the outside: …

  5. @VhudschNor2

    Weekly Summary #3


    This week was long, with me staying up until 5 am at times to get work done. I hated many midnight deadlines, but I got through them. I alternated between eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and ham + cheese sandwiches. The cafeteria food is awful, no pork, fish, or …

  6. @VhudschNor2

    Blade Runner Review


    Blade Runner is an excellent distopia, posing many questions, and making the viewer wonder if the protagonist who is hunting down the replicants one himself, or human…

  7. @VhudschNor2

    Writing Bank Assignment #1


    1: Ronald Reagan, he was an excellent president, with the exception of his drug policy. Although I despise drugs and would never use them, I think they should be legal.

    2. George H.W. Bush, he was another excellent president who should have beaten the corrupt Bill Clinton, but lost his …

  8. @VhudschNor2

    Weekly Summery #2


    This week was short for me, I was surprised that we had Monday off, but since I have no class on Tuesdays, it was a 4-day weekend which was completely unexpected. I enjoyed the night AI class, the Programming class on Wednesday was easy, and I enjoyed listening in the …

  9. @VhudschNor2

    “What do the 80s mean to today?” Question Answer


    Culture is irrelevant, especially pop culture. in the grand scheme of human history. We in the United States of America had two great Presidents that decade, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, who were able to win the cold war and defeat the Soviet Union. The victory of the cold …

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    DS 106 Introduction Assignment


    These are links to the accounts that will be used for the DS 106 course:

    The required Twitter account is @VhudschN along with the required introductory post https://twitter.com/VhudschN/status/1218254067576852480, the Soundcloud account is https://soundcloud.com/user-579284186 , and the Youtube account is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdXWB_qE9JXx2EEbuyKh8Rg/?guided_help_flow=5

    My primary mode of communication will be on this …

  11. @VhudschNor2

    Weekly Summary #1


    This week was alright, I did not have much human contact, but I’m used to that. Except for a quick, required RA meeting, I went the entirety of Tuesday without seeing another human. I did my required work, kept to myself, and went to all of my classes. I had …

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