1. vickram718

    Character- Troy


    1. Communication style: Troy has a very sarcastic way to him. Many things he says is taken as sarcasm when he is being serious. He is very smart and can sell salt to a sail. Troy uses the term “Old Sport” often. Ever since going to prison Troy has a …

  2. vickram718

    Album Cover


    This the cover Jay-Z used for his The Blueprint 2.  After working it over i came up with this!

    Well its actually a BLUEPRINT! I thought it was witty and cool. Well for beginners it is actually a blueprint and Jay-Z looks as a boss over seeing it.


  3. vickram718

    Net Neutrality


    Is the internet really ours?

    Net Neutrality is the act that Internet services providers should be able to take full control of what people do on the web. Basically putting a lock and key on the World Wide Web. Similar to the actions of countries like Russia and China, the …

  4. vickram718

    Been There


    I decided to use a scene from Frozen. The scene is when he first got his nose. I’m unsure why I found this soo funny but here it is.

  5. vickram718

    Snowtime GIF



    So this is the snowtime gif I came up with . The snow is just pouring down as I make this and my nephew is just yelling Snowman. I was then inspired to make this GIF. Steps of a snowman into a gif. Hey like snow or not? Gotta …

  6. vickram718

    Picture Timing!


    This is the view of my typicall work day. From sunrise to sunset its a beautiful view working in the airport. I go in as the sun is now coming up. When I leave I have the opportunity to watch it go down. I thought it would be a great …

  7. vickram718

    My Favorite Lyric


    As a Dj I live and die by this quote! Music is the one thing that can hit you and make you feel many type of way….Pain is not one way.

  8. vickram718

    Class Memes


    Patrick meme

    Pop Star Miley Cyrus, Yes you’ve made Disney then Movies then TMZ but congrats your biggest honor should be making my WordPress! Congrats and welcome to KeepCalmAndVick Miley! #TwerkMileyTwerk!…

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