1. vinci

    TDC: How Music Changed Me


    My last daily create for this week was from yesterday and it required you to write a poem that detailed how music changed your life. This was an easy assignment because I listen to music all the time and even right now I’m listening to something on Spotify.


    My …

  2. vinci

    Dead Silence: A Review


    After listening to the epic Dead Silence, I was proud of my fellow DS106ers and what they created. It had a plot that twisted and turned and it was full of many noir elements that we learned this semester. The plot began as a simple heist but was instead full …

  3. vinci

    Creating Your Own Card


    I decided to make an I’m Sorry card from Layla to Damon because I was like “Why not?” This all happens some time after this but I don’t exactly know how or why. So there’s that. I wanted to make the card as childish as I could to show that …

  4. vinci

    Choose Your Own Death


    I was happy about this assignment. Not the whole dying part but, you know, the nostalgia. I also decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to incorporate my noir character and someone else’s. After looking through some character dossiers I decided on having the person who “died” to be …

  5. vinci

    Many Sides of Me and My Favorite Part of the Week


    Two of the daily creates I’ve done so far are listed in the title. I started with the DC that required us to show people the many sides of us. I thought it was a simple task and I just put together pictures of myself that had been uploaded to …

  6. vinci

    Dear Diary, From Layla Arkwood


    This assignment involved writing a diary entry for a disney villain. However, I changed it to suit the Collaborative Character assignment we needed to do. Instead of a disney villain, it will be from my noir character, Layla Arkwood. This particular entry is a continuation of my group’s radio show

  7. vinci

    Collab: Layla and Damon’s Warning Poster


    This assignment required you to create a warning poster for anything. I decided to use this as a collaboration between Jonathan Polson’s noir character and my own. It is a slight continuation of my group’s radio show which can be found here. It ended with Damon and Layla escaping …

  8. vinci

    Weekly Summary 7


    This week required us to do so much but at the end of the week I was proud of what I had done. Now that our radio show is done it feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.


    Radio Show:

    Our completed radio show can be …

  9. vinci

    Radio Progress 2


    Tuesday, my group and I met at the convergence center to finalize some details and to hash out a script for our show. We got along well and we were able to get a lot of work done while still having fun. We created a skeleton script that we recorded …

  10. vinci

    Reservoir Dogs: Blue and Orange Edition


    This daily create required us to transform a movie poster into one that uses the color scheme of blue, teal and orange. Apparently those colors are the definition of action movies. I’ve never heard of a movie genre having a particular color scheme but I guess I just never researched …

  11. vinci

    Weekly Summary 6


    This week was less work filled because of our preparation for our radio shows. It was a lot of fun getting into groups and kind of weird since I’ll probably never meet these people. However, we communicated well and brainstormed ideas for our show. As such, lets get down to …

  12. vinci

    Noir Talk Logo



    With Jonathan having already done a sticker, I thought to add my own logo to the mix. I already had the idea of pasting the words NOIR TALK onto a background but I didn’t know what. So, I thought back to a word cloud assignment I did for …

  13. vinci

    NoirTalk’s Progress


    My group includes Mariah Young, Jonathan Polson and myself. So far, we’ve brainstormed excellent ideas for our radio show, settling on a conference between our characters. Masked as an interview by Mariah’s political character, my character and Jonathan’s are held against our will for a reason only known by Mariah’s. …

  14. vinci

    Music in a Trio


    I was very skeptical about this assignment. I knew how much editing needed to be done to fuse the three tracks and that made me pause slightly. However, I couldn’t help but feel curious about the assignment. So, I decided to try it out. I chose one of my best …

  15. vinci

    Fake Radio Commercial


    I had a little fun creating this radio commercial. I decided on the show Sleepy Hollow to create a product for because it is one of my all time favorites. I noticed how much the characters needed to know where the different horsemen were and how they always found them …

  16. vinci

    All Me In A Scene


    This was so embarrassing. I’m able to do accents but the voices of men allude me. I just sound like a really deep voiced woman. My voice is already kind of low so it wasn’t that much of a big deal. But a male Russian? Geez. I pick the worst …

  17. vinci

    Poetry Read Aloud a la The Great Gatsby


    When I saw this assignment, I knew that I needed to read a poem from Robert Frost. He is my all time favorite poet. Additionally, when I saw that we needed to relate this to a story in some way I thought to create my own poem out of stanzas …

  18. vinci

    Layla Throughout Her Day


    I did the audio assignment where you mash together sounds to create your day. I decided that this would be a perfect one to incorporate my noir character. For simplicity’s sake, I chose to start her day from morning to when she went to bed. It gave me a nice …

  19. vinci

    Weekly Summaries 5


    The aspects of design this week didn’t interest me as much as it should have. Maybe it was because this week was kind of unenthusiastic for me. Eh. However, like always, I enjoyed our assignments for design. I particularly enjoyed putting Professor Groom’s face on Miley Cyrus on a wrecking …

  20. vinci

    Design Blitz


    I had previously enjoyed the noir photo shoot that we needed to do for the visual aspect of storytelling so when I saw this assignment I got excited. In all honestly, I had to reread the descriptions for the specific categories that we needed because it just wasn’t sinking in. …

  21. vinci

    Copyrighting and All That Comes With It


    A lot of things go into copyrighting. It’s so much that I don’t really understand it all. However, what I do understand is that there is mostly copyrighting, kind of copyrighting, and free to the public copyrighting. As such, copyrighting can be circumstantial with parodies disrupting those concrete laws. Copyrighting …

  22. vinci

    Futuristic LA Noir


    Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner is a futuristic sci fi film about rogue replicants, humanoid robots who were previously used as slave labor, that threaten to tip the balance of the film’s dystopian society. As a noir film, there were different designs and elements that made it such. Its tactical use …

  23. vinci

    Minimalist Book Cover


    I couldn’t resist creating a cover for my all time favorite novel, The Great Gatsby. I gathered inspiration from the various covers out there and decided on recreating Doctor Eckleburg. He is the derelict billboard that looms over the Valley of Ash between West and East Egg. Only a pair …

  24. vinci

    Layla Arkwood’s Wedding


    I have to be honest here, I actually intend for my two main character, Marcus and Layla, to get married one day. It won’t be that easy of course but I had to indulge myself in this one assignment. We had to create an invitation to something and I decided …

  25. vinci

    Layla Arkwood in Four Icons


    Layla enjoys the color red. Given the fact that her hair is a blazing red and she enjoys the same color, many have taken to calling her the Flame Princess. However, regardless of her mood or outfit, she always wears two things: her mother’s necklace and Mikhail and Nikolai’s gift. …

  26. vinci

    Honest Game Covers


    Left 4 Dead is one of my all time favorite video games. It’s gameplay is heavily driven on teamwork and communication. It is so heavily influenced by it that one bad teammate will bring the rest down. As such, when playing online, it can be hard to talk to people …

  27. vinci

    Groom In Poster


    I know the assignment said TV/Movie poster but I couldn’t resist. This immediately popped into my mind. I know we’ve never met, Professor, but I present to you: Miley Groom

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