1. vinci

    Weekly Summary 4


    In all honestly, I enjoyed last week a lot more than this week. Maybe it was because I already had an interest in photography and I never really dabbled in the audio field. As such, I had a little trouble getting in the swing of audio editing but it only …

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    The Impact of Audio Storytelling


    I decided on doing this assignment last out of the list we needed to do this week because I wanted to have the knowledge of what I’ve done and experienced from audio before I did this.


    Sound is an integral part of any piece of media. It can make …

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    Ideas for the Radio


    I’ve always found bullet points to be a great way of organization. It also makes things easier to look at. Bullet points 4 lyf. I’ve never really been a person for radio but I always love creating things so I thought to give it a try. There are tons of …

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    A Bumper For Our Very Own Radio


    When I read that we needed to create a bumper for the radio I paused slightly. I found it really strange speaking into a microphone to people I would probably never meet but it was still fun nonetheless. I’ll probably die of excitement if I hear this on the radio.…

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    A Sound In The Life of Layla Arkwood


    For this assignment, I had to pull together different sounds to create a story around my noir character. I found this assignment challenging but I nonetheless did it! To clarify the message I decided to write what was heard into a small story.


    Layla couldn’t help but laugh. Seeing …

  6. vinci

    An Emotion Through Sound



    For this assignment, we were to edit together sounds to create a certain emotion. For no particular reason I chose sadness. There are four sounds overlapped and edited to begin and end at the same time. I fused crying, rain, glass breaking and a sad violin together because they …

  7. vinci

    Song Stuck In My Head


    When I read this assignment I immediately thought of a song I usually get stuck in my head. It’s rather strange but a lot of people who’ve seen the movie this is from would get this instantly. Great, now it’s stuck in my head again.

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    A Puppy’s Thoughts and A Toilet’s Lament


    I did a fun daily creation that made us caption a photo using the phrase “I’m sorry.” For some odd reason I chose a toilet. It was supposed to be about a woman during “lady time” but now that I look back at it, it seems like its someone apologizing …

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    Weekly Summary 3


    This week was great. I was waiting for the opportunity to showcase my photography skills for noir and the visual assignments. Watching Killer’s Kiss and He Walks By Night showed what film noir really was. I saw specific examples that allowed me to expand upon lighting techniques and their effects

  10. vinci

    Noir In Photos


    Given that I already had an obsession with photography, I had a blast taking these photos. The demands were so unique yet incredibly simple. They showed beautiful things in the most straightforward way. That’s why I love noir.


    Lighting from one side

    Unusual camera angle

    Drama or moodiness

    Distinct …

  11. vinci

    In Layla Arkwood’s Purse


    Layla doesn’t have much in her purse. She’s not the kind of person to have one of those giant sack bags filled with everything in existence. She has candy because she has a very sensitive sweet tooth, choosing to eat anything from cake to chocolate. She has a compact and …

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    Beauty in boredom. When I saw this as one of the assignments I went crazy. This is one of my favorite websites!!…

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    Emojis IRL



    My friends and I were just sitting around when I came across the emoji assignment and I thought, why not?…

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    Layla Arkwood’s Word Cloud



    All these words have meaning to my noir character, Layla. Most of these go through her mind throughout the day, sometimes plaguing her until she does something about it. The color scheme represents her favorite color, red, and the font symbolizes her elegance and sophistication that normally follows her …

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    Noir is Pretty Dark


    The two noir films, Killer’s Kiss and He Walked By Night are two examples of noir films. Noir uses a distinctive lighting style that creates a specific atmosphere. This atmosphere is mostly one of suspicion or suspense, bringing attention to a specific person or event in the film. For example, …

  16. vinci

    Photography and Me


    I have always had a feel for photography. I loved capturing a moment and seeing what that moment tells, what that moment feels like. I don’t know where this interest came from but I love it. I’ve never actually pursued this interest until I hit college. I’ve gone as far …

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    Weekly Summary 2


    I had so much fun this week! Last week was chock full of running around the internet trying to do this, this, and this while this week was more relaxed and creative. I have a weakness for writing so when I discovered we were going to start writing assignments I …

  18. vinci

    A Short Story, Quentin Tarantino Style


    This story will be using my noir character (and a few others) whose profile can be found here.

    Loving this woman would get me killed. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    “Marcus,” She said in that beautiful, velvet voice of hers. If only she knew what my …

  19. vinci

    The Postman Sometimes Rings Twice


    Since we were given an ending that rivals that of any Edith Wharton novel, I thought to make my own. While I’m fine with sad endings, I don’t like them so let’s make it a little happier.


    Cora waded towards me in the water, her wet hair drawn up …

  20. vinci

    Cue The Music


    Come Wander With Me

    I Am the Color of Night

    Color Me Black

    Queen of the Nile

    The Old Man in the Cave

     Ring-a-Ding Girl

    The Living Improvement of Salvadore Ross

    I Sing the Body Electric

    A Quality of Mercy

    The Arrival

    The Silence

    The Mind and The Matter

    The …

  21. vinci

    A Photograph


    We only had right now

    And right now was all we needed.

    There was no past, no future, no war.

    I had him and he had me.

    How long this would last I have no idea

    But I pray that it will last for the rest of my life,

    For …

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    Layla Arkwood


    She is the Jessica Rabbit of the mob scene. As the daughter of one of the United States’ most notorious crime lords, Layla knows she’s powerful. No one speaks to her father without going through her and she is never easily persuaded. She’s beyond beautiful and she knows that too. …

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    Further Noir Reviews


    Now that I have a better concept of noir, the stories that I just recently read show several examples of the style.

    The Postman Always Rings Twice: From the beginning, the novel has a quick witted, headstrong protagonist named Frank Chambers. He is a drifter who can’t stay in one …

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    Weekly Summary 1


    I had recently just learned about noir and reviewed several versions of it which can be found here. I already had an idea of noir, you know, the black and white sinister style. But I didn’t have much background knowledge of the subject. I knew what most people did, …

  25. vinci

    On The Subject of Noir


    Noir is more of a style than a genre. It’s not entirely its own but not entirely something else either. It brings together much darker themes, lighting and characters to portray something all together unique. Usually filled with cynicism, pessimism or casual dark comedy, noir is all its own, spawning …

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    Hmm. Where should I start? My name’s Nelia-Sol White. I’m a freshman planning on majoring in communications though if that doesn’t work out I’m going to major in English with a creative writing concentration. I love designing things, placing things in certain ways, coming up with ideas and helping people …

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