1. @virgonarrie

    A Week of Creating a Project About Me


    I started off doing a jeopardy game with myself, about myself but that got really difficult. I was trying to be the host and all three characters but that did not work AT ALL. However, I made the jeopardy anyway so if you would like to check that out you …

  2. @virgonarrie

    A Week of Starting My Final Project


    This week I started my final project. I will be “broadcasting” a Jeopardy game with some pretty famous guests as contestants and me as the host. I made a Jeopardy game (all about me) and a promotional flyer. Next week, I will be doing the broadcast and the commercial.

    This …

  3. @virgonarrie

    A Week of Remixing and Mashing


    This week we got to remix some assignments from the assignment bank. I chose to remix two assignments that I have completed before as suggested. This was a lot of fun. The first assignment was an interview with myself. Instead of recording it, the remix said to make the assignment …

  4. @virgonarrie

    Story Telling Through Text


    For this assignment, I had to text someone like in the weird advertisements from Snapchat. I decided to text my friend group because I really do not text anyone else. I already knew that I wanted to scare them. I sent the first message and then started screen recording from …

  5. @virgonarrie

    On Broadway


    This assignment was so fun because I got to listen to one of my favorite songs over and over again. This three-star assignment made me pick a song from a musical and put a bunch of performances together to make one song. First, I went to Youtube to find a …

  6. @virgonarrie

    Concert I Don’t Want to Attend


    A few weeks ago I got to photoshop myself at an SZA concert. However, I had to remix this assignment and do the opposite of what it said. So, instead, I photoshopped myself at a country concert. This was a little difficult because I really like all types of music …

  7. @virgonarrie

    Interview Yourself PowerPoint


    A few weeks ago I interviewed my future self. This week I had the chance to remix this assignment. Instead of doing a video where I asked myself questions, I had to create THE WORST PRESENTATION ever with the same concept. I am great at being horrible so this was …

  8. @virgonarrie

    Another Week of Seeing Myself on Video


    This week I got to manipulate film and sound to make some cool videos. I did two assignments that were both worth five points, equaling a total of ten points. The first video is a commercial I tried to make for a hair tye. I wish I would have timed …

  9. @virgonarrie

    Point of View


    Here is my day from my point of view! I had to record everything using my phone. Then, I uploaded everything to wevideo (my new favorite site). Afterward, I put them in order from how I recorded them. Lastly, I added the audio. I picked the song because it was …

  10. @virgonarrie

    Hair Tye Commercial


    I decided to make a commercial for one of my assignments this week. This assignment was worth five stars and rightfully so. First I had to figure out what I wanted to advertise. Then, after figuring that out I had to think about all of the technical stuff. I recorded …

  11. @virgonarrie

    A Week of Seeing My Face on Video


    This week we experimented with video. I definitely appreciated this week more than the week on photography. I did three video assignments that added up to ten stars. These assignments were difficult because I have absolutely no video editing skills. However, I learned that if I did everything correctly, then …

  12. @virgonarrie

    Personal Gag Real


    This assignment was so fun! First, I went to Snapchat to find videos because I knew I had a lot there. Finding the videos was difficult because I had to decide what was appropriate for this assignment. Did the videos have to be randomly funny? Could the comedy be planned? …

  13. @virgonarrie

    Sock Lock


    The hardest part of this assignment was finding things in my Apartment that I would actually take to the apocalypse. After finding a few items, I recorded my video on Photobooth and then uploaded it to Youtube. It took my two takes to get everything right.

    VideoAssignments, VideoAssignments2229…

  14. @virgonarrie

    Interview Yourself


    I make the worst thumbnails! Anyways, here is my interview to my future self. I thought of a bunch of questions that I wanted to ask myself in the future and the reasons why. Then, I used PhotoBooth on my MacBook to record the video. Lastly, I uploaded it to …

  15. @virgonarrie

    A Week of Listening and Re-Doing


    This week I got to listen to everyone’s radio show. We all did so well and I definitely enjoyed them! We got to reflect on a radio show of our choosing and give positive feedback.

    I am always the worst at giving feedback because it does not take a lot …

  16. @virgonarrie

    Messy March Radio Bumper Remake


    I decided to remake this because even though I loved it, I knew I could make it better. I wanted my speech to flow a bit more. I also wanted the music to stand out because I used it for a reason. At first, the music felt like more of …

  17. @virgonarrie

    Radio Listen: Operation Childhood-Radio Show


    I loved listening to this. You all have great radio voices and everything transitioned so smoothly! I especially loved your first “bumper” or commercial (I don’t know what it was) but it was very creative and radio-like. When reading the topic, I had no idea what it was going to …

  18. @virgonarrie

    A Week of Recording A Radio Show


    This week we were able to record our radio show. This was fun because all of our hard work and ideas could finally come together into a masterpiece. In the beginning, my group members and I disagreed on the vision of the radio show, however, it all worked out! Not …

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