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    Radio Bumper


    This was painful to make. I hate my voice so I just covered it up with one of SZA’s newest songs. I hope you enjoy! radiobumper…

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    Radio Show Ideas


    Here are just a few ideas for a radio show:

    This day in pop culture history Yes, I am obsessed with pop culture and I always see things on my timeline like “This day 3 years ago Nicki Minaj blocked Rihanna”. I think it would be interesting to compile things…
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    The Power of Sound


    While listening to “Moon Grafitti” I really started to reflect on how sound can change our perception of situations. The change in sounds obviously changes the entire mood of something. For example, I went from feeling inquisitive to feeling a little panicked and worried for the people on the audio …

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    A Collection of My Favorite Sounds


    There are really on four things that I love and that has never failed me. Money, food, sleep and SZA. Sadly, I could not find a good sound for sleep. But I blessed y’all with SZA’s beutiful voice and even more beuatiful lyrics. You’re welcome! AudioAssignments AudioAssignments2146…

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    Sound Effect Story


    This pandemic started with spring break and has yet to end. In my “story” I incorporate us packing for break, enjoing time on the beach, and then going home to never return again.…

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    Recreate a Scene Using Sounds


    Do I even need to explain this? If you have seen this movie series then you know that this is the most iconic scene ever!!! When I read the assignment requirements I immediately knew what I wanted to do. I have some baseball sounds and then obviously the iconic thunder. …

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    A Week of Taking Pictures and Hating Them


    I HATE PHOTOGRAPHY. I hate taking pictures and most importantly I had when people take pictures of me, so this week was definitely a challenge. First, we had to do a photoblitz. Even though it was only twenty minutes, it took me almost an hour to find a list of …

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    Take an extreme close-up of an easily recognizable, common object. If only shoes could talk. Tell their story in a photo, either on or off someone. Two contrasting things, e.g. light & darkness, life & death, cats & dogs. Take a creative photo without aiming in the viewfinder Make a…
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    My favorite Photo (Again)

    This is one of my favorite photos I have ever taken. This is me and my grandma being silly a few years ago. My grandma is someone who is very special to me and has been a blessing to me since the day I was born.

    VisualAssignments VisualAssignments2152…

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    Five Frame Story

    Last fall I took a trip to a few Civil Rights museums through the South. These five pictures can not exaplin everything that I seen and learned on this trip, but it is also very difficult to put it into words.

    VisualAssignments VisualTutorials2167…

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    Concert You Want to Be At

    If you have visited my blog before then you might know how much I love SZA! If I ever got a chance to see her live I will take it. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE COST, ABOUT COVID, ABOUT ANYTHING. Literally nothing or no one excpet Jesus himself could…
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    Becoming a Better Photographer

    This image shows contrast because the vibes are very calm and relaxing when I look at it but the water on the leaf shows that there was a storm right before I took this picture. The lighting has always been my favorite part about this picture especially since the flowers…
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    The Visuals of Storytelling


    I have little to no experience with photography. I am just someone with a good iPhone camera who uses that to their advantage most of the time. A lot of the people around me are “expert” photographers. This just means that they are designated to take all of the pictures …

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    A Week of Digging Deep


    I think this week is the first week where I actually started sharing “my story”. Even though things such as your favorite color, and things you like to do are apart of your story, sometimes going a little deeper can help portray to others who you really are or most …

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    Readings and Viewings


    The material from this week was interesting because it merged my new way of digital thinking with another way of thinking. I have always thought of my generation as the one born between two ages of technology. We’ve watched movies on VHS tapes, rented them from blockbuster, and now we …

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    To My Mom

    This is a short but “sweet” letter to my mother. I chose not to do a thank you letter, but take a different approach and say somet hings I have never and probably will never tell her.

    #WritingAssignments #WritingAssignments1903…

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    My Hopes, Dreams, and Fears

    I decided to write a letter to my future self. In this letter, one will see some of the goals I hope to have accomplished or even some that I hope I’m still working on, some people that I hope to still be connected to, and some things that I…
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    Poem Parody

    This poem was written about all of my beautiful friends for Valentine’s day and is a parody of a classic poem. This poem is so classic that it was hard to research its origins.

    #WritingAssignments #WritingAssignments1924…

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