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    There’s A Murder Afoot


    Tune in soon to Radio7’s new thriller, featured exclusively on DS106Radio! Our group is diligently working behind the scenes this week to script a fun and exciting story filled with twists and turns.

    My thoughts behind this design were to create a clean yet eye-grabbing poster, and I decided …

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    Y’all ready for this?


    The radio show plans are in motion! Our group will have a fun and exciting radio show in the next few weeks.

    After having some great ideas at a meeting last night, we decided to write a murder mystery-styled podcast. It will revolve around the sudden death of a famous …

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    This semester has broken the sound barrier!


    I can’t believe we’re headed into week seven already. I liked this week, and so far this semester, I have discovered that I like the audio and digital designs more than writing.

    I did all of my daily creates over the weekend and Monday. Getting those out of the way …

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    Eagles, Start Your Cameras!


    Looking around town tonight, I saw quite a lot of things that I thought fit well for this assignment!

    Color: I thought this skirt was a good example of bright colors that pop due to the black background. Typography: This sign had some attractive font that evokes some animalistic qualities.…
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    My cover grabs more attention!


    For this assignment, I was told to design an alternate book cover. However, I am loosely following it because I felt that the book’s title was pretty hard to interpret as anything other than what it says. Also, my choices of immediate books near me were The Hobbit (someone

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    Kindly click here


    Today’s assignment was fun! I was able to apply the idea of using a limited color palette to a poster design and help advertise for the school’s Cybersecurity club! PS… you should join!

    I made the poster using Canva, which has been helpful this semester! When I downloaded the …

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    If at first you don’t succeed


    The assignment I am talking about is this one! I noticed that some people said they could not see my tags on my blog posts, and after some time, I could not resolve this issue, so this is how I will let you all know what assignments I have completed.…

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    Design Decisions Rock!


    Man, where to start? That was a lot of information! The video posted by Vanity Fair had so many great ideas. I was amazed when the presenter showed so many posters of similar design, and he provided great details into how the movie poster’s messages are conveyed to the viewer. …

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    Wooohoooo!!! I finished the week!


    This week was fun, and I think the essential key to success is to do assignments you like!

    My daily creates are linked below. My favorite one was about connecting peace, love, and Kaleidoscopes visually.

    A great way to connect peace, love, and Kaleidoscopes visually is with the imagery of …

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    The organ is a challenging instrument!


    This assignment is one that I have made up myself! I have been learning to play the piano and church organ since returning to college full time in my spare time! I think this is a fantastic hobby for several reasons. I am learning a skill and putting my extra …

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    I Hear a Storm a Comin’


    Brainstorming has always been something a bit challenging for me. I think of projects I would like to complete but often find I set the bar too high none the less I would like to try a few different ideas. Keeping in touch with this class’s theme, “The Joy of,” …

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    Boom Goes the Dynamite


    Jad Abumrad made many excellent points when talking about the advantages of audio compared to visual art. I connected with the statement he made, “[Talking about audio storytelling] In a sense, I’m painting something, but I’m not holding the paintbrush you are!” This statement exemplifies what I think is so …

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    Good Morning @ds106 !!!


    So it should be very apparent where I drew my inspiration for this assignment. If it is not, please watch this movie, Good Morning, Vietnam! I had fun making this intro, although to say it put me outside my comfort would be an understatement.
    I hope that this brought …

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    Another one bites the dust!


    Whew, I’m glad this week is almost over, but it seems like the assignments are neverending this semester!
    This week was fantastic, I like working with all the photos, especially over the writing topic, but there seems to be a lot of that in these posts.

    The thing I enjoyed …

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    A rush to find them all!


    This was a creative assignment! It really put me in a rush to find all the subjects I needed to photograph and get the proper lighting and angles while not trying to be a perfectionist.

    So I grabbed my list and set the timer. Away I went!

    The photos appear …

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    A picture is worth a thousand words or A moment in time.


    The article linked to this assignment was an exciting read. I found inspiration from the tip that said to take a picture from multiple perspectives. More importantly, it states that it helps to change your perspective as the photographer. I think this rule can be applied to life in general.…

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    Did I make a typo?


    Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful week. This assignment was fun; I got to use a new online-based tool, and I like using those because they are a bit more approachable for beginners.
    The idea of this assignment was to find pictures online and upload them …

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    This was a fun little diversion!


    I had a good chuckle reading the description for this assignment! Editing software is a little frustrating, but I know that it is part of the process of learning!
    For this assignment, I was told not to use editing software and to take a panoramic picture instead with a cell …

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    Let’s all party like it’s 1699!


    This was a fun assignment! I got to listen to some music I hadn’t heard in a long time, and I learned another neat trick with editing GIFs. The project asked me to find a musician I like and make a GIF of one of their music videos.

    I wanted …

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    Is the Internet for anything other than animal videos?


    I was tasked with finding videos of animals doing funny things and converting them to a GIF for this assignment. The process was simple once I found a good source for some videos.

    I started by using a program called youtube-dl, but I was unsuccessful with that method. YouTube makes …

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    “A picture is worth a thousand words”


    I have some experience taking photos, but it has been a long time since I have tried to perfect my technique. I remember in high school a photography class, and my favorite part was developing the film. I thought the process had a magical quality (minus the smell).

    Now I …

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    I learned a lot this week! – Weekly Summary


    This week was busy as usual for me, but I got it all done! Go me! I tried to approach this week by getting the daily creates out of the way first. My favorite of those assignments was to develop a decorative letter for my first name. I used Gimp …

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    Writers’ Block and the Problem of Where to Start


    This week I have tried to think of various approaches to and on what I would like to do for the final project. I am still undecided at the moment, but I know that I want it to focus on something technology-related! Another aspect I would like to incorporate into …

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