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    How to clean a fish: Spot


    Went pier fishing last week and brought home a cooler full of Spot. It is pretty rewarding to catch what you eat. I find importance in being a part of the ecosystem and knowing where your food comes from.

    But, one thing you must know when catching your own meal …

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    Victory at Sea


    Environmental degradation is a real thing and the damages of pollution are adding up. You may not be able to see, at this point, the direct effects of your trash can. However, we are becoming more aware of the vast, negative impact our trash is having on the environment. How …

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    Headin’ Down South




    Road-trips are among my favorite things. There are a few essentials to a good trip : Wave riding equipment, Bathing suit, a classy suitcase (which i was super stoked to find in my attic) , and something to capture it all. This road trip is taking me down …

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    Final reflection


    Well I talked about my thoughts and reflections on the class in several other post. I finished my final work so long ago I didn’t realize I had to do a separate post still! Oh goodness!

    Well this class was an adventure. Over all I would say it was quite …

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    Oh, to be a raindrop


    Oh, to be a raindrop. To travel as it gets to travel. To see what it gets to see. To play in the water. To fly. To float on the breeze.

    Why just dream of it? Create it! Let us follow those lucky water droplets on their journey. It is …

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    Creating for Creators


    Two New Assignments.

    Now this is cool! Creating new assignments makes me feel ligit. haha I made two assignments from total different assignment revenues. I must like comparing things though because they are both somewhat centered around that idea.

    Here they are!

    Try this Visual Assignment – This is a …

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    Last Weekly Summary


    Wow, my last weekly summary! Feels great! Still have to jump into that final project but the semester of hard work is coming to a end. I have learned a lot though and value the things I’ve learned!

    This week was about using things already created. Some remixed, some mashed …

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    Movie Mashup


    Mashup Those Movies

    I realized after doing this Mashup that I already had 7 stars. But, why not publish it. So here it is. I mashed up two movie posters. They are both robot movies but completely different. WallE is more of a love story about two cute little robots. …

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    Kirby Ferguson has created video series that verbalizes the idea of “i’ve seen that somewhere before”. As I watched his film Everything is a Remix Part 1 i realized the reality of remix. How so many things we think to be “original” are in fact a remix of something old. …

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    Final Project


    For my final project I am thinking of doing something about the ocean.

    My first thought was to pick a character or a pro surfer. I thought about Bethany Hamilton or John John. But, didn’t think that would leave enough room for creativity. So, as i re -read the assignment …

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    weekly summary



    These past two weeks I learned a lot of valuable video editing skills. I definitely mixed up everything I planned to do in the last summary. Every assignment i planned to do was changed, except for maybe one. I found new and more creatively challenging ones to do.

    I …

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    Elf in Black and White


    Silent Era

    This assignment was to take a modern movie clip and revert it to an old silent film.

    Once again, the outcome of my christmas mood. What funnier movie for being in the Christmas spirit then ELF! My roommate and I had just watched this movie several days …

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    Surf movie


    A movie trailer

    This was by far my favorite assignment i created! The assignment itself was to make a movie trailer for something you would want everyone to get excited about. Of course i took this opportunity to make a surf film!

    I texted my friend Jessy and asked for …

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    Remember ScoobyDoo


    Super Cut it!

    This assignment was to find a phrase or themes overused in a specific movie or tv show.

    The hardest part of these assignments for me is thinking of what movie to use. So, i racked my brain for something. I don’t watch too much tv these days. …

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    Christmas Stories


    A word..A picture..A story

    I decided to do this project just for fun. The assignment said to think of several random words and write them down. So my list went as follows:

    Lights, Snow, Tree, Presents,Santa, Anticipation, Hot Coco, Singing, Kids, Joy, Savior, Angels, Peace.

    OKayyy, So as you can …

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    Breaking Social Boundaries


    A couple, probably in their upper 60s, walks in to a coffee shop. Many seats are taken. Politely, they ask to sit at a large table where another older couple is already seated.

    I believe my first instinct in such a situation would be to awkwardly keep to ourselves. We …

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    Weekly Summary


    Ready Your tool Box!

    This week I looked into several movie editing resources. Looking at the list Tools for the Trade I realized how far we have come and how much i’ve learned to use. Now, moving into the film editing part of this course I see I still have …

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    Good Will Hunting


    I have learned a lot about this movie and have not even seen it all the way through. I discovered many facts through further research. During filming, according to Wikipedia, one ad-libbed scene caused the camera man to laugh so hard you can notice the POV slightly moving. Many …

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    Pre- Production


    Wow, this next couple weeks looks like a lot of  work and many hours. I’m scared! haha especially with exam weeks and lots of studying all these assignments look like overload. Lets hope i’m wrong!

    Here are three Video Assignments I plan to do in the upcoming week:

    Show why

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    Reading Film


    I watched this first slip from Good Will Hunting

    In dissecting this scene I first watched the clip with no sound. You start out far away. And then the camera zooms in on each character. First on the old man. The camera is in a direct angel to him. Then, …

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    Hacking Away


    When i saw this week that I had to change the coding on another website I was like “WHAT!?”. Haha i figured it would be so difficult. So, I decided to use Hackasaurus. I used it to download the “X-Ray googles” into my toolbar. Changing webpages was so easy! …

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    DAily Create


    What a funny daily create. A picture of rocks? It’s okay I enjoy an search for photography. I found some rocks keeping the bank safe from the crashing waves.

    I love the ocean and any other form of water. I’d rather spend everyday beside the sea surfing, swimming, and …

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    Radio Shows


    The Despicables Despicables Show

    The picture is great. Some of the sound is off. The bumper was painful to listen to. It sounded like it was recorded from a radio with feedback and then the clicking of the computer could also be heard. I like the intro with music. However, …

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