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    Weekly Summary


    The past two weeks have been a lot of work. From our radio show to audio work I’ve been tinkering and learning all kinds of new stuff. Audio is a great way to create art. Honestly, i’ve never really thought of it as art. But, now doing these assignments i …

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    Daily Create


    I extreme edited a picture this week. I used picmonkey to fade and direct focus in this photo. It reminds me of a summer dream. This is a picture that reflects a great summer day. After surfing, my friend Jessy and I rode from her house to our friends house …

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    Skit scatting


    On of my favorite movies to quote is The Grinch . The cartoon movie isn’t as funny as the Jim Carry version. I don’t know why but I just think JIm Carry is so funny in that movie with all the clever Dr. Sues lines. The voice and mannerisms of …

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    As a surf instructor I’m in the water all summer. Some days the currents is so strong it is extremely tiring to swim. Surf fins are really helpful on these days. I have a pair made by a company called Viper. This summer a local surfer came and decided …

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    ChipMonk Funk


    One audio assignment this week was to make a popular song sound like it is being sung by chipmunks.  As i went through my itunes I contemplated what songs would sound funniest as a chipmunk. First, I chose a song from Mumford and Sun’s newest album, Babel. But, …

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    Weekly Summary


    Design Week!

    There is a lot of concept behind design. Some things, such as color, would see to be obvious. But, they actually have a lot of details and thought that go into each concept of photography. It was fun finding picture to show each concept. I got quite a …

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    DS106 Radion #roadtrip


    I am very excited for the theme we picked for our radio show! Who doesn’t like road trips!?

    We are all going to be family and friends traveling together. The season is Spring and yes we will be on Spring Break. We’ve decided to go to Los Vegas. Which, is …

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    Design Concept


    color – Colors can do so much for photography. They can emphasize a certain part of a picture. Colors can even set a mood. If a photo has a lot of oranges, yellows and reds the photo is warm. And, if a photo has more blues and greens it is …

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    Daily Creating


    Yay for Veggie Lovers.  I’m not vegetarian but I am an advocate for healthy eating! For world vegetarian day I celebrated with a nice arrangement of fall veggies. They’re good for more than just eating!

    Here is a daily create we all probably do on a daily basis. Write …

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    Weird Book Name


    The art of Menuistry : what is really behind those random drawings on a sidewalk menu. This book has all the answers to those deep questions. Honesty, this was just random inspiration. I took a picture from my photo album that with a unusual angle. I used my photo splash …

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    Rollin at Rohan


    This past Saturday some of my friends made breakfast at their house. [Props to the Chefs]. Somehow we ended up performing. Gilly on the Ukulele, me and my one note show on the piano, and Q. and Ryan on the guitar.  So when i read the design assignment of making

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    Children’s Book Remix


    I’ve now used Where The Wild Things Are twice for a blog post. I guess that’s one of my favorite children’s books. Haha. Well I used a different picture then the book cover for this design assignment. I decided to use one of the pages from the book. I thought …

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    Our Ds106 Radio group decided to do our broadcast themed as a road trip. ( So be getting excited for that!). I designed a Poster for our radio show using picmonkey.com. I upload a picture of my boyfriend Nathan from a trip to OBX. Then, used the “add text” …

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    Weekly summary


    This week was all about photography. It was an adventures week of going out into the world with an eye for ever detail. I looked into pickler earlier this week and took other advice with me as I photographed for assignments. My too favorite things to do were to make …

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    Daily Creating



    I honestly don’t know tooo many bald people. I know lots of people with receding hair lines,  but not totally bald. Luckly, I thought of one for my daily create. This is Troy, my boss and friend. He is one of the founders of the Surf Company where I …

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    In crossing


    Irony always makes me laugh. So, the visual assignment of finding an unlikely intersection was fun for me. My finding needs an explanation in order to be ironic. I am closely acquainted with both a Douglas and a William. In fact, soon both will be a part of my family. …

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    Ready, Set, Blitz.


    For this weeks assignment, we had to create pictures to satisfy several different categories. The catch? We only had 20 minutes.

    My friend Lauren and I ventured downtown by our college to complete this photo scavenger hunt.

    On your mark, Get Set,


    Make an object look supernatural.

    As I …

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    I took several of my favorite photos on flickr and formed a Set.

    Here are the Pictures in my set so far:

    I named this photo set Impact. As we go about our daily life what is the impact we have on the world? What is the Impact the …

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    How to Photo Collage


    There are several great ways to create a photo collage.

    One great and free source I found for this is :


    When the homepage for this website comes up there will be a “Create Collage” button on the left. Click that button and allow it to load.

    Next, choose …

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    Flowers of the beach


    What beautiful flowers growing in the dry sand of the beach. I captured this picture on a stormy day in South Carolina. We were racing against a storm in attempt to see the lighthouse off shore. As thunder rolled in, I could not resist photographing the eerie atmosphere. As we …

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    PhotoSplashing For Mac’s


    This is an easy and great way to photo splash your picture.

    Go to your app store and search ” photo splash Smart”. This is a free app you can download to your computer.

    Once the app has installed itself, double click the icon in your launchpad to open the …

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    Daily Creating


    One daily create i did this week was a picture with the theme “3″. This picture was inspired by the arrangements in a coffee shop downtown.

    Graphite might be an illegal form of art, but, it is still art. Someone painted the side of an old shed. This is probably …

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    Put Your Listening Ears On


    There are many techniques to audio storytelling. This week I listened to several by the board casting group called Truth. Check them and and read my analysis.

    Eat Cake

    This guy calls people, he doesn’t know, every valentines day. He just picks random people in a phone book and…
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    So About All This Noise


    These days story telling seems to be primarily visual. But, what about every morning when you get into your car. As you listen to the latest update on politicians, performers or someones boyfriend breaking up with them you are partaking in storytelling. Ira Glass is one of those voices on …

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    DS106 Jamin


    This week I tuned into some crazy tunes at ds106radio. On Wednesday, when I first tuned in, most of the music was very electronic. It was pretty cool. Definitely some foot thumping music. haha. At one point, the listeners peaked to six. But after a while, it was just …

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