1. whcalhoun

    From Sociology to Sociologist

    A Reflection on Week 7 of INTE 5340

    It was a tough week! There’s a two-week stretch every summer where I am responsible for tuning the pianos at three music festivals here in Rhode Island, and this was the first week. I’m driving a lot, tuning many pianos, managing an …

  2. whcalhoun

    Project Push, Project Pull

    A Response to Lankshear & Knobel, New Literacies, Chapter 8

    It is often impressed upon me in various ways that science education can always benefit by engaging students in science-y projects. I have never been terribly enthusiastic about many of these proposals. Yes, projects are fun, they provide a hands-on …

  3. whcalhoun

    DaVinci Man Waits for the Bus


    I woke up in the middle of the night, climbed out of bed, and headed for the bathroom. When I returned, my wife, who was only half-awake, muttered “DaVinci Man Goes to the Bathroom.” I figured out what she meant, and starting laughing. She woke up enough to laugh with …

  4. whcalhoun

    Start with a balloon


    I have been looking forward to finally picking an assignment from the Web Assignments Bank at ds106. There are a lot of cool digital tools/programs listed – it’s worth taking a look at all of them! This week I decided to take a look at Grant Potter’s assignment, which …

  5. whcalhoun

    What Does it Mean to Teach?

    A Reflection on Week 6 of INTE 5340

    I had forgotten to read Chapter 6 last week, so this week I read both Chapters 6 and 7. Chapter 6 was quick reading, but Chapter 7 was like Chapter 2 – a lot of new ideas and research, and a lot …

  6. whcalhoun

    Parking Lot Footstool


    It had been a week of cloudiness, but on the day this Daily Create was published it was gloriously sunny. My wife was so inspired she went out with her camera and took a zillion photos. I picked this one out of the pile, a photo of what Marcel Duchamp …

  7. whcalhoun

    Flat Tire

    A Response to Lankshear & Knobel, New Literacies, Chapter 7

    I noticed that the left rear tire seemed low on air pressure. I finally measured the pressure, and sure enough had to add air. I kept an eye on the tire, and every so many days I had to add …

  8. whcalhoun

    The Arrow of Time


    There is a concept in physics called the arrow of time. We experience the physical world as proceeding in a time direction we call “forward.” The laws of physics, though, work equally well either forward or backward in time. What explains our sense that time has a direction? Look …

  9. whcalhoun

    Pulp Textbook


    Pulp (or “trashy”) novels are known for their lurid cover art and low-brow content. Still they are an identifiable literacy practice! Because I teach physics, I couldn’t think of anything more ridiculous than a physics pulp textbook, so here it is. I made an effort to not use an overtly …

  10. whcalhoun

    AB Frustration

    A Reflection on Week 5 of INTE 5340

    The competition for my time became intense this week because my wife broke her foot. She tripped over our dog Lily and, trying not to crush the poor dear, caught her fall with her foot and cracked three bones. Fortunately this was …

  11. whcalhoun

    Animated GIF’s on Flickr


    There is no problem uploading an animated GIF to Flickr – Flickr just converts it to a JPG. Of course it is then no longer animated. There is an easy way to display the animation, though it won’t show on your Photostream or Camera Roll.

    Start by uploading the GIF …

  12. whcalhoun

    Day of the Dead


    This week’s chapter in Lankshear & Knobel’s New Literacies was about blogs, so I thought I’d take a look at the little blogosphere that my wife and I occupy. In particular, I will critique a blog entry that I created for my wife’s painting blog, a blog post about her …

  13. whcalhoun

    What’s a Blog?

    A Response to Lankshear & Knobel, New Literacies, Chapter 5

    I remember my wife asking me that, 9 years and about 8,200 posts ago.

    I was excited about reading Chapter 5 because it explored certain literacy practices with which I am very familiar – blogs, wikis, and Google Docs. It …

  14. whcalhoun

    Tweeting for NASA


    I decided to try Dylan Gott’s mashup assignment Twittr at ds106. Instead of two websites, though, I chose two Twitter accounts.

    Did you know that in a few days a satellite will zoom past Pluto and take a jillion photos and measurements? NASA launched the New Horizons spacecraft over 9 …

  15. whcalhoun

    Blast Off!


    At first I wasn’t drawn in by this daily assignment from ds106, but as so often happens, when examples starting coming in I was inspired. I guess I have rockets on my mind because yesterday I cleaned out a couple-of-year’s worth of student rockets – all broken nosecones and missing …

  16. whcalhoun

    The Physics of Remix

    A Reflection on Week 4 of INTE 5340

    I guess every week is going to have something competing for my time. My marching band performed this weekend, and I was kept busy all week with the details (not to mention the marching itself on the Fourth). I thought I kept …

  17. whcalhoun

    A Tale of Momentum & Inertia


    This is a fun little video from an animation studio called HouseSpecial that I like to show my physics students. Yes, it’s about momentum, a physics concept, but it’s also a dramatic and humorous story about gratitude, small-mindedness, and revenge. The story (spoiler alert) is that at the top of …

  18. whcalhoun

    Remix Blues

    A Response to Lankshear & Knobel, New Literacies, Chapter 4

    Last week I reacted positively to Lessig’s (2008) idea of digital remix as a new kind of “writing” (Lankshear & Knobel p.67). So I was happy to find that Chapter 4 was a thorough dive into just what Lessig was …

  19. whcalhoun

    First Design


    Something about this Daily Create with the instruction to “tell us about your first time making art” caught me. I’ve always drawn and doodled, as far back as I can remember. But there must have been something that was the first really deliberate, consciously-aware making of art. And then a …

  20. whcalhoun

    Recycling Softballs


    Here’s a photo of me recycling softballs. These balls are frequently abandoned in a baseball field near where I live. My wife and I pick them up for our dog Lily to play with (recycle #1). I also clean up the best ones and use them at school for physics …

  21. whcalhoun

    Video Chops

    A Reflection on Week 3 of INTE 5340

    This was the last week of school, and it kept me busy. It also provided material for some of the assignments, which, now that I think about it, has happened each week so far. I like the way that grad school work …

  22. whcalhoun

    I Critique Me!


    Now that I’ve had a chance to critique a number of videos from the point of view of story, I decided to revisit a video I had created last semester. I wanted to take a look at it again in light of what I am studying this semester. This video …

  23. whcalhoun

    Toilet Swirl


    Yes, another science video, by the fellow I whose video I critiqued two weeks ago, Derek Muller. Muller has developed a series of videos on YouTube, and I had not ever seen one, so I though I’d take a look.

    This video is about the Coriolis effect, an …

  24. whcalhoun

    A Modern Literacy Experience

    A Response to Lankshear & Knobel, New Literacies, Chapter 3

    I would like to tell a story about an experience I’ve had over the last three weeks at school. After reading Lankshear and Knobel’s third chapter, I realize that this was a “new literacies” experience, and I’d like to relate …

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