1. whcalhoun

    Rocket Eye!


    A rocket’s eye view – little and then tiny people!

    This is a bit of a cheat, but I couldn’t resist the coincidence. The coincidence? This Daily Create was posted on the same day that my physics classes first got a chance to launch their rockets outdoors. These rockets are …

  2. whcalhoun

    Settling In

    A Reflection on Week 2 of INTE 5340

    One trick I use for dealing with the demands of my work is to build and rely upon templates. Templates are great because a certain amount of the task at hand (and sometimes a lot of the task) is embodied in the …

  3. whcalhoun

    Bill vs. The Great Recession


    Once upon a time a young college student named Bill decided to become a schoolteacher.

    Every day he went to school with great joy and taught his students.

    But one day he followed an urge to do something different, and he became a piano tuner.

    Because of that Bill was …

  4. whcalhoun

    Lily-Dog Nightmare


    OK, so we all like to talk to our pets in baby-talk. You know, poopsy-doopsy ohhhh what a good girl! Have you ever thought that it might not sound as appealing to your dog as it does to you?

    I decided to take up Jason Nemeth’s challenge in his audio …

  5. whcalhoun

    Performance – Practice – Literacy

    A Response to Lankshear & Knobel, New Literacies, Chapter 2

    As Lankshear and Knobel laid out their trajectory in the second chapter, I felt like I was drowning in all the new vocabulary. I’ve never read sociology, and this was a new use of language for me, and I struggled …

  6. whcalhoun

    Sauce for Thought


    One of my students turned me on to Vsauce, a collection of YouTube science (and other) videos created by Michael Stevens. I’ve since been referred to Vsauce by quite a few people. The videos have become quite popular. Here is one ostensibly on what happens if everyone jumps …

  7. whcalhoun

    Chemistry is Nuts


    I’m going to keep with the theme of science videos as stories this week. As I’ve explained before, I think a good science explanation works like a story. The cause and effect present in a science explanation can act as a narrative arc, with a beginning, middle, and end. …

  8. whcalhoun

    A New Literacy

    A Response to Lankshear & Knobel, New Literacies, Chapter 1

    The teachers were all dreading the professional development session. It was to be two-and-a-half hours of how to implement the Common Core Curriculum in our technical high school. “I guess we’re supposed to all become Language Arts Teachers now” was …

  9. whcalhoun

    Marching Milkmen


    My wife and I started a marching band 12 years ago for a local dairy delivery company called Munroe Dairy. Why does a dairy company need a marching band you might ask. Because they were already appearing in a couple of parades every year, dressed in old-fashioned milkman whites …

  10. whcalhoun

    Donut Fonts


    My wife and I have always laughed about the Dunkin Donuts font that looks like sausages. It does its job, though – you recognize it immediately, and you couldn’t possibly use it for anything else. The font, by the way, is called Frankfurter, and it was designed by a …

  11. whcalhoun

    Legibility and Pseudoteaching


    One of my favorite parts of the 1989 movie “Look Who’s Talking” is when the infant tries to figure out how to drive a car.  You just put the little stick into the hole, move your foot back and forth, and move the big circle around.  We’ve all seen it …

  12. whcalhoun

    Adding WOWSlider to Blogger


    I’ve been wanting to add a WOWSlider slideshow to my blog. WOWSlider is a little application that creates many different kinds of very cool sliders. The application generates a collection of files:

    an engine folder which holds the CSS, JavaScript, and small images and icons for the slider functions; a…
  13. whcalhoun

    How Well Do MOOC’s Teach?


    The short answer is – they don’t! Sebastian Thrun, the founder of Udacity, was upset and puzzled to find that only 4% of students who paid to take a course actually completed it. The first time I heard this, I immediately knew why. It’s the same reason why the publishing …

  14. whcalhoun

    Social Media-phobe


    I’m not a big social media guy. I don’t see the Internet as a place for hanging out or socializing, activities I prefer to do with actual people in real time. But I’m beginning to appreciate how these social tools, the so-called Web 2.0, are capable of so much more …

  15. whcalhoun

    Satellite Blogging


    Probably the most amazing Twitter account I have ever seen is the account of an inanimate object – a space satellite, to be specific. This satellite (and its companion satellite) tweets its exploits on a daily basis. The satellite belongs to the European Space Agency (ESA), which itself has quite …

  16. whcalhoun

    Sheer Genius


    Years ago I was visiting a friend whose son was sitting at a computer nearby doing his homework. I could tell that his mom was convinced that doing homework on a computer, whatever she thought that meant, was going to result in her son being smarter, or a better student, …

  17. whcalhoun

    Teaching or Filtering?


    I have taught physics to children of all ages, from 3rd graders to high-school seniors.  Some people find this improbable – of course, whatever is being taught to, say, middle-schoolers in the name of physics must not be real physics.  Why not? I ask.  Well real physics is complicated and

  18. whcalhoun

    What’s so Wrong With PowerPoint?


    I was looking for a social media site where I could share presentations, and a colleague suggested SlideShare. It’s a very nice looking site, and it seems to serve a large community. I haven’t explored the site thoroughly, but I have viewed a number of the slideshows, and they …

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