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    A Dark Reflection


    Be on the lookout for this sign. It marks the entranceway to the Shadow Fredericksburg. There everything is reversed. Ross Bob angrily photographs large unhappy bushes. You might find yourself in an analog nonfiction writing class. You may even find yourself attending courses at WMU instead of UMW. Everything in …

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    Photo Free-For-All


    The clock is ticking. One has twenty minutes to gather all these images.

    This was a mirror hanging on the stairway of the antique shop. I liked how it caught another sign they had on another wall when I took the picture from this angle. The death of 15 butterflies.…
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    A Picture of the Past


    I take some photos, but I don’t really take a lot currently. Mostly, I tend to take them of things like strange road signs or animals. I don’t really have a particular approach to my photography, nor have I ever worked to capture a particular feeling or meaning in one …

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    Now You See Me, Now You Don’t


    Spiders are capable of a great many things. For example, take Misumena, otherwise known as Flower Crab Spider, is an amazing type of spider that is capable of changing its color to match the flower it is hiding in. It is one of the few spiders in the world with …

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    Time to Type

    Daily Creates

    For my first daily create I made a fancy Z. There aren’t enough things in the world with the letter Z on them (much to the disappointment of my younger self). Therefore, I decided to add another colorful Z to the world.

    Here is my Z. It's bright…like …

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    Childhood Analyzed

    Picture from Goodreads

    I chose to analyze a series of books my ten to twelve-year-old self read so many times that I still have the plotline of the original six books memorized, and that ended up inspiring my love of reading other books. I know for a digital storytelling class, …

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    The Power of Prophecy


    Most names have some kind of meaning. For example, Robert means bright fame. It makes you wonder if Bob Ross’s parents were somehow aware of his future when looking at his name’s meaning. Because this one name out of millions foretold this man’s future, I have decided all names have …

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    Bon Voyage

    Dim Sum Dreaming GIF from giphy

    If you have seen my bucket list post, Farewell Cruel World!, you may have noticed that I want to visit Australia before I die. You also already know I want to go because when I was younger, I wanted to live there. However, …

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    Part V: The Twist

    Previously in the DS106 universe Now

    As Joe lay there, feeling smug with his own achievement, he simply let Victoria inject the yellow “sleep serum” into his system. When she turned, most likely to head off to plot how to capture her next unsuspecting victim, Joe hopped up and from …

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    Completely Factual

    Up Picture from Wikipedia

    A man obsessed with his dead wife kidnaps a young boy and takes him to a mysterious land where they encounter a strange and possibly dangerous creature and find themselves in a fight for their lives.


    The assignment I chose was TV Guide Remix. …

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    Take Two

    Daily Creates Enjoy the Sunshine

    The first thing I did this week was making my first daily create. It took me a bit to figure out what I wanted to do with it. In the end, I took my inspiration from this portion of the assignment-

    This made me …

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    Coming Soon


    You may have heard of Bob Ross: The Happy Painter film. If not below is the trailer.

    Now coming soon to a bookstore near you is the novelization! Learn how Bob Ross’s career began, his rise to fame, and his eventual death through this story in a new media format. …

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    Farewell Cruel World!


    So eventually we are all going to die. That sucks, right? Well, I guess if nothing else can be done to stop our inevitable demise we can at least figure out some of the things we want to do before we die. One way one can accomplish this is by …

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    Now You See Me, Now You Don’t


    Spiders are capable of a great many things. For example, take Misumena, otherwise known as Flower Crab Spider, is an amazing type of spider that is capable of changing its color to match the flower it is hiding in. It is one of the few spiders in the world with …

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    Finding My Way


    I’m not sure if I would consider myself an artist, but I would like to be an artist that dabbles in various kinds of designs. I think I would like to be an artist who does not set out with a particular goal in mind but rather discovers a place …

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    Forests can sometimes have a dreamlike quality to them, but what if you could make one more dreamlike?

    Sometimes walking in a forest can feel like this-


    Even if in reality the forest looks like this-

    Feeling as if you have stumbled into a fantastical world is part of …

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    What do I want to get out of this course?

    Since I have already taken Intro to Digital Studies, I have already used sites like WordPress before. Therefore, my goals for this semester include working and refining the skills I gained in that class, as well as learning a few …

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    Bob Ross

    Your Own World

    A lot of what Bob Ross discusses in the episode “Splendor of a Snowy Winter” is about how you can do whatever you want in your own little world. For example, he says “in your world, you can put it anywhere you want” as well …

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    My name is Zoe and this is a quick introduction of me. I’m a freshman at UMW and I’m planning on majoring in Sociology and Communications and Digital Studies. In my spare time, I enjoy reading and writing.

    First Tweet

    I have never used Twitter before this class so …

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    Something Cool from Present Times


    An FSEM Project

    A Brief History of DnD Who are the Creators-

    Dave Arneson and Gary Gygaz

    Orignal rules based off Chainmail

    Chainmail was also a game made by Gary Gygaz

    Stood out because you developed a single character

    Most games at the time involved the player fighting as a …

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    Succulents Video

    Music from Bensounds Transcript

    Despite all being the same variety of plant, succulents vary greatly from species to species. One succulent, known as the Blue Chalk Fingers, grows straight up with finger-like branches coming off the stalk. If you were to touch these branches a white chalk-like substance will come …

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    Hello and welcome to the World Empress homepage! Feel free to look around. Under other sites, you can find other websites I have created. Under contact, you will have the means of reaching out to me. Clicking on blog allows you to see details about things such as the images …

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