1. yharvey2013

    Comments and Feedback -Summary


    I found that I have that most of the classmates are very productive and creative and it is hard for me to point out something negative when I really cannot see what they are doing wrong. I am not sure of my assignments sometimes and I have learned some things …

  2. yharvey2013

    Design Safari


    I am in New Orleans at the Essence Festival and they are promoting James Brown’s movie “Get On Up” and they had different images of James Brown. In front of one of his posters they had Ebony hair products and accessories in color that is I am assuming James …

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    Tweety Needs A Time Out-Kids Book


    I picked the character Tweety Bird because he is so adorable and when my daughter was a baby, she had Tweety Bird characters all over her room. I Thought it would be nice to name my book “Tweety – Learns How To Use A Computer to Tweet” :). It was …

  4. yharvey2013

    Another Stressful Week


    Having another stressful week and have not been able to get everything done I set out to do, but the week is not over. So I am determined to get my assignments and other projects done without going into a panic. As I mentioned before in one of my posts, …

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    Stuck For 7 Hours In Chicago :( – DailyCreate


    I was stuck for 7 hours in Chicago, Ohare Airport with no internet service, I was able to look up the dailycreate on my phone. I decided to take pictures of planes coming and going since my laptop was not active without internet service. Keep in mind Chicago is an …

  6. yharvey2013

    Half of A Dollar


    When I used to work in the bank years ago, I use to collect silver coin. I was trying to think of half of something and it was right in front of me. :) There is $1 folded in half, which makes it an half a dollar, 2 quarters $0.50, …

  7. yharvey2013

    My Reflection & Vision – TEDxPhoenix Talk


    It is so amazing how talented Kelli Anderson is and what an imagination she has to come up with so many great ideas. Kelli Anderson also has a great sense of humor and that made her small presentation even more interesting. Her creation of the cards looked so simple on …

  8. yharvey2013

    I Almost Had A Daily Create For Today


    One of my coworkers emailed me asking me how was my 3-day weekend, since I took off this past Friday. I sent her an email explaining how I was stressed out about this class and sent her the picture of my visual assignment with the woman holding her head. She …

  9. yharvey2013

    TDC Poem


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  10. yharvey2013

    Gardner Campbell : Personal Cyberinfrastructure


    At the Open Education Conference in 2009 and in the article Gardner Campbell describes how much technology has changed from the early days. He points out how back in the days of web in higher education involved workshops on the basic HTML, presentations of course web pages, and seed money …

  11. yharvey2013

    Videos of Inspiration for Visual and Design


    It was amazing watching the first video representing the visual of words. It moved from one word to other with the video flowing within the words. It was really nice how the words and video had no pauses; it just went straight to the power of the word into the …

  12. yharvey2013

    Flower of Time (Visual Assignment


    My Visual Art represents me exploring and becoming a better creator in this class. I wanted to show how in time you can get better with whatever you do. It may take you longer to get it, but in time you will get the hang of it. The clock represents …

  13. yharvey2013

    The Image of Me (Visual Assignment #1)


    This visual Assignment is an image of me. Since I have been talking about how stressed I was and how I need to relax. I have three photos, one represents me when I am relaxed, calm, and overload stressed. I took two pictures of some tulips that I had on …

  14. yharvey2013

    ds106zone LoDown 001


    Ds106zone LoDown 001 is a podcast and was created or introduced by Scottlo. He talks about ways to help students create different types of audio and how crucial it is to think about assignments at the very beginning. He gives advice and pointers to anyone interested in doing audio. Scottlo …

  15. yharvey2013

    The Happy Students Guide to DS106


    I have been so busy trying to make sure my dailycreate was done on time that I forgot to comment on the Happy Students Guide video. It was a great video and helpful especially the part when it talks about being out of your comfort zone. It also makes you …

  16. yharvey2013

    Just Being Me, My First Daily Create


    My first dailycreate was a little overwhelming because I had to be at work at 6 in the morning and did not get home until almost 7. Then I did not realize I did not link my UMW email and my Twitter account to my Flickr account. It took me …

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