1. @ymartine4

    A Life in two minutes


    For this assignment I had to either tell an important event in my life or in someone else’s in less than two minutes. I decided to get ahead on my research for the radio show and do one about the person I chose to present on, Pablo Escobar. I googled …

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    Favorite song


    For the first audio assignment I decided to do the one called “Favorite song“. What you do for this is you take your favorite song, take the words out of it and then upload 30 seconds of it and see if everyone can guess what it is. This …

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    Radio show progress


    Going into the week I was a little nervous about the radio show. I joined a group a little late and thankfully I knew someone in it so it was easy to get in contact with my other group members after that. I joined because I had actually suggested crime …

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    Radio Show Design


    For the radio show I decided to make a logo. This is blown up but I think in the corner of a web page or something just where it was smaller it would look better. The website that I used for this was Canva which was easy to figure out. …

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    The first design element I chose was a symbol. This is my tattoo on my left wrist of two interlocking hearts. The two interlocking hearts symbolize a lot to me personally. For me they mean that our hearts are forever connected. I liked the tattoo a lot but I also …

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    Daily Creates


    The first daily creates I showed my tabletop creation which was what my desk looks like in the morning. My coffee is an essential along with study/homework materials

    #tdc2960 #ds106 My tabletop inventory for the morning includes coffee of course, my laptop for homework and my notebook for studying for …

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    Storytelling through pictures


    I am a thrower on the UMW varsity Track and Field team and sports play a big role in my life. I was trying to find pictures of my progression through sports but it was hard to find them from the earlier years so I just focused on track. I …

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    Decorate the UMW rock


    When I saw this assignment I thought it was perfect because last year my friend and I actually did this in the middle of the night so I didn’t have to photoshop anything since we spray painted it. The process involved going to walmart late at night to buy some …

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    The second creative assignment I chose for this week was to create a tshirt so I took this opportunity to make an 80’s themed shirt. I knew I wanted to make a collage of a bunch of 80’s logos because if I just chose one logo I know that this …

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    Missing Person


    This design assignment was called “Missing Person” and the point of it was to make a missing person flyer that had all of the following information: picture, the name, characteristics, and last seen date and place. The assignment said to make it of a fictional character or tv …

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    Read and Reflect


    One of the big things that stuck out to me after reading the article interviewing designed Chip Kidd was when he said “Whether you realize it or not, most of the decisions you make, every day, are by design” and “Everything that is not made by nature is designed by …

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    Beat It


    The third audio assignment I chose was to pick a song that you like or means a lot to you. I chose the song Beat it by Michael Jackson, a classic but I was only able to easily find the instrumental version for download. Still when its included in my …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week was very different then the others because it was all audio based which I have never had experienced for a class this much before. Previously to this week I had used audacity before only a couple times, so this week was a lot of learning about how to …

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    Sound effects


    The second assignment bank prompt I chose was “Sound effects” which asks you to upload your own sound to freesound.org. Preferably one that hasn’t been done before. This one was challenging because I really had to think of an uncommon sound which took me a while. Every sound …

  15. @ymartine4

    Grocery Store Trip


    Trying to think of a story to make with sound effects was hard, the first thing I thought of was waking up routine but that was listed as something not to do. I made this while eating dinner and I thought what better thing to do then a trip to …

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    Daily Creates #2


    Today I created a “smelfie”. I didn’t want to make a map per say of what I was smelling but these are the scents I smelt while laying in my bed this morning before class. I don’t think we always just stop, close our eyes, and appreciate the warm smells …

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    Moon Graffiti


    After listening to Moon Graffiti created by The Truth Podcast I am even more on board but also kind of amazed and creeped out by these radio stories. From the beginning you get a good sense of the setting because of the voice effect, they are talking over a radio …

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    Ds106 Radio


    Tonight I tuned into the Ds106 to listen in and I was truly shocked and in awe of what I heard. Jad Abumrad was right when he said that just with sounds and descriptions someone can paint a vivid picture in your mind. When listening about the encounters in the …

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    Prior to this class I had used audacity a handful of times so I thought I had the swing of it. Well I was wrong, I couldn’t figure out how to make the background sound less intense and quieter than my recording so I had to be kind of loud …

  20. @ymartine4

    Radio Show Ideas


    Here are some of my radio show ideas, some are 80’s theme while others are just any topic that can be discussed, they’re pretty self explanatory but I would elaborate if anyone has questions

    80’s theme:

    80’s movie review 80’s fashion culture/ideas that shaped today’s fashion missing people in the…
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    Weekly Summary #4


    This week the assignments I felt were a lot more open ended but interesting and I enjoyed them. One that I thought was interesting and I had never heard about but I think some teachers should start doing is the photoblitzer challenge. It was fun because it was like a …

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    Daily Creates #3


    For my final daily creates post of the week the prompt was to create a form of media inspired by a fairytale. I decided to add a modern day twist to it so I hope someone gets my reference. I used the website https://imgflip.com/ to create the meme and it …

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    Colorize It


    For my third assignment I chose colorize it which wanted you to take a picture youve already taken and change the colors in it to seem more unrealistic. I used the app “Color Pop” which I downloaded off the apple store on my iPhone. The app was okay, it dd …

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    Weekly Assignment #2


    For this assignment I also wanted to make it 80’s related and at first I was struggling to think of how to incorporate it. The assignment was to make a gif or street are or graffiti or look up a picture of one. Well when I looked up 80’s graffiti …

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    Weekly Assignment #1


    The first assignment that I chose for this week was one that was combining two images together. I decided to put an 80’s theme twist on this and combined two 80’s prints. I thought that this assignment would go well with the 80’s twist because the first thing that came …

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