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    Photoblitzer challenge

    These are my start and end times The tasks I was given along with the link: No ocean, surely you can find some water around you to take a photo of. Make a photo that freezes or isolates the motion of an object We typically use light to illuminate a…
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    Camera Woman


    My relationship with photography is nothing short of a positive and memory evoking experience. I’ve always thought photography was cool, my uncles are big into it and so are some of my friends. In highschool I took 3 years of yearbook so I am famliar with photography, a camera, and …

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    Weekly Summary: 1/27- 1/31


    This week was not any harder than the last. The daily creates I thought were interesting and I’d have to say my favorite was the memoir prompt. I wrote about my dog who means so much to me so that was very easy but also meant a lot. The assignment …

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    Assignment Bank


    For the final assignment bank prompt I chose one that ” rite a short inner monologue or narrative from the perspective of a household tool”. It is supposed t be vague but contain enough detail so our reader can guess what it is. Star rating: 4

    I see you everyday, …

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    What’s behind that door?


    Today for the final daily creates assignment the prompt was to post what was behind the door. So what I wish was behind the door was a Post Malone concert. I want to go to one but also that would be the best thing to open a door to.

    I …

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    Storytelling is a long process


    The video from the suggestions box I decided to watch for this assignment was the trailer to the movie “Sixteen Candles”. I’ve herd of this movie but never watched it, but after watching the trailer I see how it totally depicts the 80’s and is a perfect example of what …

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    Bucket List for Senior Year


    For my third choice of Assignment bank prompts I chose “That Bucket List Though” prompt which is to write a bucket list of at least five things that I want to try to do and give a reason why. My roommate and I actually made one the first night we …

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    Daily Creates #2


    Today the prompt was to write a short memoir. Monday my family and I celebrated the one year anniversary of my dogs passing. I loved her dearly and miss her everyday so I dedicated my memoir to her.

    Here is a little memoir I wrote for my first dog Charlie. …

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    Daily Creates #1


    For the first daily creates the twitter link had a bigfoot movie trailer embedded. The prompt was to watch the video and connect it to your own thoughts of legendary myths or monsters. I have always been intrigued of the thought of bigfoot and am into unsolved crime cases as …

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    Assignment Bank #1 (week 3)


    The first assignment that I chose for this week but wanted to give it an 80’s twist was to write a letter to yourself in 10 years hoping what your job is like, life, and family, and how you see that your life would turn out. I think that this …

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    Assignment Bank #3


    The final assignment bank prompt I chose for this week was in the gif section. I’ve never made one so I didn’t know if it would be hard or not. Surprisingly it was easy to make and pretty quick. The prompt was to make a gif with contradicting thoughts so …

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    Weekly Summary


    Writing this weekly summary for week 2 and looking back on all the activities I completed this week was definitely something different than the first week. First starting with something I wasn’t a huge fan of, the assignment bank prompts/ it as a whole. I felt that the prompts didn’t …

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    Daily Creates Post #4


    For the final daily creates post for the week I decided to do the prompt of making an “animal face”. I’ve seen a lot of videos on tik tok of people drawing eyebrows on tape and then putting it on their dogs. So, I thought this fit with the prompt …

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    Assignment Bank- #2


    The assignment I chose for my second one was under the writing section and it was created by Jim Groom, it was to write a movie review and you can use pictures and GIF’s to describe it, would I give it a thumbs up or down, ratings, etc. Sticking to …

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    Daily Creates Post #2


    The topic for today was to create a haiku about your location using the locator it gave you. Well when I looked at it I was near the track for practice so what better thing to make a haiku about than my daily activity. I am on the varsity track …

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    Dream House


    For the first assignment bank option of the week I chose one that told us to create a pinterest board for your dream room. Since the theme for the course is the 80’s I thought it would be very simple to create a 80’s themed room, and cool too. This …

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    Daily Creates Post #2


    Today’s prompt was to create a response to Facebook’s VP of Public Policy with a GIF. My response to this was the spongebob meme with his hand on his hips. I thought it was funny because whenever I’m making fun of or just sarcastically agreeing with something over text I …

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    Daily Creates Post #1 for week of 1/20


    Todays prompt was to create something that pertained to the chicken or the egg. I wasn’t sure what to do for this since I’m not creative enough to make a meme and I dont think we were supposed to just google a picture. So, what do I turn to as …

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    Weekly Summary #1


    What I learned this week:

    This week was a little bit confusing for me with knowing what to do regarding the 80’s suggestion box. The show that I ended up watching for inspiration but also using as my recommendation was The Goldberg’s. I have watched this for years with my …

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    Hi everyone, this is my first post/introduction to the class. My name is Yulemi Martinez and I am a senior Sociology major. This is my last semester at UMW. I am from Richmond, Va and excited for this last semster.…

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