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    I GOT THIS: Cyber Security and The Modern Woman


    This is the story of a recent college graduate who had a most unfortunate experience when she tried to take cyber security in her own hands, causing her to nearly miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

    Lizzie is a 22-year-old female who recently graduated from Hamburger University (HU), …

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    Are you my new computer?


    This assignment was to create a kids computer book from a well known kids book. I chose Are you my mother? by Dr Seuss.

    A new children’s book.

    was by far the best assignment because I enjoy reading children books and want to know all about computers.

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    Week – 4 Design of a sign


    In the Washington DC metropolitan area there are several forms of public transportation including bus, rail, metro (train) and even a bike share program Each of the surrounding communities have their own form of transportation as well. Northern Virginia has a system called VRE (Virginia Railway express). While of …

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    Get real! Pepsi


    Wow, just think about it. Do you think that parents could really be blown away by the taste of a drink and forget about what their child may have done. As a parent. I don’t think so. This commercial for a new type of Pepsi called Pepsi Next was very …

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    My moto machine

    Light can impact a picture. The angel of the light can cause shadows which can result in distortion of the object.

    Can you guess the what object makes this shadow?
    Click here for the answer Surprisingly up until the start of this class I was able to …

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    Photo blitz around the house


    No one ever took pictures of me as a baby. Growing up, as the fifth of the six children in my family, I was the only one who did not have a baby picture. In fact the first picture of me was when I was 3 years old. Everyone else …

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    FlickrWicker n 5 4 3 2 1


    I have been trying to figure out this assignment for some time now. It finally connected when I read the course materials in the daylight. My problem was resolved when I took several days vacation off from work and used natural daylight to read instead of indoor light at night …

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    Visaviewl – Make it old


    For this visual assignment, I took a a picture in the study hall and changed the color of the table to sepia to give a modern table an old fashioned look. I also cropped separated the table and cropped it from the original image. In the process I learned how …

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    Are you studying…..no Sleeping!


    Is he sleeping or studying?

    I don’t really think you can get much studying done while laying down. Thus, the picture of a student trying to study with his eyes closed. This is something that definitely is not done correctly. How many times I can remember trying to study for …

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    Relaxin my way


    After working on the final project it seems like I am finally getting it. This was my first sound post that was in draft. I couldn’t figure out how to get it posted. After working on the project I remembered that I wasn’t using the application correctly. I think I …

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    My Ellie – Is it time for the new car?


    I had to figure out what was a good story to tell for the combining sounds assignment. This was not only difficult for me the novice this semester, but because I seemed to be having difficulty in doing every assignment this semester it was down right hard.   Although I was …

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    A virus….how could this happen?


    Last week while trying to complete my assignment I downloaded malicious code to my work laptop. I have always been very apprehensive in using my employer provided laptop for assignments which required me to download applications but for some strange reason I decided to take the chance.  I think the …

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    The big meal then listen carefully to the cleanup


    This was a special religious day for the entire family as we got to fellowship and eat what some may say was a Thanksgiving deal.

    The food was “off the chart”  which means delicious.

    Litsen carefully to the sounds of eating, cutting the meat with a nife and fork, scrapping …

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    Relax and enjoy



    Another hectic week with no time time to relax. I clearly remember the days when I was able to fit work, family, me-time and sleep into a typical day. That was before I had a laptop and the convenience of internet access at home. This week I spent time …

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    Kidnapped boy escapes


    You would have to be thankful to a higher power if your child was kidnapped and was later released because he irritated the kidnapper.

    Yesterday morning I was on my way to work and got stuck in a huge DC traffic jam. I started flipping radio stations and I came …

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    Read between the lines


    This week I had one goal on my mind and that was to be successful at creating a blog. My determination to get a handle on this was because, for the first few weeks of class I felt clumsy and did not really understand what this was all about. Although …

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    Week 3 – I think I may have found my way


    This is a gallery of photos taken with an iPhone from the perspective of light which I felt made an interesting assignment. I had significant difficulty at first getting started with using the iPhone because it is my employer provided iPhone and I had only used it for accessing my …

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    From a distance



    The picturesque intersection under the horizon on the East coast in what appears to be a cold winter day. The trees in the distance have no foliage. Look a little closer and you can see just to the left of the column there are blades of green grass. Could …

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    This week was a mess!


    I would love to be able to understand what I need to be doing in this class. My weekly schedule is such that my days begin at 4 am and I don’t get home until 7 PM.  I wish I had access to the internet during the day so that …

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    Storytelling is a series of events which have actionable items that play on a persons emotions. Stories can be audio, video, or written. They are created by someone who desires to share information or an experience which could be fiction or non-fiction.

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    Cliff is gone


    On last weeks episode of Surviver, Cliff a tall former basketball player on the Braun team thought that he had a strong alliance with certain tribal  team members. Cliff’s team the Braun had successfully won many challenges. After the three teams were combined  into two teams Cliff quickly found out …

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    Hershey Park

    Welcome to Security tips 101. Your one stop shop on protecting your home computer.  You will find information and tricks on all that security stuff that your vender won’t tell you and you really need to know.

    This is my first Post.  It was a little difficult  for …

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