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    Beautiful Parks in Nottingham & Nottinghamshire


    With so many people looking for nice places to walk and parks to visit as the second lockdown begins, I thought it would be useful to share a list of all the parks in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire you can visit at the moment.  The good news about this lockdown is …

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    Things to do in Nottinghamshire with Kids


    Things to do in Nottinghamshire is sponsored by Visit Newark, but all the fun and adventure we had is completely our own!  Planning a family day out has definitely got more challenging recently. Despite the fact that Covid has overshadowed our lives for most of the year, it’s doesn’t mean …

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    Wigwam Holidays Kidsnape Farm Glamping Review


    Wigwam Holidays kindly gifted us a 2 night break at Kidsnape Farm but all thoughts and opinions are our own. I picked the girls up from school and jumped straight in the car to drive from Nottingham to Lancashire for our weekend glamping break at Wigwam Holidays Kidsnape Farm.  As …

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    Best Places to Visit in Italy with Kids


    Hasn’t it been a difficult year for families who love to travel and experience new cultures and destinations with their kids?  We’ve really been feeling it here. We’re looking forward to the day when we can plan our family holidays without fear of cancellation or illness, how about you?  I …

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    How to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your Home 


    Climate change isn’t going away anytime soon, but it’s a problem we can all help to solve.  If the temperature keeps rising, we will experience more extreme weather events, loss of wildlife, natural habitats and life will become increasingly challenging as we try to deal with the issues global warming …

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    Toucanbox – Kids Craft Subscription Box Review


    Toucanbox – Kids Craft Subscription Box Review is an advertisement feature and contains affiliate links. If you order a Toucanbox after using one of these links, we may receive a few pennies for our recommendation at no extra cost to yourselves. This is a great way to support website owners …

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    Golden Sands Holiday Park – Haven Review


    We paid for our holiday to Golden Sands Holiday Park ourselves, but this post does contain affiliate links.  This means that if you book a Haven holiday after using one of these links, we may receive a few pennies for our recommendation at no extra cost to yourselves. This is …

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    Top Tips for Holidays in a Van with Children


    Today I’m sharing with you a guest post from a wonderful family travel blogger, Rachel from Children of Wanderlust.  Pre the current travel restrictions they were exploring Europe in their Hymer van with their 3 children.  Whilst travelling, they became a family of 6 and Tiago was recently born in …

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    Going Back to Belton House


    One thing we really missed during lockdown were our regular visits to Belton House in Grantham.  We’re National Trust members (which is something I highly recommend signing up to) and Belton House is one of our favourite places to visit. Is Belton House Open? The simple answer is parts of …

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    Rockley Park Dorest – Haven Review


    We paid for our holiday to Rockley Park ourselves, but this post does contain affiliate links. This means if you click one and buy a holiday I might receive a few pennies for referring you at no extra cost to yourself.   The summer holidays are in full swing for most …

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    Sherwood Pines Forest Park


    Disclosure: Outfits gifted by Frugi & post contains affiliate links Planning a day out has taken on a whole new dimension since COVID 19, hasn’t it?  We were desperate for a change of scenery so decided to head to Sherwood Pines Forest Park for our first outdoor family adventure since …

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    5 Reasons Why Holidays in Devon make the Perfect Getaway


    In collaboration with Hotels.com, but all views are my own. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got really itchy feet at the moment.  It’s been a long few months, hasn’t it?  Whilst lockdown has been completely necessary, so many people, us included, have found it challenging for many reasons.  …

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    I knitted this crazy little hat when Princess was a baby.  I felt the urge to make her something, like I had done for teen when he was a baby.  It was a simple thing and had a look of the fragile about it.

    It now lives in a toy …

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    Spinach & Mushroom Brunch Recipe


    It’s been a long while since I’ve shared any recipes on my blog to be honest, which I have to apologise to you for.  As life has got busier with growing children, finding the time to cook properly has been a real challenge.

    When I’m home alone with the 3 …

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    5 Things We Love About Daddy With Free Printables


    Father’s Day is just round the corner, and it presents me with the same issue every year.  What on earth do I buy to celebrate what a wonderful Dad my children have.  I don’t think I’m alone here, am I Mummy’s?

    My husband doesn’t have a particular hobby, apart from …

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    Bubabloon Review


    There are some things that stand the test of time when it comes to play, and the simple good old fashioned ballon is one of them.  I’ve yet to see a kid that doesn’t get excited when a ballon is inflated and my two are no exception.

    Recently we were …

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    Why Is It Good Living In The UK?


    I’ve lived in the UK all my life, and I have to say I feel both lucky and privileged to have been born here.  I believe that UK residents enjoy a great quality of life when you look at people’s living standards globally.  Here’s a few of the reasons I …

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    This photo is from our visit to the Arboria, the latest structure from the Architects of Air.  I really wish I was a more accomplished photographer as I don’t think I’ve done it justice.  I must get better so that next year, I can really wow you!

    If you want …

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    Mum & Daughter Time At Brewers Fayre


    My 3 year old and I got the unusual opportunity this week to spend some quality time together, just me and her.  Her baby sister was having a settling in session at nursery so we too our selves off for a special lunch date, followed by a spot of shopping, …

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    Has Your Blog Got Talent?


    First off, your reader has seen your search result, been hooked by the headline and clicked through to your post.  It grabbed their attention from the outset, and helped them with how to tackle the problem they came to your blog for.  Awesome!

    Then they thought, I wonder if she’s …

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    Arboria at Wheee! Festival Nottingham


    You’ve probably gathered that we are not a family who likes to stay indoors and do nothing.  If there is something to see or do we are there.  This is why I love Nottingham so much as it has a great calendar of events through out the year, and there …

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