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    5 Free Things To Do With Kids


    I’m always desperate to find activities to do with my children that don’t break the bank, or even better are free.    When teen was small, money was pretty tight so I had to learn to be inventive and make the most of things that were available to us at little …

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    The First Swimming Lesson


    I really feel it’s important for my children to be able to swim.  My teen can swim, and I took him to the pool regularly when he was a baby, even though I couldn’t swim.  I didn’t want him to be like me.  I haven’t been nearly so on the …

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    Are You Safe Online?


    I don’t know if you’re like me, but I rely on the internet for pretty much everything I do these days.   If you take a moment to think about all of the online accounts and sites that you have, you’ll soon realise you have an account for almost every area …

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    Depression: Stepping Into The Light


    I’ve not felt like myself for such a long time, I think I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be me.  Depression gets you like that.

    It’s ironic how some of the best things have happened to me in the last few years, but I’ve not really been present enough …

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    Tips On How To Prepare For Labour


    Since I’ve been back on the Mummy circuit, I’ve heard a lot on first time Mum’s talk about their fear of labour and giving birth.  It’s completely natural to feel this way as you’ve not been through it before.  I’d even say it’s pretty common to feel a little nervous …

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    Time To Quit?


    Did you catch my rant about smoking last month?  Now that Spring is in full swing and we are spending more and more time outdoors as a family, the more I notice how many people are still addicted to cigarettes.  I used to be a smoker when I was younger, …

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    GlassesShop Sunglasses Review


    These last few weeks, when the sun was shining I’ve been trying out a pair of sunglasses from the GlassesShop and I’ve got to tell you they totally rock.  When they arrived, they had to pass the husband test first.  After some close inspection he announced they were a huge …

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    Here’s Why Voting Matters #GeneralElection


    I’m not going to tell you who to vote for, as we may not share the same thoughts and beliefs.  I’d rather you didn’t vote UKIP, as I firmly believe Farage is a complete idiot and couldn’t lead a pack of Brownies, but that’s as far as my political sway …

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    Pampers Celebrates #everybaby


    My heart literally lifts when I find out someone is pregnant. It can
    be a friend, an acquaintance, a colleague or anyone really. To know
    that another family is going to experience the joy of bringing life into
    the world is just magical.

    With that in mind, Pampers know that …

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    Zena’s Suitcase Is On YouTube!


    OK, I’ve had a channel on YouTube for quite a while, but I couldn’t really call myself a vlogger.  Well folks, all that is about to change and as you all ready read my blog, I thought you might be interested in what’s going to be happening with Zena’s Suitcase …

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    What’s On At Wychwood Festival


    I missed out on the whole festival experience when I was younger, for some reason it seemed to pass me by.  I’m not sure how I’d of faired at a big event like Glastonbury or Creamfields, I think I’d have found the numbers a touch overwhelming.

    Fortunately, festivals offer such …

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    Parenting: Please Don’t Eat The Toothpaste


    It doesn’t take a lot to upset the apple cart when kids are involved does it?  We changed gym class today, so that Princess could go without me.  I’d wanted to do one more term with her ideally, but her little sister isn’t happy to be carried round for the …

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    Florida Style Seafood Chowder


    Wherever you happen to be travelling, sampling the cuisine is a major part of soaking up the local culture. Florida is absolutely no exception, and it has developed it’s very own unique fusion of flavours that you won’t find in other parts of the country.

    Taking the very best from …

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    Lebara: Supporting the Migrant Community


    What does ‘home’ mean to you?  Of course it’s the house you live in,  quite often it’s about the people you share it with, a husband, a wife, the children that bring it to life with their laughter and mischief.  It’s the place you come back to every night after …

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    Tips For Helping A Teething Baby


    A teething baby has been a constant feature in our house since Little Pudding was 3 months old.  She started dribbling really early on, and although I was surprised I knew it was her teeth bothering her.

    I was proved right when she had her first two teeth by 5

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