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    Is It To Soon To Celebrate Valentines Day?


    This is always such a difficult dilemma.  When, in a new relationship is it OK to celebrate Valentines Day?  The problem is you are still getting to know each other, and no one wants to appear too keen do they?  There is still an element of being cool and aloof …

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    #Theatre For Kids: Whatever The Weather


    We really love taking the girls to the theatre, it is definitely one of our favourite places to go.  Princess really enjoys it now, and gets really excited when she knows we are going to see a performance.  Even Little Pudding, at 8 months, is transfixed by the storytelling that …

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    Project 365 #6


    This week has been a long week!  In the last post Princess had come out with chicken pox, so wasn’t at nursery or able to go to her usual activities at the beginning of the week. This led to quite a bit of frustration all round, as she is usually …

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    This week I’ve been taking a lot of pictures.  You can find out more about why here.  This isn’t the most perfect picture, but it just makes me smile.

    It’s Little Pudding’s first time on a swing, so she is taking it easy, but her enthusiastic sister is going for …

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    She’s Not A Toddler Anymore!


    This week Princess graduated from being a toddler to a preschooler, so you know that stinky wet fish I was talking about in this post, it’s only gone and slapped me round the other side of the face.  I know us bloggers talk a lot about our kids growing …

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    Review: From You To Me Journals


    Every now and again, I get contacted about a product that gets me really excited.  It’s always something that strikes me as a little bit different, that would make a unique and special gift.  Those kind of products don’t come along everyday.

    The lovely Kerri got in touch to tell …

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    This was just the picture that made me smile from the week when I went through my phone.  I love how she isn’t even looking at the woodpecker!

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    Project 365 #5


    So here I am at 23.09pm putting together my #project365 post.  Fingers crossed I get to the end of it before the baby wakes up for her feed!  It’s been an interesting week, and I’ll try my best to sum it up in pictures for you….

    Day 25/365 Dirty

    Turned …

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    10 Simple Steps To Change Your Life


    You’ve read those posts haven’t you?  The ones that tell you to follow your dreams, be who you want to be and that you’re the master of your own destiny.  They pop up all over the place every new year, well written and crafted words to inspire and motivate, right?…

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    My 3 Favourite Places in Barcelona: #3Cities


    I love Spain so much, and everything that goes with it.  When I’m thinking of where I want to go for my holidays or a short break, Spain is always my first choice.  Practically, it’s not far from the UK, so flying with children and a husband who isn’t ever …

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    Letting Go – A Mother’s Journey


    Every so often, a realisation hits me a bit like a stinky wet fish to the face, that it’s time to let go a little more. These not so gentle jolts of reality are gearing up for one thing and one thing only.  The day when Teen flies the nest.  …

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    When I saw this tree in Sherwood Forest, I could have sworn I saw a face in it.  That’s what made me take the picture, honest gov

    Now, when I look at the image, I see something quite different.  Tell me, what do you see in #MySundayPhoto?


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    Project 365 #4


    Hello readers and welcome to another week of #project365.  This is still a work in progress for me, and I’m already getting frustrated that I haven’t got a DSLR.  I can see a purchase being very imminent.

    I’ve got my eye on a Nikon that looks perfect for a beginner …

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    The Big Birthday Party Debate!


    You’ll have to forgive me for being late to the party (and starting off with a really bad joke) but when busy with kids, keeping up with which parents are invoicing who for a no-show isn’t necessarily on my list of priorities when teething and weaning are hitting my own …

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    Project 365 #3


    OK, so all my good intentions of keeping on top of this post went out of the window on week 3!  I’m really going to try harder this week, as I want to make sure I complete this project and really don’t want to get disheartened with it by getting …

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