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    The Woman Who Taught Me Christmas


    For weeks now I’ve been trying to remember my childhood Christmases.  It shouldn’t be too difficult should it really?  Unfortunately for me it seems to be quite a challenge.  I can’t remember any happy memories, but I’m sure there must be some.

    The only thing that seems imprinted on my …

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    Win With The Hipp Organic Review & Giveaway


    I don’t mind admitting that convenience plays a big part in my life, especially as a parent. That’s why when Hipp Organic offered to send Little Pudding a range of their weaning products I jumped at the chance to review them.

    I like to cook for her, but I would …

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    Why Am I Giving Baby A Treasure Basket?


    This year Christmas has presented me with a real dilemma for baby.  Having got 2 girls under 3, they have all the toys they need.  We have no room for anymore toys, as we are already drowning in stuff for a baby and a toddler.  We haven’t been able to …

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    8 Last Minute Gift Ideas!


    We’ve all done it.  Left buying that important person a gift because we’ve a) forgot b) have no idea what to buy them or c) been so busy time has just run away with you and before you know it, it’s Christmas in less than 2 weeks!  Eek!

    So to …

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    There’s always something that makes you think Christmas has arrived, and for me it’s when the local Round Table bring Santa down the street on a truck.  Princess and I rushed outside to see Santa being pulled down the street to music and flashing lights.  He was also visiting all …

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    How To Plan The Perfect Christmas


    Christmas is such an amazing time of year.  I love all the present buying (even though I can’t say I’m too fussed about wrapping), spending time with the family and enjoying a lovely feast together.

    So many years I’ve been guilty of going overboard, with either presents or food, when …

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    Organix Goodies Snack Review


    Over the last few weeks Princess has been putting Organix Toddler snacks through their paces.  She was sent a lovely box of Goodies to see what she thought, and she has really enjoyed giving them the toddler taste test.

    Princess has snacks mid morning and mid afternoon to keep her …

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    A Bathroom Makeover With Wilko Part 2


    Do you remember my post about just how shocking my bathroom looked?  It’s taken me a little longer than expected to get it finished, but I have learnt some very important lessons along the way.

    Firstly, the reason only I was bothered about the bathroom, especially the colour,  so much …

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    Happy 17th Birthday: A Letter To Teen


    Wow, 17 years old already, now where on earth did that go?  You’ve arrived at that strange grey area between teenager land and adulthood where you know so much, but still need to learn the lessons only responsibility can teach you.  I just hope I have equipped you with enough …

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    Review: Cantaloop Nursing Tank Top


    Recently I was lucky enough to be sent the Cantaloop Nursing and Pregnancy Tank Top to review.  I really like Cantaloop maternity lingerie and have already tried out their nursing bra which I love. This product is suitable for both pregnant and nursing Mums and it’s definitely something I would …

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    Visiting the BBC Good Food Show #GFSWinter


    This weekend, my sister and I went along to the BBC Good Food Show Winter at Birmingham’s NEC.  I’ve been a few times now and just love it.  It’s a fab foodie day out so I was really happy to show my sister what all the fuss was about.

    It’s …

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    Little Pudding’s 6 Month Old Baby Update


    Wow! Here we are already little Pudding is a whopping 6 months old.  It feels like it’s gone in the blink of an eye but it’s been an eternity all at the same time.  It’s difficult to imagine a time when she wasn’t here now, not that I’d want to …

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    Our Christmas Traditions


    I love Christmas.  To be fair it hasn’t always been that way, but now I’m lucky enough to have my own family it really is a magical time.  It makes up for those that weren’t quite so cheery back in the day.

    When we’re faced with dark nights and the …

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    Learning To Drive: Becoming A Young Driver


    The countdown is most definitely on. My son is going to be 17 in less than 3 weeks.  His provisional licence has arrived and his first on the road lesson is booked.  He’s all set to become a young driver and it’s safe to say I am very nervous about …

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    Thinking Thin #10: Off The Wagon


    If you read my gratitude post last week you’ll already know I’m not very consistent. It’s a skill I long to possess but continues to elude me after a period of time.  I’m pleased to say those periods of time are getting longer, so that is progress, right?  I think …

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    Q & A With Justin Fletcher From CBeebies


    My daughter loves Justin (Fletcher) in all his guises.  When I say love, it’s not a notion I have about how she feels about him, she actually declares her affection when ever she sees him.  We are very excited about CBEEBIES LIVE! next year and are very much looking forward …

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