1. @lgperez19

    Ideas Part 2


    I think I’m going to stick with the same ideas I posted a couple of weeks ago. I would like to work in a group, but if this is a solo project that’s ok, too. I suggested making sort Top Hits radio or video show. The songs would be current …

  2. @IngrahamAllison



    I would prefer to stay away from group projects as much as possible because completing a group project all online is difficult. I have done it before and it always happens that no one can all meet at the same time until the project is due.

    I like my original …

  3. @Laxmom07

    Ideas Part II


    More Brainstorming

    To add to the pandemic brainstorming below, I would add more to footage such as what did society do to adapt, did it have an impact on today’s society, and commercials could be to possibly be prepared for the unpredictable (but not hoarding).


    I viewed the below …

  4. @samprice_ds106

    Final Project Ideas Pt. 2


    So I have spent the last week thinking about different final project ideas when just now the best idea just popped into my head. I want to either create or recreate an iconic 80s dance video or music video. I would want to recreate the outfits, props, and any videography. …

  5. @V20Kai

    Project Ideas (again 2.0)


    While looking through everyone’s ideas for the final project, there were a number of ideas that I thought I could bounce off of. Though to be honest, I’m still pretty solid on my own project ideas. The idea of working in a group would be a great way to maintain …

  6. @eamds106

    more ideas?


    Not much has changed about my ideas.

    To be completely honest, I think I would rather work on the project alone. My schedule is starting to go crazy now that the end of school is approaching and I kinda need to work on my own timeline so I can manage …

  7. @tlengel2

    Project Ideas


    I’m so excited by the prospect of our final project! My group members and I have decided we want to work together! I’m sure it will be promising.

    Here are some of my ideas for the final project!

    TED Talk

    Everyone is passionate about something! I think a great skill …

  8. @IezziHannah

    Project Ideas Part 2


    As I look back at my previous post about project ideas, I only feel more strongly about this idea. I have used the past weeks since to cultivate this character and I have used this week to even create a trailer introducing her. 

    Looking at it from a holistic perspective, …

  9. @madelinewelsh2

    Thinking Ahead


    I really liked my previous idea of taking a popular 80s movie and retelling it from a different character’s point of view. I think this could really allow us to be creative and tell a new story, but also allow us to work with all of our favorite movies from …

  10. @camowalker22

    Think Ahead: Project Ideas


    I really like my original ideas but some more ideas for a project would be:

    80’s crime scene Some type of storytelling Compare 80’s video game consoles to the ones from today Re-enact scenes out of an 80’s TV show like Full House Name that 80’s Movie Name that 80’s…
  11. @MentalWalkabout

    The Long Con


    While looking so far out is far from the usual for me, it is a nice activity to do from time to time. I still like my previous ideas about the possible topics, but after checking out some of the ideas put out by other students, I’m definitely open to …

  12. @grace-ds106-2019

    Project Ideas Part 2


    After I have begun to brainstorm and think a little more in depth to the final project I think I have a clearer idea. I think I will do a podcast comparing 80s to today. This could be all sorts of topics such as fashion, slang, etc. Since I throughly …

  13. @lper0581

    More final proj ideas


    So I mentioned in my blog post about my video production that I hadn’t ever watched Ghostbusters or The Shining. Well, I really don’t have much of a plan to see Ghostbusters but I was thinking about maybe producing a reaction video to the Shining for my final. This is …

  14. @MonicaG71488057

    Project Ideas 2.0


    This is the second brainstorm web I created for the future assignments of DS106! I looked at other people’s topic ideas and these are the topics that interested me!…

  15. @ds106_mckayla

    Final projects thoughts.


    Projects going forward.

    “Maybe, a story about an 80s movie, and creating a different ending or beginning. Messing around with the climax or the movie message itself by recreating it, or adding to it.”

    I still enjoy this idea which I created but I did see some interesting other final …

  16. @abbcass100

    Final Project Ideas Pt. 2


    After reading Prof Bond’s comments on my idea (comparing life today with life in the 80’s) the topic interests me even more now that no one has ever done it! In my mind I was thinking of interviewing my parents and maybe some of my grandparents to get different perspectives.…

  17. @carly g

    Final Project Ideas!


    For my final project, I had thought it would be fun to take the top 10 albums of the 80’s and form it into one picture. With more thought of the given project, I thought it would be fun to actually do the whole decade, year by year. I would …

  18. @njchic16

    Final Project Ideas


    I am really liking the idea of rewriting the dialogue from an 80’s movie and make it accurate to 2019. This is kind of like when Footloose was remade from the 80’s to 2011 and things were more modern but kept the same story line.

    Brainstorm 2

    I also like …

  19. @butterball_4567

    Project Ideas Part 2


    After looking at others project ideas and reflecting on my own, I think I would like to go with this idea:

    “A story of an 80s movie, told as if it’s a video diary. So Breakfast Club, we’d choose one character, and tell the story from just that one person’s …

  20. @danielleerika4

    Final Stretch


    After reading Dr.Bond’s comments on everyone else’s final projects for the course I went in and did some research to think about my final project.

    I have some ideas I want to do more thinking and discussion of. I do not want to push myself too much because of the …

  21. @yarasaleh68

    Some Project Ideas 2


    I keep thinking about the final project, and I get very nervous. It’s like a big bang to end the semester with, and I can’t think of a project either good enough or something I could possibly do alone. I have some difficulty creating some new ideas, and after reading …

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