1. @Digler21401

    Looking Ahead


    I have thought a lot about this and the first idea that pops to mid is creating some sort of video/audio presentation. I was thinking of making kind of a speech, a motivational one. My whole story is about trying to find one’s self and self desires. Looking for what …

  2. @mcarney__

    My thoughts on ideas for story concepts


    We have passed the half way mark for the semester. We are almost on week 10. So far in this class, we have created work on audio, photography, writing, design, and done our radio show project. The theme for this class is “What (y)our story?” and I am glad I …

  3. @sunglasses260

    Project Ideas


    I’m amazed that we’re already more than halfway through the semester. Looking back, we’ve covered so much ground, and I’ve learned so much in terms of digital creation just in these last couple of months.

    Thinking ahead, we’ve got a few weeks in which we’ll be exploring video, remixes/mashups, and …

  4. @OliviaM44107328

    Final Project Brainstorm


    Here are a couple brainstormed ideas for story concepts related to our theme. I think any audience would enjoy these things. I have been trying to think of more but this is all I have right now! 

    1. Create video tutorials on something; maybe DIY projects or hacks?

    2. Maybe …

  5. @TurnerM000

    Project Ideas


    I am a little confused about the next project, I understand that we have the option to work together “virtually or otherwise”, but is there an option to work alone? I understand if this is not allowed, because learning to work together in groups is an important thing to learn …

  6. @ari_squared

    Magnum P(roject) I(deas)


    After completing the radio show project, I have a better understanding of the type of project ideas I should be creating. We used design, audio, and storytelling skills which we learned about in the weeks leading up to the project. So when I think about what a future video or …

  7. @AJSt0rm

    How Do Our Stories Affect Others?


    A central portion of my work on this blog has been loosely connected to the theme “What’s (Y)our story?” But, how does my story affect others? What makes it meaningful to you as my audience? And how do I tell it in a way that it will affect others?

    I …

  8. @actuallyjonathanpulido

    Looking Ahead


    Whether you’re trying to be comedic or emotional when creating, the most important thing is to be your self. Even if what you’re creating a fictional video, adding in little touches of yourself in there will make it true to you. For me personally, as an athlete, creating a video …

  9. @Conner44769274

    Project Ideas


    In the coming weeks, we are moving away from radio and onto video. I really enjoy video editing (even though I haven’t done it too much) so I’m really excited to start thinking about this project! I had a really hard time coming up with ideas though, because I think …

  10. @MoB4884

    Final Project Ideas


    When thinking about this final project, I get kind of sad realizing that this class is coming to an end. I have really enjoyed the theme for this class and hearing everyones stories related to themselves, and using their stories to compare and relate to my own. I am excited …

  11. @hrashhDS106

    Creative Project Ideas!


    Create a YouTube tutorial about any routine

    Podcast about our favorite childhood movies

    Create a website all about you! (Accomplishments/Dreams/Travelling)

    Create a YouTube video narrating your favorite childhood book

    Design a digital poster/collage of your childhood photos…

  12. @AndrewWaite17

    Looking Ahead


    What’s our story? That has been an ongoing theme in our class. It has been interesting watching many of your stories unfold. One concept we could relate to our theme is incorporate an object or animal that is very important to you and has changed you life, and make a …

  13. @Rachel91499872

    Looking Ahead: Project Ideas


    There are so many ideas that we could do for video production. I think personally for me, I will do what I did for the radio show. See what ideas people have and join the group that I feel most comfortable with working on that topic. I really enjoyed doing …

  14. @imatutu_

    Looking Ahead at Our Stories


    With projects like the radio show, in which a longer narrative was employed to tell a story to the audience in an auditory reception to engage and entertain, so as well is it equally if not more effective in the form of a video, which involves both visual and auditory …

  15. @designdynamics

    Story Time!….again


    This time it’s a bit different in that we are just brainstorming on what some story concepts might look like for our final projects. Because this is the primary focus of this week I wanted to give it some thought and really link it back to my original story on …

  16. @lucyschraff

    Future Project Ideas


    Coming in to the last two weeks working on the radio show group project, I was initially intimidated. It is out of my comfort zone to do group projects with people I don’t and to put my voice out there where all of my classmates can hear it. However, at …

  17. @RMdigitally

    RM’s Project Ideas :)


    With such a broad theme like ours with so many paths to take, it almost makes pinpointing ideas even harder. I’ve been really trying to think about ideas for longer narratives and bigger projects that don’t feel superficial or disjointed. I still don’t have any super solid ideas but here …

  18. @effyuwawa

    PROJECT ideas


    I really wanted to come up with project ideas for reasons that I look up videos or search Pinterest. I think we all have random questions or topics that we wish we knew more about. I aimed to find topics that I felt was relatable and easy to discuss or …

  19. @trippthrumylife

    Something More…


    Throughout this semester, I’ve said how I like to tell my story through how those around me impact my life. When reflecting on how I could make my story something more…

    I think I was wrong.

    Don’t get me wrong, everyone who I have wrote about are still a major …

  20. @mto_morgan

    Moving Forward


    So I have never been into video editing, but I think it would be fun to make a video of Lego characters moving and telling a story with the scene in the background. This could be done by building a set out of Legos and doing something similar to the …

  21. @MaddySlunt

    Project Ideas


    I believe this is supposed to be ideas for a video project. I don’t know if we are supposed to come up with ideas for a prompt or ideas for our own personal video. Either way,

    Idea #1: Act like we are celebrities on a red carpet or interview and …

  22. @sincerelysterls

    Video Killed the Radio Star


    Hello! This is Sterling, back with another post. In this post, I thought I would share my project ideas, my thoughts on a COVID-19 theme, and my Daily Create story since I think it mostly revolves around our current situation. I do not own the featured image. Here is some …

  23. @lgperez19

    What to do? Project Ideas


    An idea I have would be to do an episode like Total Request Live which was an MTV show that played top music videos. We could take current top music and remix/mash-up songs to sound like they are from the 80s. I found this video where someone remixed the song …

  24. @radicalaurenn

    Project Brainstorm!


    I’m not sure if this is exactly what the assignment means but, my idea is to do 80s what-ifs. Basically, I think it would be cool to talk about the what-if of historical events.

    For example, what if in 1980, John Lennon wasn’t killed? What would be different? Would the …

  25. @ConnorM35842492

    Story Concept Brainstorming


    When thinking about project story concepts for DS106, almost anything could be used to fuel a great assignment. Here are some of my favorite ideas for future projects:

    Write and act out a part of a movie script Design a product, make an adv poster, and commercial for it Create…
  26. @V20Kai

    Let’s Get to Brainstorming (Again!)


    As far as brainstorming is concerned, there are a couple things I still want to pursue that were part of my brainstorming for radio show ideas:

    Video Games in the 80s:

    I’m still a bit hung up on this topic, and just like last time, there are three things I’d …

  27. @IngrahamAllison

    Future Ideas?


    I enjoy baking and cooking so one thing I would be interested in is comparing different foods/recipes that were popular in the 80’s and today. I think it would be interesting to see if there is a big difference or if most of the recipes are the same. Personally, I …

  28. @HidalgoUmwd

    Final Project Tingz


    I’ve had a lot of time to think of project ideas for my show, and whether to base it off our 80s theme or what is currently happening in the world.

    Personally, I believe I would rather base my final show off the 80s as we don’t know for sure …

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