1. @MentalWalkabout

    Brainstorm 2: Electic Boogaloo


    After scanning a majority of the content made so far that’s 80’s related, I noticed a lack of content focused around TV during that time. Most things have some ties to music or movies from the 80’s, including my own, which is reasonable given how impactful they were. Whether it …

  2. @carly g

    Design Ideas!


    I have a lot of ideas that could be done in relation to our theme. I have a project that I did in DS101 a while ago that I would love to revisit and change to match our theme. I did an album layering in photoshop that compiled all of …

  3. @michaeldgs106

    Project ideas


    There are numerous ways to convey a story to someone, but a few create more meaning for me.

    Music for me is a constructive way in telling a story. The majority of lyrical music produced through history has an ulterior meaning to the artist whether it’s clear in the song …

  4. @njchic16

    Final Ideas


    Ummm…. so the end of the semester is coming and that means we need final project ideas. I have a few thoughts about ideas we could do that would hopefully work.

    Here they are:

    TED talk an event from the 80’s first hand story different food products that came out…
  5. @tlengel2

    Project Ideas!


    Storytelling is such a diverse concept, and so I think there are a lot of fun ways to do it!

    Here are some of my ideas:

    TED Talk

    Everyone is passionate about something! I think a great skill to develop on is public speaking. SO… a fun project could be …

  6. @megds106

    Potential Project Idea…


    I am a creative writing major, so I definitely want to do a writing project in some form. My idea is to create a short story with digital media incorporated into it. It would be a standard written story set during the 80s, but I would like to incorporate music, …

  7. @abbcass100

    Project Ideas


    I have had a bunch of ideas for what kinds of projects to do, but not all of them have really been applicable for a full on project. The ones I think could be really good projects are comparative.

    My first idea is to compare the daily lives of people …

  8. @jupiter_pop



    The radio project is already coming to a close and it’s now time to look forward to the weeks ahead with video and remix/mashups! But what should the final projects be about? I’m a somewhat creative person, but even I struggle with coming up with ideas. I’m better at taking …

  9. @ds106_mckayla

    Projects going forward.


    I did approach this last group project, the Radio Show with trepidation. I really enjoyed it and working in the group I was in was great. We all got along and got our work done in a timely manner. Communication is key for group projects and my group communicated very …

  10. @butterball_4567

    Project Ideas


    After finishing this radio show project, and having a lot fun and great experience with it, I can’t wait to see what these later projects bring to the table. One project idea I had for the 80s theme was a life in the day of the 80s where you do …

  11. @yarasaleh68

    Some Project Ideas


    I am not going to lie, I always feel like I have the worst ideas. Though, I mostly blame the lack of creativity I have coursing through my body. The rest is just my pure laziness. I feel one thing that helps me out a lot in trying to come …

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