1. @Mariam Ahmed



    We have a radio show coming up in a few weeks so brainstorming would be a good idea. I have never done a radio show I am excited how it will be.I don’t have many ideas but maybe one of them is talking about movies or music from the 80’s. …

  2. @ds106_mckayla

    Ideas for the radio project.


    I was thinking for the radio show idea, since it has to involve our theme which is the 80s, to produce a narrative from someone who lived in the 80s. It could be a living person, a dead person, a famous or non famous person. I really do not have …

  3. @abbcass100

    Radio Shows


    There are so many possibilities when it comes to radio shows. As I was brainstorming, I was thinking of shows I like listening to. Some of my ideas include:

    Changing the Decades: travel through the timeline of music for a fun twist on our theme. There are so many gems …

  4. @njchic16

    Radio Show?


    With the radio show coming up its time to come up with ideas for what I want to do for it using the 80’s theme. I am still not very sure where I want the show to go but I want to be able to have fun with it.I have …

  5. @lper0581



    When I was brainstorming ideas I first came up with the idea that I wanted to create a radio show similar to a made up one in the TV show Parks and Recreation. The show was really funny to me because the radio show hosts spoke slowly and softly and …

  6. @danielleerika4

    Brainstorming For the Radio Show


    Brainstorm Radio Show Ideas: In a couple of weeks, you will be forming groups and creating a radio show as pre-recorded audio. In preparation, each of you needs to brainstorm ideas for a 20-30 minute radio show—somehow related to or inspired by the theme of the course —on your blog. …

  7. @carly g

    Radio Show Ideas:


    20-30 minute radio show:

    -Podcast format

    -Discuss and play top songs from the 80s and talk about them after

    -Discuss Favorite movies from the 80s and things that culturally came out of it

    -Talk about Stranger Things and how it shows us culture from the 80s

    -We could read our …

  8. @yarasaleh68

    My Radio Show Ideas


    I am kind of excited for this radio show, I know for sure I can talk for hours straight without any sort of thought process. I love having great conversations with people, so I think this will be fun!

    So here are some ideas:

    How music has changed Groundbreaking movies…
  9. @butterball_4567

    Radio Show Ideas


    I am excited for this radio show project. It seems really interesting and something way out of my comfort zone. A really cool idea for the radio show would be to create a narrative of something that happened to you in present day, and then recreate it as if it …

  10. @hannahkolkmeyer



    I have been thinking of some things that I could do to create a radio show, so I would have enough things to talk about to keep my readers listening. I also wanted to come up with some ideas that could help my listeners generate some solid images.

    I came …

  11. @biggs_hank

    Radio Show Brainstorm


    Talk about:

    Some ideas for the radio show that tie back into our theme for this semester are the latest secret agent mission(s), secret agents in training, secret agent news around the world, plans that agencies are looking into using against supreme leaders, and how well agencies/agents are doing in …

  12. @KendallResnick

    If You Had a Radio Show, What Would It Be?


    After all of the work I have done this week, I am looking forward to being part of a group and creating our own radio show! I really enjoyed learning different skills throughout the week and being able to use them in my assignments. I think the radio show will …

  13. @Katie73536604

    Radio Show Ideas


    I’m not a huge fan of radio shows so I only have a few to compare to when it comes to ideas of radio shows. But, I was thinking there could be some sort of interview with a secret agent or create a game show of some sort. Maybe even …

  14. @JasmineAlanis2

    Radio Show Ideas

    Professor interviews: Have professors discuss how they ended up at Mary Washington, their journey, and then have them prove that they aren’t actually a secret agent using “Professor” as their cover story. They can also share the time they suspected someone was a secret agent, and how they handled that.…
  15. @morgan_ds106

    Radio Brainstorm


    I have a few ideas on a cool project:

    Merge all of our characters together and form one big mission Fight against each other’s characters in some way Create an agency out of all our characters to fulfill a mission

    Don’t know if these are any good, but these are …

  16. @kdzebdi106

    Radio Show Ideas


    I would like to host a Jazz radio show with my fellow classmates, as I really enjoyed the radio bumper assignment. There is something humorous and satisfying about being a radio show host and I would love to do it. I would start off with some some dad jokes then …

  17. @mattmilesds106

    Brainstorming Ideas


    Secret Agents come in all shapes and sizes. When you think of them you originally think of the Bonds of the world but never a female secret agent. I think it would be really cool to do a radio show based off of female secret agents and spies. I originally …

  18. @Riley80256802

    Brain Storming a Radio Show


    Brainstorm Radio Show Ideas:In a couple of weeks, you will be forming groups and creating a radio show as pre-recorded audio. In preparation, each of you needs to brainstorm ideas for a 20-30 minute radio show—somehow related to or inspired by the theme of the course —on your blog. This …

  19. @CommTweetWithMe

    Girl Power


    What do you think of when you think of secret agents or spies?

    Let me guess… you are probably picturing masculine, strong, dashing men like James Bond, Jason Bourne, Jack Bauer or maybe even Austin Powers.

    While these men are all secret agents or great spies, there is something missing …

  20. @tiffmooree

    Radio Show Ideas


    -Rating spy movies: In this topic we can go over a wide array of different spy movies. We can rate them based off of their themes, cinematography, uses of background noises, and overall favoring. We don’t have to cover a bunch of movies, as this will be confusing. Maybe just …

  21. @madeleine_ds106

    Radio Show Ideas


    I think a cool radio show idea would be to talk about how UMW has changed to developed since we started here as freshman. Maybe new events on campus, dining services, new infrastructure, etc. Maybe even how we have changed now compared to what we were like our first year.…

  22. @CatyWarner

    Radio Show Ideas!!


    When I used to live in Fredericksburg, I would drive to work in the morning (I was a nanny) and I would listen to morning radio shows about the news, celebrities, and weird random facts. It was actually really fun and got me to wake up, along with my morning …

  23. @christinac106

    Look out it’s a Radio Storm


    Supposedly in a couple weeks in ds106 we will be forming groups to ultimately create a radio show as a project. I think this will be an awesome project to do! I’m an avid sports junkie, which leads me to listening to the radio regarding sports shows/news frequently. Likewise I …

  24. @gmoore333

    RadioShow Agent Ideas


    The first thing that comes to my mind about making a radio show with ds106 is grouping together and interviewing our characters. A lot of times when I listen to the radio, there’s an interview that’s on for some famous person. I think it’d be cool, new, and creative. Another …

  25. @bfrullads106

    Radio Show Ideas


    Hey there!

    According to the week five assignment sheet, as a class, we’re gearing up to host our very own online radio show. I tried to check out the online radio stream, but it didn’t seem to be playing anything at this moment. I’m not sure if that’s something …

  26. @fatolliecat

    I Am Legend


    I am in full blown migraine mode here. I hate existence right now. But it weirdly gave me an idea. Or reminded me of an idea that I had earlier. So, I wrote a post about personal legends. Stories people tell about us, the stories our family and friends all …

  27. @FaulconerKyle

    Brainstorm Ideas for Radio Podcast


    I think to keep in tradition with what the class is doing the topic for our radio show should focus on myths and legends. I personally love sports and am fascinated by sports lore and legends. I think it would be fun to discuss different events in sports with specific …

  28. @chloversgarden

    Discussion Ideas

    I really enjoy childhood books, like the Rainbow Goblins, that have a sort of eerie/evil twist to them (the Goblins are killed at the end by the flowers drowning them in color). Maybe we could discuss the most strange books out there that are under the genre of “children’s fairy…

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