1. Downes



    November 16, 2021. This us Julia in one of her favourite spots on the back of a chair. From there she can jump up to the shelf, or escape to the floor in a hurry. Today was the Day of Five Meetings. They were as productive as meetings can be,…
  2. @josephineds106

    Weekly Retrospection #13


    This week I worked on my final project. I am making a list of famous people we hear about or have learned about and comparing their success to those of marginalized people who did the same work and got 0 recognition or was erased by history. I have decided to …

  3. @wchiltonumw

    Plan & Outline for the Grand Finale (Week 13)


    I will be working with Madelyn Gedney on the final project. Our big picture idea for the final is to express how this class has changed our perception of social media. We want to also express how this class has allowed our skills in terms of both creativity and creation …

  4. @mgedney

    first progress report


    For my story I want to share with the world, I’ve officially chosen the topic of social media. I am working with Walker to share our thoughts on our growth of using social media as a way to express ourselves. We will address multiple platforms such as Soundcloud, YouTube, Snapchat, …

  5. Downes

    And So It Begins


    November 15, 2021. The geese were right! Yesterday we saw thousands and thousands of them leaving the area, and today we have our first dusting of snow. With the decision to extend Module 5 over two weeks I was able to rest a bit more easily today. This, though, will…
  6. @thisist00hard

    Mini Doc – Completed


    This week, we finished our min documentary. At first, this project was really stressing me out (it still kinda is), but now that I’ve gotten the interview part out of the way, the rest wasn’t so bad. I decided to interview Sivy. I met her through a friend on campus. …

  7. mfieldswriter



    Like many people, these last 20 months have taken their toll on my general well-being. My body hurts in odd places for no apparent reason. I dwell on all the things I’ve not been able to do because of the pandemic, grieving over the two lost summers of travel with …

  8. @SushiSupport

    Site Customization


    Well I finally got around to customizing my website. Only took me 3/4 of the semester. I think the thing that was most difficult for me when I was trying to decide what my site would look like was the idea that it was still for school. Although all of …

  9. Downes

    Ferguson Forest


    November 14, 2021. Today’s walk was through Ferguson Forest in Kemptville. Bordering the town on the south, Rideau River on the north and Kemptville Creek on the east, this is a good sized stretched of hilly, rocky, and sometimes muddy mixed forest. Thousands and thousands of geese flew over as…
  10. Downes

    Back Yard


    November 13, 2021. Another day spent mostly indoors, though I did manage to sneak around the side of the garage to take this photo of our bird feeder setup. Today’s long video was on the subject of consequentialist theories of ethics. I’m really enjoying the course, though I’m falling behind…
  11. Downes

    Giant Paws


    November 12, 2021. This is Charlemagne with the giant paws. He is not only polydactyl, he has unusually large and flexible ties. I was back to making videos today, recording a nice one on the concept of duty. https://flic.kr/p/2mJNAtH
  12. zenas suitcase

    Family-friendly Places to Visit in the UK


    While the coronavirus pandemic has decimated some industries on these shores, it has undoubtedly benefited some others.  For example, the recent staycation boom that ensued as a result of international lockdowns and border closures is thought to have benefited the UK more than any other country, although this trend is …

  13. @HumIsDum

    Week1y 2ummary


    by Thomas Pulsifer

    The last week before we begin work on our final projects has come to a close. And what an awesome week it was! Mashups and remixes are something I’ve done in my free time since I was a kid, so getting the chance to do them for …

  14. @HumIsDum

    TDC’s That Come In Threes


    by Thomas Pulsifer

    Once again, a trio of daily creates have come our way.

    Wednesday: The first TDC of this week had us create our own cocktail recipes. For my recipe, I wanted to make something plausible yet also disgusting. Thus, “The Gusher” was born. I don’t recommend ever …

  15. @HumIsDum



    by Thomas Pulsifer

    For my first remix assignment, I chose Alex Ohene’s prompt to create a tune in the Chrome Music Labs Song Maker. The remix that I was given for this assignment was to introduce the visual elements of Jackson Pollock. This sounded difficult to do for an audio-based …

  16. @eendip

    Weekly Summary


    This week I did two mashup assignments: Video Game Cover and This Doesn’t Belong Here. I also did 2 remixes: Mashup Those Movies and I’m Ready for My Closeup. I think I was the most creative on the I’m Read for My Closeup remix. I didn’t think to make it …

  17. @eendip

    This Doesn’t Belong Here


    I did the 4-star “This Doesnt Belong Here” mashup assignment where “you need to mash up two different iconic movie scenes. However, you should aim to be as subtle as possible. Perhaps a famous prop that simply doesn’t belong or a character that looks a little out of place.” I …

  18. @eendip

    Video Game Cover Mashup


    For this 3 1/2 star mashup assignment, I had to “This assignment will be completed through the use of photoshop. Take two existing video game covers and mash them up so that both can be identified but in a different style. Try to be creative in the title and artistic …

  19. @HumIsDum

    100 ABBA’s


    by Thomas Pulsifer

    Based on the 4-star “Audio & Music Video Mashup” assignment from the assignment bank, I’ve created this incredibly cursed mashup of 100 gecs and ABBA. When choosing the song and music video, I knew I wanted to combine a cheery pop song with intense or bizarre visuals, …

  20. @skyler0455



    This assignment said to post a GIF of cows (any kind).

    The remix said to:

    “Redo an assignment with a darkness theme of anguished youth- use black colors and metal sounds.”

    I like using Giphy.com for GIF assignments.

    For this one, I struggled to find one that works, before I …

  21. @skyler0455

    the music of gifs


    The assignment I followed said to post a gif that suggests music or dancing in some way.

    Remix: “Molly taught us all that everything is prettier in pink, so make that assignment more pink somehow, either literally or metaphorically.”

    I used Giphy to complete this assignment.

    I immediately thought of …

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