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    I returned to StoryCenter in Berkeley this week to participate in a Digital Storytelling workshop. It’s been five years since my first workshop there.

    I returned to community college as a non-traditional (adult) student after President Obama urged displaced workers to update their skills in his first State of the …

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    Trophy for Victory

    Ethan and Carl climbed the ramp and emerged outside of the labyrinth. Now in the jungle once more Carl looked at Ethan with a tear in his eye. For it was time for Carl to meow goodbye. Carl was home again. Carl left Ethan and disappeared into the trees.    Ethan…
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    titanic 2.0 – the story of your character


    I love the movie Titanic. Old, kind of cheesy, I know, but it’s a classic. This movie of course focuses on the two main ill-fated characters Jack and Rose. So I decided to change the perspective and choose “the bad guy” as my character – Cal, Rose’s fiancé. I chose …

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    This week was all about video.  I was able to manipulate and create my own video clips as well as learn about the techniques used in cinematography and video editing.

    I really enjoyed learning about different ways to manipulate scenes to fit how you wanted the narrative of whatever story …

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    Look Listen and Analyze


    This week, we took a scene from a classic movie and analyzed the visuals, audio, and overall work separately.  I decided to analyze one of the Joker’s most notorious scenes from the Batman movie, The Dark Night.  Directed by Chris Nolan, this is arguably one of the best …

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    For my last video assignment, I chose to do a Supercut of one of my favorite cartoons, Scooby Doo.  A supercut is when a creator will take short clips of reoccurring themes, styles, or lines from different movies or television shows, and put them altogether with no transitions.  The idea …

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    a day in my life: castanza decent


    “If you take everything I’ve ever done in my entire life and condense it down into one day….it looks decent.” “Everything in my life is the complete opposite of what I want it to be.” Two quotes from the one and only George Castanza from Seinfeld. As I mentioned in …

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    healthy vine challenge


    I try to eat healthy most of the time. When I’m making a quick, healthy meal I tend to stick to staples that are easy to prepare. So, I knew this video assignment was one I wanted to do!…

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    Cuts and Perspective


    This first video was extremely helpful make it clear to me many of the basic cuts scenes a film or particular scene can have. I was very familiar with the jump cuts as I see them often done in YouTube videos and the name is familiar from the people who …

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    Reading a Movie


    After reading up on Ebert’s Article on Reading a Movie, I thought about how I’ve seen the fruits of the labor of others who have probably used similar tactics that Ebert mentioned. I’m always amazed at all of the little details that I’ve missed, the metaphors in the actions …

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    I’m gonna steal it


    Today, I decided to turn give everyone yet another reason to laugh at Nicholas Cage by dong the Chipmunk Style assignment.  I took one of the most pivotal scenes in National Treasure, where Benjamin Gates is talking about stealing the Declaration of Independence, and I tweaked it a little …

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    My name is Aitana Rorcshen. I started as an archeologist, I wasn’t famous, I just followed my passion. Along the way, I happened to find someone who shared that passion with me, her name is Rama Deloid. Rama was also an archeologist, but as I came to find out, …

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    Week 12


    I enjoyed this week! Even though I had 3 papers and 1 exam I was able to complete the assignments. I think video is just extremely hard to complete because it takes so many factors, and all the mashup stars I chose this week were visual design/photo tasks. I receive …

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    Week 11


    This week was also super busy and video takes a lot of time so all of the assignments I chose could be done in pubic places with headphones in. I have hardly anytime to complete the assignments so I’m sure their quality was very good.  For the video assignments I …

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    Jump Compilation!


    For this assignment, creating a compilation, I decided to take random clips from youtube of people jumping. I took all from tv shows (Friends, Doctor Who, Lost) except one of a couple jumping on a trampoline. I made the compilation escalate from jumping on land, to jumping into water, …

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    Week 10


    I had almost time this week. Was too busy to put in a lot of effort this week.

    I learned a new word (fish baiting) with the daily create tweets

    #tdc2482 #ds106 I didn’t know what clickbait was so I had to go look it up, apparently it’s like finishing: …

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    Movie Character Prop


    For this assignment I used the clip from Doctor Who of the Doctor reacting to food he doesn’t like. For fall I changed the food he was reacting at to a pumpkin! I could not figure out how to convert the video to being right-ways-up though.

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