1. @cpsc106gregphillips

    Doomsday Spatial Analysis


    Part 1: Introduction

    Have I mentioned that I’m a fan of science fiction? If you haven’t picked up on that, let me go ahead an reiterate that now, just so there’s no confusion.I’ll even go a bit further on that idea. I’m so much a fan that I often ponder …

  2. @tabbycat07

    Song Visualization


    For this video assignment, worth 3.5 stars, I had to pick a song, or a minute from a song, and have pictures correspond with the lyrics to tell a story. I chose to make a video based on my answer to the question of the week, giving a new …

  3. @dannpannn



    truly an unfortunate circumstance.

    This virus is believed to have originated from deep inside the depths of the Hurley Convergence Center at UMW.

    The secret to its starting is in the books that line the stairwell however…

    …it is already too late

    with finals week in full swing, students and …

  4. @dannpannn



    Eric Shaw reported strange lights in the sky with his evidence.

    These lights have amplified and are shown in the video to be casting a green hue all over the city of Oakland.

    inside reporters believe it is a government tactic to maximize the effects of the virus so that …

  5. @https://twitter.com/MCorbettWilson

    Can Democrats learn from President Macron’s example?




    At the 2017 ceremony to open the new NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, French President Macron demonstrated how to communicate with a bully. I added the Belgian national anthem, performed by the US Navy band, for atmosphere. And a fake news ending.

    If the video player isn’t working …

  6. @dannpannn

    Week 12


    When i learned in week 11 that daily creates were only supposed to be 5-10min to complete my mind was blown. they usually take me like 20 lol


    not a problem in week 12 since we dont have any!

    This week for the assignments I chose:

    3 stars: Destination …

  7. @dannpannn

    Captain Trips


    In this educational video I chose to educate viewers on the virus “Captain Trips” that was released in Stephen King’s “The Stand”


    This virus is deadly and killed off 99.4% of the population, essentially if you contracted it, you died

    When i was making the video i was eating …

  8. @keyris22

    Six Star Assignments


    I did two, one three star assignment and four star assignment for the eleventh week to complete quote for that week The two assignments I finished were a Time Lapse and another called Where Do Your Shoes Tale You. As it is written in the title I had to make …

  9. @keyris22

    10 Apocalyptic Questions


    When I made my video, wanted it to be per apocalypse rather then during the an apocalypse. I was really nervous when I did this video because I did not want to filmed. It several takes when I was answering my five questions because i felt so weird watching myself …

  10. @keyris22

    Diego Ricardo


    Well as you know we had to watch a movie form the list given to us that we did not watch from the previous week. And then pick a video assignment that relates to the movie.  I choose, Men of Children because I have watched the movie a couple of …

  11. @keyris22

    Eight Star Assignments


    This tenth week we had to complete eight stars of assignments. When I saw this, my first thought was this week is going to be a lot for me. And it was because I could not do all my assignments on the tenth week, but I am here now. So …

  12. @Anne Armour

    Week Eleven With Evelyn


    So this is the end of Week Eleven! (a little late, but still!)

    This week Geoff and I finished up our Video Assignment, The Second Chance. Working with video was definitely a bit out of my comfort zone – just like how audio was. It’s something I have had zero …

  13. @Anne Armour

    The Second Chance


    It’s finished!!! Geoff and I finally finished our group Video Assignment!

    We worked really hard on this, and I think we’re both happy with how it turned out considering neither of us have any experience in making and editing videos.

    Despite the bumps in the road, we were able to …

  14. @Anne Armour

    Process of Getting The Second Chance



    So this week Geoff and I have been working on our film, The Second Chance. Geoff had a business trip so we decided to film things separately in our own time before meeting up again to record our interviews and edit our film together.

    This past weekend I went …

  15. @shayfinnz

    Cooking Salmon


    The first assignment I decided to do for this week was a two-second silent documentary! I decided to film myself making salmon for dinner. I have to give a major shout out to my housemate, Cameron for filming me. I, unfortunately, don’t have a tripod and needed someone to hold …

  16. @shayfinnz

    Supercut It


    First things first, I stan Cillian Murphy. So when I was trying to decide what movie to watch I knew I was going to want to watch “28 Days Later”. After thoroughly enjoying this movie, although it was scarier than I expected, I was ready to start cutting things together. …

  17. @schooltaylorr

    Peculiar Questions…


    I chose 5 questions out of the set of 10 to choose from and answered them in total honesty. My question is, why does Nessie want to know all of these strange things? I’m a bit suspicious… What does she know? What’s going on that we don’t know about?

    This …

  18. @schooltaylorr

    Love, Felicity.


    I stumbled upon the This is my Story assignment in the assignment bank and thought it was a great way to tie my character for the class into this week’s videos. If you haven’t read my blog post about my character, Felicity’s, life, I suggest you read it before watching …

  19. @schooltaylorr

    My Dream Vacation!


    I’ve been taking French for about 8 years now, but I’ve never been to France (or even have left the country). If I could choose anywhere in the world to go right now, it would absolutely be France. Not only Paris and other major cities, but the countrysides and beaches. …

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