1. @schooltaylorr

    Swede A Quiet Place



    This week, I went to the movies and saw A Quiet Place. I’m not a horror gal- like, AT ALL, but I still really really enjoyed the film because I love apocalypse stuff, as well as when scary things have real purpose. I chose to do the Swede …

  2. @Sam_ara106

    Locke(ness) Interview


    I found this assignment surprisingly easy to put together! I first decided on the five questions I would answer and wrote down the times in the original video to make editing easier later. One of my two difficulties was finding a place to record. It’s a dark day outside, so …

  3. @schooltaylorr



    So basically for as long as I can remember, I have been watching makeup videos on YouTube. I am completely and utterly obsessed. For YEARS, I have gone back and forth between making videos of my own, but didn’t have the confidence, so I decided this class would be a …

  4. @schooltaylorr

    Get to Know Me!


    Prior to the 10 Questions of the Apocalypse assignment being a thing, I had an idea to create a video where I asked my classmates and friends on twitter for any questions they had about me, then answered them on video for my online peers in this class to get …

  5. @KatieHartraft

    Five CDE Questions Answered


    Vanessa Locke asked me to answer some questions for whatever reason… so I chose a few and responded (in many cases a little too thoroughly and I had to sped things up or edit them down).

    Making this video wasn’t too challenging. Again, I had to use my phone to …

  6. @eafinto

    One of My Favorite People


    When I saw that there was a 3-star assignment in which I could highlight one of my favorite people in my life, I knew I wanted to do this assignment. It took me about 2.5 seconds to decide that I would make a video about my mom.

    So… who doesn’t …

  7. @Anne Armour

    Children of Men Long Takes Compilation


    So I decided to watch the film Children of Men as my second film.

    I enjoyed this movie way more than Night of the Living Dead. Children of Men was very beautifully done. The message of faith and hope was really shown throughout the film. The only thing that bothered …

  8. @keyris22

    Video Essay


    I decided to use the movie 10 Cloverfield Lane for my video analysis because it is the most recent movie on the list and I have wanted to see the movie before had. The movie was not as I expected, if any of you seen the movie, it seems that …

  9. @eafinto

    Movie Time!


    This week, we continued our unit on video! One of the first assignments was to watch another apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic movie! Last week, I watched The Quiet Earth. This week, I watched a movie that I really, really enjoyed, The Day the Earth Stood Still (the 1951 version).

    Source: Wikipedia

    I was …

  10. @dannpannn

    New Assignments


    I created two media assignments.

    The first one is a video assignment. The goal of this assignment is to inspire others to be creative with their video by making them create a transition or learn how to create a popular transition. Even if they copy the tutorial exactly, it would …

  11. @dannpannn

    WEEK 11


    Video Week!

    I think the end product of Eric and I’s video was a super good concept.

    right when I was going to do my final rendering I found some technical difficulties so because my external hard-drive that I keep EVERYTHING ON decided to kick the bucket

    however, I went …

  12. @KatieHartraft

    28 Days Later 2 Days Later


    I watched the film 28 Days Later on Thursday. I had heard a lot of hype about this movie before I saw it, but to be completely honest I wasn’t a huge fan. I think the major reason the movie didn’t strike me was the quality of world building wasn’t …

  13. @dannpannn

    Watch a Movie/Make a Movie


    I watched Night of the Living Dead

    My initial reaction when I opened the film was that it was xtra creepy because it was in black and white. Also bless tht it was free.

    the movie is based on a zombie/ flesh-eating theme where the humans are trapped inside the …

  14. @Sam_ara106

    The Marshmallow Men


    I told a story using flashcards! I have seen flashcard stories, but they have always been extremely sad and personal stories. This assignment allowed for any kind of story, so I made one up. I wrote whatever came to me first, and I must have been hungry because it ended …

  15. @jetjenk43

    5 Q’s & 5 A’s with the Great Vanessa!!!

    Assignment: 10 Apocalyptic Questions

    I chose the 5 questions I felt I could best answer out of the ten that Vanessa provided.  I used the program OpenShot to splice and dice and input my videos in where they needed to be.  I think I was making this a little harder …

  16. @Sam_ara106

    Easter Egg Letter


    I decided to complete the moving object assignment! The directions specified using Vine, which I have never used before. When I searched for it in the app store, there was only Vine Camera. Apparently Vine is gone! I used the Vine Camera app to create this short video, and it …

  17. @Sam_ara106

    Baby, baby, baby


    I chose Children of Men as my second movie. This was about a world in which everyone is infertile, and no babies have been born in eighteen years. Britain is the only country that has a high standard of living, and immigration is greatly looked down upon. However, a woman …

  18. @dannpannn

    Video Group Planning Reflection #1


    I am working with Eric Shaw to bring you guys a informative yet incredibly cinematic vlog production.

    We title it “Content Creator Central”

    In this specific edition we will be overviewing the creative process behind planning/ shooting/ and editing a video.

    This video fits perfectly with both of our character …

  19. @jetjenk43

    Count to Ten and do it All Over Again!!!!!!


    This week was probably one of the hardest weeks yet for me.  I won’t say it’s hard due to the work load, but last Thursday a good family friend had passed away.  Due to this family friend being so close to our family it was only right for me to …

  20. @eafinto

    3…2…1… Action! – Week 10 Recap


    Ugghhhhh… This week, you guys. I’m barely crawling out of week 10 alive. This week was filled with so much  to do, not just in this class, but in all of my classes! In college, the grind never ends. It’s 10:00 PM on Monday night, and I am exhausted.

    But! …

  21. @shayfinnz

    10 Questions for the Apocalypse Answered


    I was having a hard time figuring out what to do that tied into the radio shows until I found 10 Apocalyptic Questions!!

    This fit perfectly and I was able to still play the character I created for my radio show!! Erin made a comeback and she is here talking …

  22. @jetjenk43

    Mufasa’s Transformation from a Pup to an Adult


    I chose this 3 star assignment to show the transformation of the character Mufasa from the radio show Apocalyptic Airwave.  We didn’t really know much about Mufasa other than Carson had saved him from certain death and nursed him back  to health.  Here is a little clip of Mufasa as …

  23. @shayfinnz

    Video Essay


    First, let me start off by saying how excited I was that one of the movies we got to watch for class this week was 10 Cloverfield Lane. I recently have gotten really into the Cloverfield series and have been meaning to watch this one for a while.

    I picked …

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