1. @umwequestrianista

    Week 10 Reflection


    Seriously… who knew I might actually be good at creating something in this class?!  Almost as badass as Will Smith taking on some weird zombie dudes.

    Making videos takes a lot of time, but I really love how many options I have and how creative I could …

  2. @jetjenk43

    Washing Dishes a 2 min+ Silent Documentary


    I did this 4 star “How to”  Documentary.  I did this assignment because I figured it would be neat to record something but not use any sound.  I was going to do a documentary over how to cook food, but I had already started beef and noodles in the crock …

  3. @Anne Armour

    Can You Feel the TENsion?


    So we have finally reached the end of Week Ten! This week proved to be very interesting since we have started video this week. Video editing is yet another thing I have no experience with whatsoever. This week really tested my ability to learn things quickly, but I think I …

  4. @umwequestrianista

    Reading Movies I Am Legend Video Essay


    Kubrick // One-Point Perspective

    The Shining – Zooms

    Examples of Editing Techniques (*Jump Cut)

    Top 20 Amazing Cinematic Techniques Part 1 (*Long take, steady cam)

    I watched the above short videos about filmmaking and I never realized until after how filmmaking techniques really make a huge difference in how we …

  5. @Anne Armour

    Reading Movies and Such


    This week I read Roger Ebert’s article How to Read a Movie and I also watched all 8 of the videos about filmmaking which gave a lot of insight to what we would be doing with our own video work. Adding in the other resources given to us, I knew …

  6. @jetjenk43

    My College Photo Collage


    So I decided to do this two star assignment to share my journey through college.  Over the past 2 years at UMW we have had our son, served in the Army, have gotten out of the Army and have become civilians.  And now that I am finally out of the …

  7. @shayfinnz

    Stop Motion Turtle!


    I was really excited for video week to come around because I knew I wanted to make a stop-motion video! I thought about it for a couple of days and was having a hard time coming up with an easy way to get our theme into a stop motion video, …

  8. @umwequestrianista



    Video Assignment 2058
    I really enjoyed doing this video assignment, it gave me time to reflect on some of my most favorite pictures and memories and tell you guys a little bit about my life!

    Video Assignment 2031

    This is a video collage of all my favorite pictures from my …

  9. @Sam_ara106

    Everyone’s Favorite Food


    I decided to complete the two minute silent documentary assignment (VideoAssignments2032). There were so many things I could choose from and I would love to show what I do at work, but 1) the school district I work for is on spring break and 2) I cannot take videos or …

  10. @Anne Armour

    Trailer for “The Second Chance”


    Here it is! The trailer I made for Geoff and I’s documentary we’ll be making this coming week. We worked on both of ours at the HCC today to make sure we were both on the same page and to check each other’s work.

    Geoff’s is super awesome!!

    My trailer …

  11. @Anne Armour

    Planning for “The Second Chance”


    So this week I started on Path Two of our film assignments!

    Geoff had messaged me this week to see if I would like to partner with him on this assignment, and since I enjoyed working with him on our radio show, I said yes!

    We were a little late …

  12. @Sam_ara106

    Apocalyptic Airwave Streaming on Video!


    Plotagon is amazingly fun! This (free) program lets you pick characters, scenes, dialogue, and emotion to create stories. It took me a while to figure out how to add four characters because only two can be shown at a single time. Once I figured that out, it was simple to …

  13. @KatieHartraft

    How My Shoes Saw the Dawn of the Apocalypse


    I was making one of those trendy videos of your shoes as you’re walking when something crazy started happening on campus. I had just gotten lunch at Blackstone when the screams broke out, then there were flashes of strange light all around me. I had to find a safe space …

  14. @dannpannn

    Reading Movies Blog Post


    I watched:

    The Shining/ Zooms

    Example of a Match Cut

    Camera Angles and Techniques

    Tarantino/ from Below

    for my film choice I watched 10 Cloverfield Lane, Dan Trachtenberg, 2016

    I found a clip from the movie on youtube that I analyzed:


  15. @eafinto

    Learning to Read Movies


    The first task of Week 10 has been to learn how to read movies. We all know how to watch movies, but can we all read them?

    I’m a Communications and Digital Studies major. For one of the elective requirements, I took Intro to Cinema Studies here at UMW last …

  16. @Sam_ara106

    Analyzing What Cameras Do


    As I read How to Read a Movie, I thought some of the things Ebert listed, such as the left side being seen as negative and the downward or upward angle of the camera, would not be evident in any movies. However, I was proven wrong, especially in the scene …

  17. @shayfinnz

    Re-worked gif


    Now, what I am about to say really isn’t that exciting. And I don’t know why it was so difficult for me to figure out how to do it, but I FINALLY made my own gif and got it to embed properly in this post!! Look at it!! Look at …

  18. @shayfinnz

    Films, Reflections, and GIFs


    This week I decided to watch Mad Max for my movie to go along with our theme. When the newer Mad Max movie came out I watched that and really enjoyed it so I figured I was going to try this. I thought the original movie was really good and …

  19. @Sam_ara106

    Films, Movies, Gifs


    Although the post said that La Jetée is told mostly in images, I still found myself surprised when there actually were moments of silence. Not only that, but I found myself paying more attention, and feeling more interested, when there was no narrating.

    I noticed many of the images of …

  20. @jamesrxss

    These Boots Are Made For Walking


    Vlogging is something that I’ve always toyed with the idea of doing. But who really cares about me, my life, and what I’m doing day to day? Ive got to say, I’m pretty boring! However, today I decided to film my day in a different way, all you can see …

  21. @MatthewJLetts

    Show Us Your Blue Steel


    I was excited when I first read this assignment, as Zoolander is one of my favourite movies, back in college me and a few mates tried recreating Blue Steel as a joke. The objective for this assignment was to recreate Blue Steel with effects and music in your own way. …

  22. @charlottelfish

    DS106ers React! (Video)


    For this assignment I had to create one of YouTube’s most uploaded video contents. A reaction video. Basically, the idea is to film yourself watching a video which you then capture them instant reactions to whatever is going on.

    Here is my video: (Unfortunately the audio from the video I …

  23. @dandennis_media

    Dan reacts to…



    This assignment for ds106 was part of a video unit was called “DS106ers React!“. Not too recently there was a lot of controversy surrounding channels on youtube that were labelled as “React Channels” these channels were simply videos of people reacting to other videos. The reason they …

  24. @MatthewJLetts

    My Favourite Thing To Do


    For this assignment the goal was to create a 30 second to 1 minute video of my hobby and blog about why I enjoy doing it. For my hobby, I chose gaming, as it is a regular activity I do with friends, which acts as a social hobby to chat …

  25. @MatthewJLetts

    Return To The Silent Era


    For this video assignment, I was excited and thrilled to create my own version of my favourite movie genre, as a silent movie. The aim was to create a modern day trailer and render it in the form of the silent era. I found my edit to go extraordinary well, …

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