1. @lgperez19

    Video Essay – Death Vader Death Scene


    This week we learned how great or not so great a film can turn out based on final editing. The concept of editing and film making that stood to me the most is timing. I learned that to cutting away to soon maybe not give you the full concept of …

  2. @ymartine4

    Video Essay


    The film I decided to analyze was “The Goonies”. This was one of the few films I could find free online that was from the 80’s and that I was familiar with, as I would know what scenes would be good to look at. I know that it was recommended …

  3. @Laxmom07

    Video Essay


    80s Theme

    This assignment was harder than creating an audio scene.

    After viewing all the clips on our assignment page and getting a grip of what a video essay entails; I googled what 80s films were popular so I went with Pretty in Pink since it was free to view …

  4. @V20Kai

    Jeanie and the Boy


    After watching a few “Every Frame a Painting” videos, I have to say, I find them very insightful and addicting to watch! It made me see movie and show scenes differently. Especially as someone who likes to edit videos, they gave a lot of insight and advice into what makes …

  5. @kvawterds106

    Ferris Bueller Video Essay


    For my video essay I decided to do Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I chose this movie not only because I love this movie, but also my family had watched it like two days before we got this assignment. After watching the various directing technique videos I learned a lot about …

  6. paul bond

    “Newest latest”


    I thought I’d do my own video analysis, using a scene from Spike Lee’s 80s classic, Do the Right Thing.

    I guess I’m looking at it more as an artist than a film scholar, but that’s my background. An interesting thing about it is that actor Bill Nunn’s speech …

  7. @eamds106

    Not So 80’s Video Essay


    I messed up.

    Only after finishing my video essay did I realize that this assignment was supposed to be for an 80’s movie.

    I could make the connection that the Titanic was discovered in the 80’s and that is what inspired James Cameron to make the movie.

    It’s a stretch.…

  8. @samprice_ds106

    Video Essay: Sixteen Candles


    To start off week 9, we had to do some research on video editing and what goes into the final picture. I enjoyed watching the videos from “Every Picture Is a Frame” and feel like I learned a lot.

    After doing some research we were suppose to take a video …

  9. @carly g

    Wow this is new


    For my video essay, this was super out of my comfort zone and something I’ve never been able to do before. I really can’t do editing, so I went to the DKC and asked them some questions before starting this assignment. I used imovie, although this was why this project …

  10. @IezziHannah

    Video Essay


    If you didn’t know yet, Golden Girls is my favorite 80s show. So naturally I chose to observe this show for my video essay. I previously watched/ read the articles regarding how to read a scene but I decided to re watch/ read them to make sure that I was …

  11. @megds106

    Beetlejuice! Short Shot Analysis


    For my video essay, I decided to take a look at a scene from Beetlejuice. I saw it for the first time this week for Halloween. Since the movie is from 1988, it worked perfectly for our theme.

    I utilized iMovie to edit together some footage from the movie with …

  12. @MonicaG71488057

    Video Essay


    If you love episode 5 from the Star Wars franchise, (The Empire Strikes Back)…

    For my video essay, I chose to cover a scene from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (*COUGH* the best Star Wars movie OF ALL TIME). I specifically focused on the Wampa Attack scene, …

  13. @tlengel2

    Thoughts While Dancing


    Here we are with my video essay! For this project, I focused on the analysis of visual storytelling – what goes into the production, the acting, the writing – all of that.

    For my project, I chose one of my all time favorite movies: Silver Linings Playbook. I chose a …

  14. @yarasaleh68

    My Video Essay


    I think I underestimate myself. I need to learn to stop doubting I can’t do it just because I never have. I think that this video essay that I completed also reminded me of that. I just need to remember that if I can do something like this, something I’ve …

  15. @abbcass100

    Video Analysis


    I decided to do an analysis of Laurence, Anyways which is a film made in Quebec.

    This assignment was really interesting because I don’t usually analyze scenes in a movie. It was really cool to see how reading about movies helped me do this assignment.…

  16. @njchic16

    Video Essay


    For this assignment I needed to analyze a video scene from a movie focusing on how the director made emotion and edited the video. We had to include both readings for this week and discuss it over the video.

    I first found the video clips on YouTube, downloaded them and …

  17. @ds106_mckayla

    Video essay on, The Shining, 1980.


    This assignment asked me to make a video, using a scene from a movie, which I chose “The Shining” and discuss the scene in voice-over narration, and I can either upload my video essay to Vimeo or Youtube. I chose to complete this project on iMovie.

    Hello everyone! I completed …

  18. @jupiter_pop

    LET’S MAKE A TRADE: Video Essay


    ? I’ve got the (editing) skills you’ve got the looks
    Let’s make lots of money
    You’ve got the brawn I’ve got the (editing) skills
    Let’s make lots of money ?

    Melody’s Pet Shop Boys

    Ds106. Hmm. I have a hunch something very exciting is going to happen in the Ds106 …

  19. @butterball_4567

    9 to 5 Movie Scene Analysis


    I did my video essay on a scene from the 80s movie 9 to 5 to go along with the 80s theme and because it is one of my favorite movies. I just picked one of my favorite scenes from it. I focused on the analyzing the camera, and it …

  20. @danielleerika4

    Self Video Essay


    This assignment is a slight variation on the classic ds106 Video Essay assignment in the Assignment Bank. For this class, you need only analyze one scene, although you’re welcome to do more. In particular, your analysis should reflect what you learned by reading Ebert’s essay and watching the Tony Zhou …

  21. @hannahkolkmeyer

    Video Essay: Spy Kids


    I chose to look into the movie Spy Kids for my video essay. I actually not very happy with this assignment I kind of struggled with some concepts spoken in the article, but I tried my best and that is all you can do right?

    Anyways I screen recorded the …

  22. @mattmilesds106



    For this assignment we really had to use all of our abilities and try and talk about the cinematic elements we learned while editing a scene so that we could voiceover what was happening. I found this assignment to be incredibly difficult because I had never done such a thing …

  23. @gmoore333

    Kingsman Movie Analysis


    This assignment – my video essay – was the most frantic assignment I did this week. I had so much to say and I felt like I couldn’t stop the film because other people I had watched didn’t so I just tried to explain things as they went. However, I …

  24. @caholt2000

    Bourne for this Video Essay


    When I first started this assignment, I had no idea what scene to use. All I knew is that I wanted to use a scene from The Bourne Supremacy. This movie is my favorite Bourne movie and one of my favorite spy movies. I have professed my love for the …

  25. @morgan_ds106

    Video Essay

    The Work Itself:

    This week I had some material to read and watch. The first was Roger Ebert’s How to Read a Movie. It was a very interesting read. What I didn’t realize was we see things moving from left to right as positive and things moving from right …

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