1. @christinac106

    An Incredible Essay


    This week is all about video, specifically analyzing cinematic camerawork and how it brings everything together. Since we have been looking at numerous aspects such as color, design, photos, audio, etc. throughout this course I was particularly excited to explore a different aspect of storytelling such as video.

    Prior to …

  2. @CatyWarner

    Video Analysis of Mr. & Mrs. Smith


    This week we are doing video! While I only know video in the realm of iMovie, its not too difficult to learn from a few quick Google searches. For the video essay, I decided to analyze a clip of the infamous dinner scene from Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I love …

  3. @Riley80256802

    Video Essay


    The Work Itself: This week I had some material to read and watch. The first was Roger Ebert’s How to Read a Movie. I really enjoyed reading is the reasoning behind why subconsciously, we see things moving from left to right as positive and things moving from right to left …

  4. @bfrullads106

    Video Essay – Rushmore


    Hey there everyone, here’s my video essay for #Ds106.

    The scene I chose to look at was the revenge scene from ‘Rushmore’ by Wes Anderson. I chose this scene specifically because it was from a movie that I really enjoy aesthetically. Plus, when I think of original directors, it is …

  5. @CommTweetWithMe

    Reading Batman


    This week is all about moving away from audio and towards video, specifically towards how everything we have explored over the last couple of weeks comes together to make a scene. With that being said, the first assignment we were to complete this week was meant to really get me …

  6. paul bond

    Seeing through new eyes


    The video essay projects are another one of my favorite parts of ds106. While we do various analyses throughout the semester – story shapes, design blitz, etc. – people seem to put more into video. That’s probably because it’s a language we’re more familiar with. Most people say they’ve never …

  7. @Tyra13748487

    Video Essay



    For my video essay, I used a clip from the movie CoCo. I chose this scene because I felt as though it focused on a wide array of skills that we learned about through the readings and videos that we watched. This scene was also suspenseful which also impacted …

  8. @FaulconerKyle

    Scene Breakdown: The Walking Dead


    This weeks focus was all about reading film and scenes. When I first looked at the title of this weeks focus I was unsure of how I would go about breaking down a scene. I initially thought I was suppose to describe a scenes plot or characters however after I …

  9. @DigitalStoryTeller

    Week 10 Video Essay




    Video editing is a challenge for me but I did it and it works. I do need to learn to use this software better. The sound echos in the beginning but gets better as it goes along. Unfortunately, this was a free trial and you will see the …

  10. @richelleholnick

    Pride and Prejudice


    For the video assignment, I had to learn some more about cinematography and the making of a good scene and then analyze one myself! I wanted something dramatic, which is what led me to this scene! I downloaded it off of Youtube with the help of a converter, but I …

  11. @EmilyHutchins8

    Avengers Analysis


    For my film analysis, I decided to use the movie Avengers 2. I have always liked the Marvel movies and figured they have so many characters and action scenes that it would be a good movie to look for the features. After I watched the videos on features in film, …

  12. @KaraDS106

    Video Essay


    What a hot mess. This took me about 4 hours and it’s terrible. I struggled to download from youtube, then struggled to work iMovie, then struggled to record audio in iMovie and ended up using audacity & importing my audio. WHAT A MESS. I’m still not sure that I even …

  13. @ArthurDrag1

    Video Essay: Donnie Darko Fear and Love


    I decided to analyze the fear and love scene from Donnie Darko for the video analysis assignment. I tried to focus on the readings and videos with my response, focussing on the way the scenes were shot, what the symbolism that was trying to be conveyed was, and how effectively …

  14. @OraMyAura

    Hillmonger scene in Black Panther


    For my video essay post, I’m glad to say that after a few hours, I finally figured out how to upload at LEAST a minute and a half voice over for the scene I chose! Shew that was a process!  After many, many, many tries of downloading the software recommended …

  15. @tifamonster

    Video Essay


    For this assignment, I went to YouTube and looked up short clips of movies. I found a clip from the movie Hunger Games and decided to analyze it. I was a big fan of the book series when it came out, as well as the movies.

    I downloaded the clip …

  16. @Alexis54552906

    Video Essay


    This video essay wasn’t too bad for me. I was able to figure things out quickly and I didn’t mind doing it.

    First, I found a clip on Youtube that I wanted to use from a movie I wanted to analyze.

    Then I downloaded it using 4k video downloader

    I …

  17. @MaddieM02790291



    Once again, I was pretty nervous about the video essay when I first saw it… I was nervous about finding footage on YouTube, let alone downloading it somehow! As I started to read Roger Ebert’s How the Read a Movie and watch the clips, I started to at least understand …

  18. @FCMaisano

    A Hell-firey Video Essay


    So, for my video essay, I chose to look use the Lost Tapes episode “Hellhound. It is one of the four episodes that scared me as a child (along with chupacabra, skinwalker, and strigoi) that I made my character Maria interested in. I have already done posts with the “Chupacabra” …

  19. @justzaying7

    Boy…that was interesting


    Well, this assignment was not easy. To say the least. It took me 6 hours…to do just the video. This is beside the time it took to understand the actual content. When it comes to my grasping of the topic itself I felt that there was definitely some room for …

  20. @KaseyMayer

    Supergirl Commentary


    After reading on video analysis, I decided to take a look at show I wasn’t familiar with and watch the first episode so that I could look at it with a clean slate. I ended up choosing Supergirl because I’ve been looking to start the series anyways but had not …

  21. @Ms_AmandaP

    Your move, chief


    The first task this week was to do a video essay of a scene of my choice. One of my favorite movies is “Good Will Hunting,” so I decided to roll with this option. In the movie Robin Williams plays a psychologist who is trying to help a brilliant young …

  22. @PamlanyeJordan

    Video Essay- The Flash


    This was a challenging assignment for me. I personally have never consciously broken down a movie or tv show into such small components before. At first it was really difficult for me to grasp some of these concepts. Then the more and moreI learned about them the easier they were …

  23. @lshaikh26

    Video Essay


    I started this assignment of video analysis by first completing all the readings and watching all the videos assigned. Then I logged into Netflix and watched two episodes of ‘The Flash’. I have never watched this show so, I liked it from its two episodes. I liked one of the …

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